Ace Frehley On The Verge Of Reuniting With KISS?

US TV and radio host Eddie Trunk has said that his friend Ace Frehley could be on the verge of rejoining KISS. Trunk thinks it's possible that the band are about to extend and invitation for the guitarist to take part in a tour next year - and he reports that Frehley is ready to agree.

Speaking on his SiriusXM radio show, Trunk said: "As of September 15 of this year, Ace Frehley has celebrated 10 years of sobriety. I'm really happy for my old friend. That's a great accomplishment for him.

"It certainly shows in his personality, his playing. We had a great time in New York when I hosted a show with him on Friday. There are rampant rumors out there that Ace is going to return to Kiss next year. These are not rumors that I'm putting out - I've not said anything about that one way or another.

"I'm hearing from so many people. They keep saying, 'They're going to ask him back, he's going to do one more tour with them in 2017.'" Trunk discussed the concept with Frehley in his dressing room, asking him: "You realise everybody out there is saying you're going back to Kiss? Be straight with me, nobody's called you, you don't know anything?"

The presenter continues: "He goes, 'No. I'd do it, but nobody's called me.'" Read more here.

ROCK NEWS FOR 09/30/16



 Watch teaser video here


Three-time Grammy-award-winner BRIAN SETZER's new concert Blu-ray/CD,ROCKABILLY RIOT: OSAKA ROCKA! - LIVE IN JAPAN--filmed on February 18 at Namba Hatch in Osaka, Japan--is set for release November 4, 2016 via Surfdog Records.  

Live and loud, the concert encompasses songs from SETZER's acclaimed 2014 studio album Rockabilly Riot! All Original-a sizzling rockabilly album from start to finish featuring SETZER's trademark twang and fretboard fire. Also included are classic hits from his Stray Cats days, Brian Setzer Orchestra tunes and tracks from his solo albums. In front of the wildly enthusiastic audience, BRIAN SETZER and his band-Noah Levy (Drums), Kevin McKendree (Piano and Guitar) and Mark Winchester (Bass)-are firing on all cylinders. You can watch a teaser video clip here and pre-orders are available starting Friday, September 30. For more information on how to pre-order, visit  

"This is the first time we've recorded the Rockabilly Riot on film," says SETZER.  "And also, just like in America, the cities differ in Japan.  The Osaka fans are noted for generally being a very loyal and energetic audience.  As you'll see from the show, the Osaka fans are die-hard and know every single song and applaud after guitar solos, and even sing along to songs that I typically don't see in other cities." 

ROCKABILLY RIOT: OSAKA ROCKA! - LIVE IN JAPAN is impressive on many levels including the red-hot chemistry of the band. "When you look up rockabilly in the dictionary there is a picture of Mark Winchester," notes SETZER. "He grew up slapping the bass and is in a class of his own.  The relationship with the drummer and the bass player in rockabilly is very unique. The slap bass is a rhythmic sounding instrument, so the drummer has to be very in time with him in order not to sound sloppy.  Noah Levy is a very on-the-beat solid drummer, whereas me, as a guitar player, I push everything while they hold it all in place.  And when you're talking about the great rockabilly piano players, it's a very short list, and Kevin McKendree is on it. And he also plays guitar incredibly well. We all just complement each other." 

Asked what he'd like to overhear fans saying after a gig, SETZER says: "I would love to hear, 'You know, that Rockabilly Riot squad has all the energy and great things I like about the original rockabilly sound, yet they're a modern band making this music sound new. I love it.'" 

Meanwhile, SETZER and his 19-piece THE BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA will visit 32 cities beginning Saturday, November 12 in Appleton and make stops in Nashville, Los Angeles and San Francisco, among others (full itinerary here). Their 13th annual "Christmas Rocks! Tour," presented by SiriusXM, will feature music off their latest Christmas album, ROCKIN' RUDOLPH, (available now as a limited edition box set, CD, vinyl or download) plus music off their three previous best-selling holiday albums; and original material from BRIAN SETZER. Tickets are on sale now; visit for more information and to purchase tickets.  

Blu-ray Track List:

15. 8-TRACK

CD Track List:

For more information on BRIAN SETZER, visit:

About Brian Setzer:
Iconic guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and 3-time Grammy-award-winner, is a "Musician's Musician" credited with continually taking chances with innovative and daring musical styles, while single-handedly resurrecting two forgotten genres of music (rockabilly in the '80's and swing in the '90's). Along the way, he has scored chart-topping hits, sold 13 million records and received the Orville H. Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award throughout his decorated career as founder/leader of the Stray Cats, his 18-piece Brian Setzer Orchestra, and as a solo artist. He is consistently cited as one of the world's greatest living guitarists, and has a best-selling, extensive line of elite Gretsch signature model guitars bearing his name. Brian appeared in the 1987 film, La Bamba, portraying rockabilly pioneer Eddie Cochran. In 2002, Brian earned the privilege of being one of the few musicians to be animated in an episode of "The Simpsons." That same year, Setzer was personally requested to induct Chet Atkins into the 17th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2014, SETZER received the distinct honor of being asked by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. to donate a replica of his original 1959 Gretsch 6120 "Stray Cat" guitar, joining an elite collection of musical instruments at the museum including Dizzy Gillespie's trumpet and John Coltrane's saxophone.

Heavy Metal Album Cover Book "And Justice For Art" Re-Released as New Limited, Revised Edition

...And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers By Ramon Oscuro Martos

Published by Dark Canvas/Ramon Oscuro Martos

A limited, Revised Edition of the out-of-print book ...And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers"has been released via indie publishers, Dark Canvas. 

This one-of-a-kind collection of stories features more than 450 color graphics and recounts all the particulars behind the making of artworks as iconic as SLAYER's Reign In Blood, METALLICA's ...And Justice For All, MORBID ANGEL's Blessed Are The Sick, BLACK SABBATH's 13, DEATH's Symbolic, CARCASS' Heartwork, SLEEP's Dopesmoker, TESTAMENT's Dark Roots Of Earth, OPETH's Heritage and many others.  These are told through 105 exclusive interviews with heavy music's icons like Jeff Walker (CARCASS), Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX), Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, SEPULTURA), Fenriz (DARKTHRONE), Sebastian Bach (SKID ROW), Paul Masvidal (CYNIC), Chris Adler (LAMB OF GOD), David Vincent (MORBID ANGEL), Travis Ryan (CATTLE DECAPITATION) among many others.  

Additionally, the book's Revised Edition also features new revealing commentaries by Dani Filth (CRADLE OF FILTH), Dave Lombardo (SLAYER), Kelly Schaefer (ATHEIST), Neige (ALCEST) and by critically acclaimed illustrators such as Michael Whelan, Eliran Kantor, Dan Seagrave, Joe Petagno, Arik Roper and Travis Smith, just to name a few. 

The first edition of this 264-color pages volume was first published in 2015, thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign. The constant demand and the new available material motivated author Ramon Oscuro Martos, to create a new Revised Edition featuring additional interviews, commentaries and graphics. 

"I didn't want to just re-print the same book again," says Martos-who writes for publications like and Heavy Music Artwork magazine. "I had new material available. So, I decided to introduce some changes that definitely bring something new to the table while keeping intact the essence of previous edition. It's still the same book... but dramatically improved and updated."

 ...And Justice For Art has been reviewed by many specialized music publications including USA's Decibel Magazine ("A lush, edifying, fascinating, surprising tour de force history of metal album covers"), UK's Zero Tolerance Magazine ("Meticulously researched, beautifully designed and with a wealth of fascinating and insightful interviews") and Belgium's Rock Tribune Magazine ("It's very impressive, do not hesitate too long if you want to have this book").

The international metal community has also expressed support for the book.  For ex-MORBID ANGEL frontman David Vincent (who wrote the book's foreword) "this is a historical document about the importance of Metal album covers." OBITUARY's drummer Donald Tardy, comments that "the world needs books like this."CATTLE DECAPITATION's frontman Travis Ryan, says: "this is exactly what the music world needs to remind us all just how important album covers have been to all of us that grew up surrounding ourselves with physical media." AT THE GATES' guitarist Anders Björleradmits being "really surprised when I got this book; it's highly recommended!"  

The Revised Edition of ...And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers is exclusively available here or at:

The book's preview video can be seen here or at:     

Watch Freqs TV's mini documentary here or at:

...And Justice For Art online:    Official Website    Facebook    Twitter   Press Contact:

Van Halen's David Lee Roth Says He Has A Stalker

Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth took to his official website on Thursday to write a lengthy post where he details his recently experience with what he believes is a "stalker".

In the post entitled "Stalker blog. Part 1." Roth writes, "Help! I have a stalker. A very real one. 75 stalker phone calls in the last 4 months. All of them at 5:30-6:00 in the morning. All 917 and 301 area codes. Every now and then at 2 in the afternoon. Never on the weekend. The phone calls show up on my old phone but they don't show up on the phone bill.

"Somebody knows a little bit about tech. They even know how to remove the number out of my phone when they want to. This is not the first time I've bought the land and gotten some of the unhappy Indians. There is a list of unhappy ex-colleagues, as there always is in show biz, but this stalker is particularly obsessed. They're no longer prank calls. Having been through the process with the private detectives, lawyers, FBI and ex-FBI, I can speak with some authority. These stalker calls come under the heading of 'Domestic Terrorism.' This is all news to me so let me share it with you. I grew up thinking prank calls were the equivalent to toilet papering the old Coach's house once a season. Just this season alone, I've had my house toilet papered four dozen times.

"As it was explained to me by the professionals, these calls are designed to make you terrified, nervous, afraid, upset and ruin your day which is exactly what happened to me during my first stalker experience in 1977. I went through the phases of anger, fear, denial, etc. Van Halen was instantly successful. We sold 10 million records in weeks. With that success comes trolls and more. I've always supported trolling on the internet. You know that. It's one of my favorite parts. If I was more digitally literate, I would be a critic as well. Having been through the stalker experience one time curiously made the second time even worse. I was more afraid and more intimidated the second time around. It really threw me off in the way where you stop eating or you eat too much and you sleep all the time. I've also experienced stalker calls from groups of people. There was a biker group in Florida while we were recording out of Gloria Estefan's studio (highly recommend it). They got up to 40 calls and started physically following me around. Somebody tried to kidnap my father at gunpoint too. That's an extreme version of bad news looking to ruin your day. Perhaps these scenarios are a bit more familiar to me than others.

"Could you imagine someone sneaking into your apartment and slapping your wife awake from a dead sleep and then running away into the dark? She's going to have a physical, violent reaction. Her heart rate will skyrocket, her face is going to turn red, she will be sweating, crying and accusing- all justifiably. You think that was dramatic? Wait until that same person sneaks into your home and slaps your little girl awake. I don't care if she's days old much less months old. All that it's going to take is four of those calls and she is going to fear the morning much less the phone. 'Mommy, Mommy why is that call happening?' She's going to stop eating, start oversleeping and begin disassociating with people- that's the entire purpose and why this is a violent felony and assault. If I have a heart attack because of that phone call, it's assault and battery plus felony manslaughter. If my wife wakes up screaming and goes running down the dark hall to take care of the children and accidentally falls down the stairs- it's felony assault and battery with intent. We all know the word 'mayhem' from comic books, 'The Masters of Mayhem.' Intent to mayhem means somebody wants you to be physically hurt. Getting somebody's heart rate up and distracting them to the point where they crash their car- that's violent assault and battery with intent to commit mayhem. Just one call. I'm up to 75 of them in one season.

"Somebody out there knows their tech. None of the phone numbers show up on my phone bill. Whoever is doing this knows that it's a felony and he's hiding. It may be a woman but i'll characterize it for the sake of the article as a 'he.' I haven't pursued it beyond all the normal channels. What can I do? But I certainly invite anyone who speaks tech to weigh in here because it's pretty rare that just one person does this much obsessive conduct and nobody else knows about it. Whoever is doing this works somewhere, they eat lunch somewhere, they sleep somewhere and probably with someone. You better be careful. I'm a stranger and look what they did to me. You're family, you're familiar. He'll turn on you with the exact same teeth and the exact same rationalizations they may have used to come after me. 9 times out of 10 I'm told you get a shot of tequila or espresso in the belly of whoever is dialing that phone they'll tell you, 'I don't know. I've always hated the guy' or 'I don't know he went somewhere I wanted to visit and I didn't go so I thought I'd f*** him up.' Usually that's all this is but there's somebody out there who knows who's doing this. Give me a call…"

Metallica Fear For The Future Of Rock

Metallica are worried about the future of rock music after they've gone, they've revealed. The band discussed their concerns in a question-and-answer session with fans on Sirius XM as they continue to promote upcoming album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct.

And despite name-checking several rising-star acts, they expressed fears over what will happen to the heavy music genre in the future. Frontman James Hetfield said he hadn't heard much inspirational material recently, adding: "Where's the syncopation? Where's the heart? I get mad.

"Hopefully somebody will be like me and just come up with something, and be the next cool different thing. Someone's got to get pissed off enough to write something different."

Drummer Lars Ulrich recommended Savages, saying: "Talk about pissed off - they're insane. They're this punky, super-dark, Siouxsie And The Banshees dark, weird Euro punk. They're a little different."

Guitarist Kirk Hammett said: "I saw a video for a band that really impressed me. Their name is kind of difficult - you pronounce it 'Horror' but it's H09909."

But he went on: "Where's the new generation of arena bands? Can anyone answer that?" Read more here.

Buddy Guy, Zakk Wylde Lead Experience Hendrix Tour Lineup

The annual Experience Hendrix Tour has announced the headlining artists for its 2017 edition. Buddy Guy, Zakk Wylde, Keb' Mo', Jonny Lang, Black Label Society, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Dweezil Zappa, Doyle Bramhall II, Ana Popovic, the Slide Brothers, Mato Nanji, and Beth Hart are among those confirmed to take the stage during the 29 performance dates.

Now in its second decade, the Experience Hendrix tour "celebrates the musical genius of Jimi Hendrix by bringing together a diverse array of phenomenal musicians," as stated in a press release.

In a prepared statement, Buddy Guy, Zakk Wylde, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd expressed their deep appreciation of Hendrix and his music. "He was so creative, especially everything he did with the special effects," said Guy, who was a friend of the late guitarist. "He took it all to this other place, and he could really play. He was one of a kind. Hendrix brings us together, everybody on this tour." Read more here.

David Gilmour Performs Pink Floyd Classic With Sherlock Star

David Gilmour was joined onstage in London by Benedict Cumberbatch for a performance of Pink Floyd classic Comfortably Numb and video of the performance has been posted online.

The Sherlock actor was introduced to Gilmour by a mutual friend and when the Pink Floyd icon asked him to perform the song, Cumberbatch jumped at the chance.

The collaboration took place Tuesday night (September 28) during Gilmour's show at the Royal Albert Hall . It's not the first time Gilmour has been joined by a special guests to sing the track at the famous venue. In 2006, David Bowie also sang Comfortably Numb with Gilmour in what was to be the late star's final UK stage appearance. Check out the video here.

Queen's Complete BBC Radio Sessions Set For Release

Queen will release "Queen On Air: The Complete BBC Radio Sessions" on November 4. Available as a 2-CD, 3-LP and Collector's Edition 6-CD set complete with added live concert broadcasts and radio interviews, the package presents all six BBC Sessions by the group recorded between February 1973 and October 1977.

The twenty-four recordings these sessions produced include alternate versions of the band's debut single, 1973's "Keep Yourself Alive", unique takes of classic album tracks and even a radically reworked version of one of their best known anthems that has never previously appeared on any Queen studio release.

Queen's very first session for the BBC dates from February 1973, five months before the release of the band's self-titled debut album and single. The band's sixth and final session, in October 1977, saw Queen record some radically different versions of four songs from the "News Of The World" album on the same day as its UK release: "Spread Your Wings," "It's Late," "My Melancholy Blues," and two renditions of "We Will Rock You" - the 'regular' version and the 'fast' version - the only known studio recording of this live favorite. Read details about the deluxe editions and more here.

David Bowie Legacy Collection Announced

A collection of David Bowie's biggest singles will be featured on "Legacy", a new compilation due November 11. The set presents Bowie's first hit, 1969's "Space Oddity", through to his final 2016 singles "Lazarus" and "I Can't Give Everything Away", and includes a previously unreleased version of the classic 1971 single, "Life On Mars?", mixed by its original producer Ken Scott.

Single mixes and radio edits of several Bowie classics are featured, including "Starman", "The Jean Genie", "Young Americans," "Ashes To Ashes", "Let's Dance", "China Girl" and "Modern Love."

Collaborations with Queen, Mick Jagger, The Pet Shop Boys and The Pat Metheny Group are also included. "Legacy" will be available as a 1 CD and a Deluxe 2 CD package, with a double vinyl album version due on January 6, 2017. Read more here.

Babymetal Animated Series Coming

Babymetal are set to star in an animated series which will see them try to "save the day" as the "magical world of heavy metal music" comes under attack.

The as-yet-untitled series is being produced by Warner Bros' digital studio Blue Ribbon Content in partnership with Amuse Group USA and is described as a "hybrid live-action and animated project."

Warner Bros President of Animation, Sam Register, says: "Babymetal have to be seen to be believed - a mind-blowing, fun combination of pop vocals, heavy metal music and dance choreography brought to life by three incredibly talented teenage stars." Read more here.


AC/DC's Phil Rudd Plans Sidelined By Heart Attack Recovery

AC/DC's Phil Rudd has been forced to postpone a promotional tour for his debut solo album 'Head Job' to allow him more time to recover from his recent heart attack.

His camp reports that he is "making a really good recovery" and he himself says that he feels "twenty years a younger and 100% better" but his doctors advised him to push back his plans to promote the album.

The album was originally released by Universal Music Group in Australia & New Zealand but the promotional plans where put on hold by his legal issues which lead him to serving eight month home detention and pulling out of plans for AC/DC's world tour.

Rudd now reports that his "hell raising days are over... I see a psychiatrist once a week and I'm closer than ever to my children. I still have all my flash cars but now I want to grow chillies".


 Listen to the brand new song ‘Love Is A Lie’ here:

You can also see the lyric video for ‘Fire on the Floor’ HERE

Beth Hart is on fire. Right now, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter is riding a creative tidal wave, firing out acclaimed albums, hooking up with the biggest names in music and rocking the house each night with that celebrated burnt-honey voice. In 2016, the headline news is Beth’s latest album, Fire On The Floor (out 14 October on Provogue/Mascot Label Group): a release that even this fiercely self-critical artist describes as “pretty frickin’ good”. But let’s not forget the backstory that brought her here…   

The Blues Magazine once dubbed Beth Hart “the ultimate female rock star”, and there’s no doubt that her two-decade career is the ultimate thrill-ride. Born in Los Angeles, she released a fistful of hit albums through the ’90s, then reignited in the post-millennium as both a solo artist and the head-turning vocalist for guitar heroes like Joe Bonamassa, Jeff Beck and Slash. “Extraordinary,” wrote The Times of her once-a-generation voicebox, while The Guardian praised her “daring, brooding and angry” performances. 

But it’s in recent times that Beth has truly blossomed. In April 2015, she released Better Than Home: a critical and commercial smash that topped the iTunes Blues Chart and was crowned #4 Best Blues Album Of The Year by Mojo magazine. The release led her to fill Amsterdam’s Heineken Music Hall with 5,500 fans (her largest club show to date). “Oh, that was so good, man,” she reflects. “I love Holland. They’ve been really good to me.” 

The US has embraced her, too, packing ever-larger venues in major cities on the Better Than Home tour – including Nashville’s iconic Ryman Auditorium – and receiving a nomination from the American Blues Foundation in the category of Contemporary Blues Female Artist. “It’s unbelievable,” she admits. “This last tour, we were playing much bigger houses than I’d ever played in the States – and they were sold-out.” Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, Beth’s rocketing UK profile has never been higher. Recent years have seen auspicious headline sets at the Royal Albert Hall and the Barbican (not to mention the historic Hampton Court Palace with Joe Bonamassa), and in December 2015, she chalked up another first with a spot on Jools Holland’s legendary annual Hootenanny.

Bringing in the New Year with a soulful take on Tell Her You Belong To Me and Nutbush City Limits alongside long-time collaborator Jeff Beck, it spoke volumes that the pair’s performance rapidly became the Hootenanny’s most-watched clip on the BBC’s official YouTube channel (even overtaking heavyweights like Tom Jones and Paul Weller). “Every time Jeff performs, he just kills it,” gushes Beth, who also joins the veteran guitarist for her first-ever appearance at the Hollywood Bowl this year. “To me, he’s the greatest ever.”  

Just as memorable, also last December, was Beth’s first solo gig at London’s Union Chapel (subsequently voted by fans as the venue’s gig of the year). “It was the most terrifying experience of my entire life,” she admits. “I got up there and I was so frickin’ scared. But then, halfway through the show, I just started to enjoy it. By the end, I felt so connected to the audience, and I really felt like they did that show with me. It was like we were all the band.” 

Fire On The Floor is sure to build on her breakneck momentum. As the singer explains, this latest record gave her an emotional release following the bitter-sweet sessions for Better Than Home. If there’s a theme that ties these twelve songs together, it’s a sense of escapism following the hardest of times. “We were still in the mixing stages for that album and I knew I had to make another record. Making Better Than Home was so painful, because one of the producers, Michael Stevens, was dying of cancer. It was a very emotional record to write and to make. I wanted the songs for Fire On The Floor to get born real quick.” 

Beth’s first call was to the acclaimed producer Oliver Leiber, who called a session at his home studio in Toluca Lake and drafted a crack studio band that included Michael Landau (guitar), Waddy Wachtel (guitar), Brian Allen (bass), Rick Marotta (drums), Jim Cox (piano), Dean Parks (acoustic guitar) and Ivan Neville (B3 and organ). “Oliver rounded up some amazing musicians,” nods Beth. “Michael Landau and Waddy Wachtel are legends, so when I found out we had them, I just couldn’t believe it. If you don’t have great musicians, you’re not gonna have a very good record, are you?”  “We recorded sixteen songs in three days,” continues Beth of the quickfire LA sessions, “but then we spent a long time mixing. Oliver is a brutally hard-working person, but he’s also incredibly sensitive and that combination works so great. He’s strong and focused, but still so vulnerable, and his heart is wide open. I’m so proud of what he did on this record.” 

Take a spin of Fire On The Floor and you’ll see exactly why. These twelve new songs run the gamut of genre, reflecting Beth’s eclectic teenage influences, which took in everything from gospel, soul and classical to the seismic rock of Soundgarden. “As a writer,” she nods, “I feel really stifled if I’m trying to write in the same style. I just can’t do that. Growing up as a kid, I was raised all over the place stylistically, loving so many different genres.”  

As such, you’ll find everything from the spring-heeled soul of Let’s Get Together to the brittle rock of Fat Man. “I love that song,” she says of the latter. “That’s actually a co-write with a wonderful songwriter named Glen Burtnik, who I started writing with when I was about 24. We wrote that seven years ago – just a basic skeleton – but then I got super-inspired and wrote out the lyric. It feels good to sing it. That’s what’s so great about rock ‘n’ roll. It’s just such a fantastic way to let out your angst.” 

Likewise, the title track: “I love Fire On The Floor. It’s just smouldering. I think it’s gonna be a fantastic piece to perform live. It’s filled with passion. It’s about when someone you know is so bad for you, but you can’t help it. Then there’s No Place Like Home. I love that song. It’s about how, like, you spend a lot of time on the road, and you start to realise all the great things about being home. Kinda the opposite to the song Better Than Home.” Other upbeat highlights include the salsa-tinged Baby Shot Me Down and the jazz-inflected Coca Cola, with a vocal that reminds you why Beth was recently voted as the 20th best blues singer of all-time in The Blues. “Vocally, that one takes me back to a Billie Holiday kinda singing,” she reflects. “I love that kind of vibe, like a light, fun sexiness.” 

By contrast, there are some songs that Beth had to wrench from the emotional depths. “Picture In A Frame is a big one for me,” she says. “When I started writing it, I was thinking about being in love with my husband. But when I was done, I could see that I really connected it with Michael Stevens, and it was my way of saying to him, y’know, ‘I just want you to be better’.” Despite all the emotionally bare moments, for Beth, this record represents a catharsis. “I think Better Than Home is one of the best records I’ve ever done,” she says, “but it was a brutal experience. Fire On The Floor has more energy and I think, overall, it’s just got more balls. And I think I really needed that, just to balance out that heavier mood on Better Than Home.”  

Fire On The Floor is the album that Beth Hart needed to make. Likewise, it’s a record that you need to hear. “I’m so pleased with it,” she concludes. “I recently had to organise the sequence of the record, and while I was doing that, I was thinking to myself, ‘Y’know, this is pretty frickin’ good…!’”

Release Date October 14, 2016

Available formats  CD, LP+MP3 and Digital

Beth Hart Online

Eagle Rock Entertainment To Deliver DVD+CD, Blu-ray+CD and Digital Release Of

Mötley Crüe: The End - Live In Los Angeles

~November 4, 2016~

New York, NY (September 28, 2016)— On December 31, 2015, before a sold-out Staples Center arena in Los Angeles, Mötley Crüe bid their final farewell. Their 35-year career as a band ended with a spectacular New Year’s Eve performance in their hometown, just a few miles from where it all started on the Sunset Strip.

Mötley Crüe: The End - Live In Los Angeles – presented earlier this year in theaters worldwide – captures performances of such mega-hits as “Kickstart My Heart,” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Smokin’ in the Boys Room,” and “Dr. Feelgood.” Eagle Rock Entertainment brings the show home on DVD+CD, Blu-ray+CD, and Digital Formats on November 4, 2016 [MSRP $26.98 Blu-ray+CD, $21.98 DVD+CD]

In January 2014, Mötley Crüe signed a binding legal document known as “cessation of touring” agreement, preventing them from touring under the band’s name past the year 2015 -- the first of its kind. This was followed by their two-year FINAL TOUR, performing across five continents (North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia), with 164 shows in 72 markets and grossing over $100 million.

Produced and distributed by Eagle Rock Entertainment, Mötley Crüe: The End fully captures the energy and emotion of the evening. Known for their over-the-top production, Mötley Crüe did not disappoint for their last show ever on New Year’s Eve: from massive, cutting-edge pyro, including Nikki Sixx’s bass guitar spitting fire over 30 ft. into the air, and Tommy Lee’s “Crüecifly” drum roller coaster, amongst many other spectacular elements. Lead singer, Vince Neil, delivered an emotional, “thank you” speech to the audience, while the band supplied next-level, high-octane fueled energy, ringing in the New Year on stage with thousands of balloons raining down on the crowd. The grand finale of the show included a blow-out performance of their hit single, “Kickstart My Heart” with Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil floating above the audience in far-reaching “cherry-pickers.” Leaving fans in tears, the show concluded with an emotional encore rendition of “Home Sweet Home” from the second stage riser in the center of the audience.

The CD includes audio tracks of the live performances from this show.

Mötley Crüe: The End - Live In Los Angeles represents a fitting end to a legendary career and the culmination of the rock icons’ 35-year career, in one special, explosive night.

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, the quartet—Vince Neil (vocals), Mick Mars (guitars), Nikki Sixx (bass) and Tommy Lee (drums)—has commandeered the rock pantheon for over 30 years. In that time, they have accumulated worldwide album sales exceeding 80 million, seven platinum or multi-platinum albums, 22 Top 40 mainstream rock hits, six Top 20 pop singles, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, three Grammy nominations, four New York Times bestsellers (including the band’s biography, THE DIRT) and countless sold out tours across the globe, playing to millions of fans. Mötley Crüe was the first rock band in history to have completed an epic sold-out Las Vegas residency at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The band continues to remain on the forefront of entertainment reinventing themselves via not only their music but also their mind blowing live shows featuring never seen before elements, such as Tommy Lee’s 360 drum roller coaster. Mötley Crüe was featured in KIA MOTORS’ award winning 2012 Super Bowl commercial.

For more information about the band visit

Pre-order Here:

Track Listing:
1.) Intro
2.) Girls, Girls, Girls
3.) Wild Side
4.) Primal Scream
5.) Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S)
6.) Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
7.) Rock N Roll Part II / Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room
8.) Looks That Kill
9.) Mutherf***** Of The Year
10.) In The Beginning / Shout At The Devil
11.) Louder Than Hell
12.) Drum Solo*
13.) Guitar Solo*
14.) Saints Of Los Angeles
15.) Live Wire
16.) T.N.T (Terror ‘N Tinseltown) / Dr. Feelgood
17.) Kickstart My Heart
18.) Home Sweet Home
*not included on CD portion



In June 2016, legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore made many long held dreams come true for his fans as Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow played three concerts in Europe, two in Germany and one in England. The two German shows at Loreley and Bietigheim were caught on camera to produce Memories In Rock – Live In Germany, which will be released via Eagle Rock Entertainment DVD+2CD, Blu-ray+2CD, and Digital Formats on November 18. A Deluxe version (DVD, Blu-ray & 2CD in a 48 page hardback photobook), along with a 3LP version (180gm vinyl), will be available as an import on December 2. [MSRP $34.98 Blu-ray+2CD, $29.98 DVD+2CD]

This film captures the long awaited return to rock music for Ritchie Blackmore. The setlist, combining classic tracks from both Deep Purple and Rainbow, was exactly what the fans had wished for. Filmed in high definition, this jaw-dropping set includes “Catch The Rainbow”, “Mistreated”, “Since You Been Gone”, “Black Night”, “Spotlight Kid”, “Smoke On The Water”, “Stargazer”, “Perfect Strangers”, and more! As a bonus all formats (barring the 3LP) also boast a quartet of tracks recorded on an alternative night: “Spotlight Kid”, “Man On The Silver Mountain”, “Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll”, and “Stargazer”.

The band line-up for this incredible show featured Ritchie Blackmore (Guitar); Ronnie Romero (Vocals); David Keith (Drums); Bob Nouveau (Bass); Jens Johanssen (Keyboards); Candice Night (Backing Vocals); Lady Lynn (Backing Vocals).

Some people said that the time would never come, but Memories In Rock – Live In Germany is the tangible proof! The band played superbly and Ritchie Blackmore proved that he remains one of the finest guitarists of all time. His legacy is also highlighted in Eagle Rock Entertainment’s recent releases The Ritchie Blackmore Story and Rainbow: Monsters Of Rock – Live At Donington 1980.

For more information on Ritchie Blackmore, please visit:

(CD Disc 1)

1) Highway Star
2) Spotlight Kid
3) Mistreated
4) 16th Century Greensleeves
5) Since You Been Gone
6) Man On The Silver Mountain
7) Catch The Rainbow
8) Difficult To Cure (Beethoven’s Ninth)
9) Perfect Strangers
10) Stargazer

(CD Disc 2)
11) Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
12) Child In Time / Woman From Tokyo
13) Black Night
14) Smoke On The Water


Digital Download and CD Released on October 21 and Vinyl LP for Sale in November From Rhino

TSO’s 2016 Winter Tour Launches November 17

LOS ANGELES – Trans-Siberian Orchestra is pleased to announce, to the delight of fans all across the world, the release of THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS EVE as an audio package. In addition to the tracks already familiar to and loved by TSO fans from the 2001 multi-platinum DVD and long running PBS fundraiser of the same name, this new album version contains a special bonus track, “Music Box Blues (Daryl Pediford Tribute New York 2004).” Additionally, to more closely mirror the tale as presented on tour, The Ghosts of Christmas Eve also contains “Christmas Dreams” and “What Child Is This” from The Lost Christmas Eve.

The enchanting rock opera follows the journey of a young runaway who breaks into an abandoned vaudeville theater seeking shelter from the cold on December 24. Once inside, the teen is discovered by the theater’s caretaker who uses the ghosts and spirits from the building’s past to turn her life around. 

THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS EVE, which will be released on CD and as a digital audio album via Atlantic Records/Rhino Entertainment on October 21, plus on vinyl in November to coincide with TSO’s 2016 Winter Tour.

TSO recently announced plans for its 2016 Winter Tour, also based on The Ghosts of Christmas Eve, which is set to hit 61 cities across North America beginning on November 17 and concluding, after 105 shows, with special New Year’s Eve performances in Seattle and Cleveland (click here for a full itinerary).  Debuted last year to rave critical and fan reviews, the rock opera features such enduring fan-favorites as "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24," "O’ Come All Ye Faithful," "Good King Joy," "Christmas Canon," "Music Box Blues," "Promises To Keep," and "This Christmas Day." 2016’s tour will see an all new second set containing some of TSO’s greatest hits and fan-pleasers. TSO is pleased to announce that each concert ticket purchased online will include a digital audio copy of The Ghosts of Christmas Eve with the bonus track: “Music Box Blues (Daryl Pediford Tribute New York 2004).” 

TSO’s Winter Tour 2016 is presented nationally by the Hallmark Channel. Tickets are available now (see for details).  

TSO’s record-setting “rock theater” tours sell out venues year after year and have solidified the group’s tours as must-attend, multi-generational, holiday traditions. Since 1996, TSO has cemented itself as one of the world’s biggest rock acts, by playing approximately 2,000 shows for nearly 13 million fans, with tour grosses of more than $580 million, and selling in excess of 10 million albums and DVDs. In 2009, Billboard magazine placed TSO at No. 25 on its “Top Touring Artists of the Decade.” 

2015 was another landmark year for TSO, with their hit tour and the release of the chart-topping new album, Letters from the Labyrinth (TSO’s third Top 10 album debut in a row, it spent six weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s Rock Chart). 2015’s tour hit 60 cities across North America and played to more than 850,000 people while grossing more than $41 million in just 45 days.

As in all previous years, $1 to $2 of every ticket sold benefits select local charities. To date, in excess of $13 million has been distributed to worthy charities all across North America.

The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve
Track Listing:
1.         O’ Come All Ye Faithful/ O Holy Night (Instrumental)
2.         Good King Joy
3.         Christmas Dreams
4.         Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 (Instrumental)
5.         Christmas Canon
6.         What Child Is This?
7.         Music Box Blues
8.         Promises To Keep
9.         This Christmas Day
10.       First Snow (Instrumental)
11.       Music Box Blues Live (Daryl Pediford Tribute New York 2004) - Bonus Track

For more information on TSO’s Winter Tour, visit:     

Airbourne's Joel O'Keeffe Injured In Stage Fall

Airbourne's Joel O'Keeffe was injured during the band's recent set in British Columbia, Canada. Fan-shot footage of the incident at CJ's Nightclub in Kamloops show O'Keeffe taking a tumble during encore Running Wild.

Road crew are then seen helping him back onstage. And although he seems to be in some discomfort, he carries on with the track. Shawn Pooley, who caught the moment on camera, reports that a chair was eventually brought out for O'Keeffe to finish the set.

Airbourne have been on the road in support of their fourth album Breakin' Outta Hell, which was released on September 23 via Spinefarm Records. Watch the video and see their tour dates here.

Metallica's Lars Ulrich Remembers Cliff Burton

Lars Ulrich has paid tribute to Metallica's late bassist Cliff Burton on the 30th anniversary of his tragic death. Burton was 24 when Metallica's tour bus crashed in Sweden on September 27, 1986. He was killed in the accident.

Ulrich says that he thinks of his friend most days, but anniversaries are more painful than other days. The drummer tells Metal Hammer: "He's continuously a part of our legacy. There are days when I still think about him. Today is a, I hate the word 'anniversary', but today is a more relevant Cliff Day because of the date.

"I'm always aware of the date. I think that, when you've been around for 35 years like we have, and you actually sit down and go through everything and plant flags on the calendar, there always so many anniversaries, but obviously, September 27, 2016, feels like a very significant date. I'm thinking about him all the time." Read more here.

Joe Lynn Turner's New Album Features Impressive List Of Guests

Former Rainbow frontman Joe Lynn Turner has announced that he will be releasing his new album "The Sessions" on October 7th which will feature an impressive list of guest stars.

The album is billed as a "collection of studio recordings" that includes Turner's take on a number of classic songs ranging from AC/DC's "Back In Black," to The Doors' "Riders On The Storm" to Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls."

Turner was joined in the studio by several high profile stars including Def Leppard's Vivian Campbell and Phil Collen, Steve Morse, Toto's Steve Lukather, Al Pitrelli, Leslie West, Richie Kotzen, Rudy Sarzo, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and more.

Track and guest listing:

1. Stone Cold with Vivian Campbell
2. Lunatic Fringe
3. Let the Music Do the Talking with Al Pitrelli, Carmine Rojas & Pat Torpey
4. Mirror Mirror with Icarus Witch
5. Hellraiser with Steve Lukather, Billy Sherwood, Jay Schellen & Paul Taylor
6. 14 Years
7. Dance The Night Away with Reb Beach
8. Back in Black with Phil Collen
9. All Shook Up with Michael Schenker
10. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You with Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Tony Franklin & Doane Perry
11. All Day and All of the Night with Brad Gillis, Rudy Sarzo & Simon Wright
12. Bloody Well Right with Dave Kerzner
13. The Seeker with Leslie West
14. Jungle Love with Steve Morse
15. Two Minutes To Midnight with Richie Kotzen
16. Fat Bottomed Girls with Reb Beach
17. Riders On The Storm with Tony Kaye & Steve Cropper

Keith Richards Talks 'Sympathy For The Devil' Evolution On Guitar Moves

The latest episode of Noisey's Guitar Moves series features the second part of their interview with Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. We were sent the following details:

The second part of his wide-ranging interview with Noisey, this episode finds Richards discussing the blues, his musical philosophy, and the power of music with host Matt Sweeney (Chavez, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Zwan).

Richards kicks off the conversation discussing how he decided to start playing the blues in the first place, drawing inspiration from mother's love of black music legends like Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, and Billy Eckstine. From there, Richards describes the biggest influences on his playing style, including the distinctive blues licks of Scotty Moore to Fats Domino's own proto-rock 'n' roll.

Richards also talks at length about The Rolling Stones' songwriting process, discussing how songs like "Under My Thumb" and "Sympathy for the Devil" morphed and changed as everyone in the rest band contributed their ideas and altered the songs' original ideas.

"Mick came in with a song. It was a great song and the whole song was there. but it was very Dylan-esque. It was a ballad," Richard says about "Sympathy for the Devil." "Suddenly I'm on bass, it's a samba. But that to me is the beauty of recording. You go in with some semi-conceived idea of what you think this song is supposed to come out like, and it comes out totally different." Watch the episode here.

Grim Reaper Return With New Album and Tour

Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper have big plans for Rocktober. Not only will they be releasing their first new album since 1987, they will be launching a North American tour.

The tour will be in support of the new album, "Walking In The Shadows", which is set to be released on October 14th and is the group's first new release since their 1987 album "Rock You To Hell."

Frontman Steve Grimmett had this to say about the new studio effort, "I am tremendously proud of the album. It has taken a long time because it has been fraught with problems, but we have ended up with the best thing I have done in decades. We're all looking forward to bring it to the fans and excited to be doing a world tour, starting straight after its release, and carrying on until 2017."

The new tour kicks off on October 6th in Las Vegas at LVCS and will make its way across the U.S. and Canada before concluding back on the west coast at The Complex in Glendale, Ca on November 22nd.

Jimmy Page Feud Reignited By Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams has reignited his property feud with Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page. The dispute goes back more than a year to when Williams sought permission to carry out renovations to his Woodland House home in London. It's next door to Page's Tower House, which is a Grade 1 listed building.

Page took exception to the plans, telling the local council in a letter of objection that the works could have "catastrophic consequences" for the integrity of his own house.

The former Take That singer was performing at the Apple Music Festival in London at the weekend when his band briefly played Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love.

Williams changed the lyrics, singing: "I'm gonna dig a big hole and fill it full of sh*t," before segueing into his own track Kids. This week Williams told The Sun that the renovation works are still ongoing. Read his comments here.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne 'Back On Track'

Sharon Osbourne says her marriage with Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy is back on track after his affair. She discovered his four-year "double life" after hiring a private detective to find out where he'd been spending so much money. They broke up in May this year.

Ozzy later admitted that he was suffering from sex addiction, that he was seeing a psychologist regularly, and issued a public apology to all those he'd hurt.

Sharon tells Conan O'Brien: "He's fine. It's tough when you're an addict. He liked too much alcohol, he likes too much drugs, he likes too much sex, he likes too much food. Everything is too much. It's tough for somebody who suffers with that." Read more here.

Rik Emmett Streams New Song Featuring Rush's Alex Lifeson

Rik Emmett is joined by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson on "Human Race", a track from the former Triumph frontman's forthcoming album, "RES9", now streaming as a lyric video.

"When Rik asked me to play on his new album, I didn't hesitate for a second," explains Lifeson. "He's the consummate musician, a wonderful guitarist, and a terrific person, and it's always my pleasure to work with him any chance I can get.

"There is a rock purity in his songwriting and performance, and it's just so much fun to get together and throw ideas around. He's always so up and open for anything - even a notoriously uncooperative Rickenbacker 12-string!"

Due November 11, the project by Emmett and his touring band Resolution 9 - featuring guitarist Dave Dunlop, bassist Steve Skingley and drummer Paul DeLong - delivers new music with the help of guest appearances by Lifeson, Dream Theater's James LaBrie and a reunion with Triumph members Mike Levine and Gil Moore.

Lifeson sits in on "Human Race" and joins LaBrie on "End Of The Line", with the vocalist also contributing to the track "I Sing." The Triumph appearance on the bonus track, "Grand Parade", marks the first time the trio have reunited on record in three decades following Emmett's split from the group in 1988.

"This album represents a journey through my life," explains Emmett, "and the idea behind a lot of these songs is me trying to figure out who I am, and why I'm doing what I'm doing. There's a common thread of positivity here that ties into the records I was making 30 years ago. What did I learn from making them? You'll hear all of that echoed in the grooves of this album." here.

Cinderella Was Sidelined By Drinking Problem Says LaBar

Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar believes it's his fault that the band have been inactive in recent years. The group's last album was 1994's Still Climbing and they haven't played live since 2013's Monsters Of Rock Cruise. And LaBar says he thinks his drinking problem is at the centre of the rift within the band.

LaBar tells the Izzy Presley podcast: "We all made a pact a long time ago to not continue Cinderella if one of us dropped out. And I think vocalist and guitarist Tom Keifer is going to stick to that. I don't talk to him anymore, so I don't really know for a fact. But we all made a pact not to do it if it wasn't the four of us - and it's not the four of us anymore.

"I can only speculate, but I believe it's all my fault. It's no secret that I've had a drinking problem. And it showed its ugly face on one of those cruises. I guess that's what caused a rift.

"Over 30 years, we've all gotten along every single day and almost never argued with each other. When I fell out on one of those cruise ships in front of everybody, that's when the band, and mostly Tom, took notice and was, like, 'What the f***?'"

LaBar reports he's entered rehab several times to cure his addiction, revealing that Keifer paid for much of his treatment, but adds: "I only stayed sober for a year. I got off painkillers that I was addicted to because of my hip surgery, which I needed, but I took it too far being a partying guy." Read more here.

Iron Maiden Release Line Of Eddie Masks In Time For Halloween

A range of Iron Maiden Eddie masks has been unveiled in time for Halloween. Five officially licensed masks based on different eras of the Iron Maiden mascot are available at Trick Or Treat Studios, priced at $59.99 each.

The Eddie eras covered include the 1980 self-titled album, 1981's Killers, 1983's Piece Of Mind, 1984's Powerslave and latest effort, 2015's The Book Of Souls.

Also on offer is a full Piece Of Mind era costume, including the mask, torn trousers and a straitjacket. Trick Or Treat say: "This amazing costume comes with a real canvas straitjacket with working buckles and canvas blue shredded paints. Now you can look exactly like Eddie from the amazing album cover to Piece of Mind." The entire selection of masks can be viewed in the gallery here.

Rolling Stones Preview Havana Moon DVD

The Rolling Stones are sharing a video preview of their Cuban concert film, "Havana Moon", which will be released on November 11. Following its September 23 premiere in cinemas worldwide, "Havana Moon" will be available in various packages, including DVD+2CD, Blu-ray+2CD, DVD+3LP plus a special Deluxe Edition.

The March 25, 2016 event saw the group perform their first-ever concert in Cuba during a groundbreaking free show before an estimated crowd of 1.2 million fans that also marked the first open air concert in the country by a British rock band.

Mick Jagger welcomed the massive crowd who had come to watch the historic show: "Finally the times are changing, Cuba we are so happy to be here," and joked with his bandmates during the performance, describing them as "The Revolutionary Ronnie Wood…Charlie Che Watts….Compadre Keith Richards"

Named after a Chuck Berry song and directed by Paul Dugdale, "Havana Moon" features a setlist of classics including "Jumpin' Jack Flash", "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll", "Honky Tonk Women", "Start Me Up", "Brown Sugar" and "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." Watch the video here.

Joe Walsh Jams 'Rocky Mountain Way' On Conan

Joe Walsh performed his 1973 classic, "Rocky Mountain Way", with The Basic Cable Band on TBS' late night show Conan on September 26 and video from the show has been posted online.

"I was mowing the lawn in Boulder, CO," said Walsh of the lyrical inspiration for the tune, written after his departure from The James Gang. "I looked up and saw the mountains and the back range and I thought 'this is better than the way I had.'

"And I got the words; I mean all at once. I ran in the house to write the words down, but the lawnmower kept going … over into the neighbour lady's garden. It was an expensive song to write."

The performance followed an extensive interview that saw the Eagles guitarist share a story of trashing a penthouse hotel room with actor John Belushi back in the70s, a feat that cost him $23,000.

"My job," said Walsh, "was to get across the state line before the maid saw the room." The guitarist was on hand to promote his involvement in writing a song for the new film "Citizen Soldier", which documents a group of soldiers in the Oklahoma Army National Guard's 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team - known since World War II as the "Thunderbirds" - and their life-changing tour of duty in Afghanistan. Watch the video clips from the show here.

Cliff Burton Was Inspired By Classic TV Show Theme

Cliff Burton was inspired to take up the bass guitar by the theme music for comedy cop show Barney Miller, his father Ray has revealed. On the 30th anniversary of Burton's death in a tour bus accident at the age 24, Cliff's family have set up a Facebook page where fans can pay tribute to the late Metallica bassist.

And his father Ray has recorded a video remembering his son's early path in to music. The death of his brother Scott led Cliff to learn a musical instrument and it was the Barney Miller music that got him hooked on the bass.

Ray Burton says: "Cliff's older brother Scott, who was 16 at the time, died of a brain aneurysm. Shortly after Scott died, Cliff came to his mother and me and asked if he could take up playing the bass guitar.

"The reason he liked the bass guitar was the Barney Miller show, a comedy cop show, which started off with a bass solo. And Cliff just loved that bass solo and he wanted to get the same sound that was in that show." Read more and watch the full video here.

Aerosmith's Joe Perry Still Brimming With Riffs

Joe Perry says he's still brimming with riff ideas - and that's why he continues to make new music. The Aerosmith and Hollywood Vampires guitarist has been working on a solo album which he previously said would be mostly instrumental. And Perry reports that playing around with different sounds is something that continues to inspire him.

He also says he's getting better technically while working in the studio - and that's helped with how he structures his music. He tells The Musician's Ear: "It's always been about trying to steer clear of those standard riffs you use to practice, to warm up with, and really try to focus on something that works melodically.

"It's just like a vocalist who's looking for a melody to sing over the riff, or maybe even with a riff. That's how I go at it for most songs. The goal is to give the song something different - create something no one's heard before.

"That's why I keep making solo records. I'm still searching for those things. I've still got lots of riffs inside me, and lots of riffs on my iPhone. They need to get transferred on to some kind of recording format with some bass and drums." Read more here.

Devin Townsend Refused To 'Tweak' Hit For Video Game

Devin Townsend has revealed how he was approached to write the soundtrack for hit video game Fallout. The hardworking Canadian has his hands full with a string of musical projects, but says he would love to do a movie soundtrack one day.

However, he'd need guarantees that he'd not be tied down by bureaucracy before he agreed to get involved. Reflecting on his brief flirtation with writing music for video games, Townsend tells The Jasta Show: "When I was about 25, EA, Electronic Arts, said, 'Hey we've got a gig for you. We hear that you've done music.' I was like, 'Great. I could sit at home and write a bunch of video game music.'

"But the parameters for it were so contrary to the process that makes anything I do creatively of any value, that I failed in it in such a way that I realised right there I can either do it the way I do it, or it's not gonna happen at all.

"He was like, 'We can't get the rights to American Woman, the Lenny Kravitz version.' And I'm thinking in my head, 'I f***ing hate that song.'" The video game executive asked Townsend to rework the song to avoid coming up against any copyright issues, but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

Townsend adds: "I went home and I tried and I came back the next day and said, 'Dude, I'm out.'" Read more and stream the full interview here.

Metallica Release 'Moth Into Flame' Video

Metallica have released a video for their new song "Moth Into Flame", as the latest preview to their forthcoming album, "Hardwired…To Self Destruct."

"As some of you accurately predicted, we gave it the first public spin while hanging out with our great friend Howard Stern this morning in his New York studio," says the band. "Sitting and chatting with Howard is one our favorite things to do and we were honored that he offered to play it first and let us perform a few additional songs live while we were there. We're also excited to debut the corresponding video directed by Tom Kirk of Muse fame."

"Moth To Flame" follows the lead track, "Hardwired", as the second taste of Metallica's tenth album. Due November 18, the two-disc set was produced by Greg Fidelman, guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. Watch the video here.

30 People Arrested At Ozzfest Meets Knotfest's First Day

Police in California are reporting that 30 people were arrested on the opening day of Ozzfest Meets Knotfest this past weekend. San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department says most of the arrests at the San Manuel Amphitheater in Devore, California, on Saturday were alcohol-related and that 10 people were taken to hospital for a variety of medical complaints.

The police force, which attended the event along with members of the California Highway Patrol and a K-9 unit, says: "During this operational period there were approximately 3400 campers and approximately 37,000 attendees for the music festival.

"30 people were arrested for various violations during this period. Most arrests were alcohol-related. 10 attendees were transported to the hospital for various medical reasons." [17 people were reportedly arrested on the second day of the festival, according to reports] Read more here.

Megadeth Release 'Conquer Or Die' Video

Megadeth have released a new music video for their song "Conquer Or Die", which is an instrumental track that is taken from their latest album, "Dystopia."

The tune features guitar work by leader Dave Mustaine and new addition Kiko Loureiro, formerly of Brazilian band Angra, who replaced outgoing member Chris Broderick after he left the group in 2014.

"I first met Kiko around 8 years ago for a cover shoot for Burrn! Magazine," explains Mustaine. "I had no idea who he was, other than the fact he was tremendously talented and that the staff from Burrn! held him in high regard. Since then I've come to see what a guitar virtuoso he is, and I'm deeply encouraged by his depth and talent.

"Very few Megadeth alumni have had the same feel and ability as Kiko. As Frank Sinatra says, 'the best is yet to come!'"

Megadeth recently confirmed the addition of Dirk Verbeuren, formerly of Swedish metal band Soilwork, as the group's new drummer after Lamb Of God's Chris Adler recorded "Dystopia" and performed early dates on the current world tour. Watch the video here.

Aerosmith's Joe Perry Says His New Album Is 'In The Can'

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry reveals that he has completed recording his latest solo album. Perry has been working on the project in a California studio on and off over the past year while Aerosmith has been on hiatus and juggling live duties with the Alice Cooper-led supergroup The Hollywood Vampires.

"It's in the can right now. I just need to polish it up a bit more," Perry revealed in an interview with The Musician's Ear. "I'm looking to release some of it in the new year."

In April, Perry premiered the single, "I'll Do Happiness", featuring UK vocalist Terry Reid, and confirmed the addition of Iggy Pop, David Johansen and Zak Starkey to the project.

Asked if he still feels that he has lots of riffs left to discover, Perry adds, "That's why I keep making solo records. I'm still searching for those things. I've still got lots of riffs inside me, and lots of riffs on my iPhone. (laughs) They need to get transferred onto some kind of recording format with some bass and drums." Read more here.

Glenn Hughes Looks Back On Wild Times With David Bowie

David Bowie and former Deep Purple star Glenn Hughes bonded over a love of soul music and ended up sharing a house in Beverly Hills. Hughes looked back on the experience for Classic Rock and wrote the following:

David Bowie and I first met in the summer of 1974 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in a room full of guys and girls that included Keith Moon, Ronnie Wood, Harry Nilsson, Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper. I wasn't going completely off the rails… but I was about to. In walked Angie Bowie and said that her husband had seen me at the California Jam on the TV and wanted to meet me.

I was led upstairs into this dark room, everybody left and he asked me how I'd got into Purple when I was a soul guy. He was fascinated by that. We spoke for three or four hours about music, R&B… everything. The following day I worked at the studio [where Purple were making Stormbringer] and attended one of the several nights David was playing at the Universal Ampitheatre. The day after that he came to the studio and watched me sing the track Hold On. For the rest of that summer we were inseparable.

He asked to stay for a while at my place in Beverly Hills. I was in Germany but he came anyway - by train, alone… which was incredible for one of the world's biggest stars. I arrived home five days later. At the time David was preparing himself for the role of The Man Who Fell To Earth. For a while nobody knew he was in LA except me and Phil Daoussis, the guy who looked after me back then - not even David's manager Tony Defries, or the members of his band. I was sworn to secrecy.

I'm so full of respect for David. During the creation of Station To Station we were addled, out of our minds. How could he be so fearless as to stand at the mic and write those lyrics to Golden Years on the spot? That's when he asked me to sing on the album, but the band [Deep Purple] and the management were against it. I don't think anyone knows that, but it's true and it really upset me. Read more here.

Corey Taylor Says Master Of Puppets Greatest Modern Heavy Metal Album

Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has explained his admiration for the Big 4 of thrash - Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. And he's singled out Metallica's Master Of Puppets as "the greatest modern heavy metal album ever made."

His comments come as Slipknot bandmate Shawn 'Clown' Crahan confirms the release of his Officer Downe movie. Taylor tells 2 Hours With Matt Pinfield: "The first time I heard Master Of Puppets it honestly changed my life. But I can say that about all four of those bands.

"Master Of Puppets, to me, is the greatest modern heavy metal album ever made. Pound for pound, songwise, musically, sonically, production - it's just fantastic. I know dudes who will fight me over that stuff because we're so nerdy on it. But to me, that is the template for every great heavy metal album."

He identifies Slayer's Reign In Blood as worthy of praise but adds: "As much as I love Reign In Blood, South Of Heaven really set the tone for me. That album is just so tight. It's got everything."

Megadeth's Peace Sells… But Who's Buying? is next - Taylor says: "If you talk about that album as a casual listener they'll immediately talk about that song. They don't realise that album is such a riff clinic. You're listening to it going, 'How did you write that? Where did that come from?'" Read more here.

Enuff Z'nuff Reveal Details For New Rarities Album

Enuff Z'nuff have revealed more details about their upcoming rarities album "Clowns Lounge" which is set to be released on December 2nd via Frontiers Music Srl.

The current lineup of the band featuring Chip Z'nuff, the only remaining original member, taking over lead vocal duties have also lineup tour dates with Tracii Guns and Ace Frehley and will also be taking part in The Kiss Kruise Creatures of the Deep in November.

Z'nuff revealed the following background details about the new rarities compilation album, "Donnie and I wrote the songs in the later part of 1988-89. They were recorded in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on 2" inch analog tape, during the time of our debut. The tracks were never finished, as we were very prolific and focused on laying down as many ideas as possible.

"Through the resources provided to us: recording studio, production, etc., we had a plethora of songs during that era and for one reason or another this batch slipped through the cracks.

"To restore the record we returned to the studio to record guitar, bass vocals, etc. which took us about six weeks in my studio and at CRC (Chicago Recording Company) along with Stonecutter studio in downtown Chicago.

"The skeleton of the song was already in place and we wanted to make sure the record had the feel of where the band is today. We also added a bonus single track (Dog on a Bone) that we plan on releasing as the first single."

Chip also addressed the absence of frontman and chief songwriter Donnie Vie. "Donnie and I wrote the songs together, as we have on all the Enuff Z'nuff albums. In 2013 Donnie left the band, disillusioned by the business and facing related health issues, and although he will not tour with the band he still shares in our vision of putting out great music.

"As he is dealing with his medical condition, we have his blessings on the record and moving forward with me as lead singer. When Peter Gabriel left Genesis, Phil Collins took over lead vocal duties. That is exactly the template we used here as now I front the band and look forward to moving it into the future".

Led Zeppelin Score Highest Chart Position In 37 Years

Led Zeppelin's expanded reissue package, "The Complete BBC Sessions", has delivered the band their highest UK chart position in more than three decades.

Vintage Vinyl News reports the project - which presents live recordings selected from Led Zeppelin's appearances on BBC Radio between 1969 and 1971 - enters the Official Album Charts at No. 3, marking the highest UK chart spot for the group since 1979's "In Through The Out Door" landed at No. 1.

Since that time, the band's best showings were "Coda" (1982 / No .4), "Mothership" (2007 / No. 4) and "Celebration Day" (2012 / No. 4). "The Complete BBC Sessions" is also the UK's top selling Vinyl Album and Rock & Metal Album this past week. Read more here.

Metallica To Rock Howard Stern, Play Rare Club Show

Metallica have announced that they will be appearing on the Howard Stern Show, will be playing a rare intimate club show and also taping a SiriusXM's Town Hall special.

"We've been invited back to chat with our great friend and always loyal Metallica supporter Howard Stern this Monday, September 26th and he's even asked us play a few songs live!," says the band. "Tune into The Howard Stern Show on Howard Stern's exclusive SiriusXM channel Howard 100 and if you don't have a SiriusXM subscription, the great team there has set it up so that you can still check out the show at

"Later that day, we'll record a special edition of SiriusXM's Town Hall series answering questions from a select group listeners in the SiriusXM studios in New York City. The Town Hall special, hosted by music journalist, SiriusXM host and another long time great friend to the band, David Fricke, will air on the Mandatory Metallica channel, which makes a return on Wednesday, November 16th, two days before Hardwired… hits the streets."

They had this to say about the special club show, "This Tuesday, September 27th, we'll be playing a special show for our Fifth Members only at the intimate Webster Hall and if you're a member you have a chance to pick up tickets and join us." Read more details here.

Jimmy Page and Joe Elliott Added To Classic Rock Awards Lineup

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott are the latest stars to be added to the lineup for the 2016 Classic Rock Roll Of Honour.

Page and Elliott are announced alongside Philippine superstars Sarah Geronimo and Bamboo and will join the previously announced artists Jeff Beck, Cheap Trick, Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Phil Collen of Def Leppard, Richie Sambora, Orianthi and Thai band Slot Machine.

This year's Classic Rock Roll Of Honour is being held in Japan for the first time, with the ceremony taking place on November 11 at Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium in Tokyo - the spiritual home of sumo wrestling. Read more here.

Mike Zito Announces New Solo Album 'Make Blues Not War'

Former Royal Southern Brotherhood guitarist Mike Zito has announced that he will be releasing his new solo album "Make Blues Not War" on November 18th. We were sent these details:

"Make Blues Not War is a really fun album," he says, "chock-full of blues with lots of guitar playing. It's a very upbeat record with intense energy. Blues should make you feel good, and I think this record serves the purpose well."

That atmosphere of positivity began at the album sessions, as Mike tracked alongside Grammy Award-winning producer (and co-writer) Tom Hambridge at the Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. "It was so much fun," Zito remembers. "It's a completely live album, where the musicians all set up and we just hit record and went for it. The energy was awesome and sometimes we'd just be laughing so hard because it was all so intense and exciting."

As the momentum gathered, the songs coalesced with an awesome flow, Mike painting in every shade of blue, from the frantic six-string showboating of "Crazy Legs" to the growling slow-burn of "Red Bird" and the smoky slide work on "Girl Back Home." "It was time," he says, "to get back to the blues and playing my guitar. Tom and I had spoken about making a kick ass blues-rock album for years. I like having fun and cutting loose - that's what this album is all about. "Chip Off The Block" was written for my oldest son, Zach Zito, who is the featured guitarist on this track. It's his first introduction into the music world and he did a great job. I couldn't be more proud of him. He graduates college next spring and joins me on tour in summer - I can't wait."

Meanwhile in his lyrics Mike searches for the silver linings in a troubled world. "I love writing songs and sharing deep feelings," he says. Zito describes "Road Dog," the album's wistful slow-blues travelogue as, "the most serious tune on the album. It's about the drama of life on the road. I know it can seem cliched sometimes, but it's the life I lead. I miss my family, miss my wife, but this is what I do. I always leave."

Mike has spent over two decades on the run. He grew up in a hard-scrabble, blue-collar home in St. Louis, but after an early job at a downtown guitar shop exposed him to heavyweights like B.B. King, the Allmans and Eric Clapton (then the music of Joe Pass, Robert Johnson and Blind Willie Johnson), he set out to establish himself as a working musician. By 1997, Mike had released debut album Blue Room, and seemed to be going places. "The first time you hear yourself," he recalls, "you think, 'Wow, that almost sounds like music!'"

Then came the bumps in the road. By the early 2000's, alcoholism and drug abuse were threatening to rob Zito of his livelihood and talent, a period starkly addressed on the title track from 2011's acclaimed Greyhound album. "I just couldn't stop," he admits. "And a lot of the opportunities that I had back then - they kinda went away."

Thankfully, the epiphany of meeting the woman who would become his beloved wife put Mike back on the right path. In 2012, he found fresh inspiration as a member of the A-list lineup of Royal Southern Brotherhood, then struck out with acclaimed solo albums Gone To Texas (2013) and Keep Coming Back (2015).

"I have many more hurdles to jump and more goals to strive for," he says, "but I'm very pleased and thankful with how I'm developing as an artist." This is powerfully demonstrated on Make Blues Not War, another step forward for this long-suffering disciple of the Blues. "I'm so proud of this new album," says Mike. "It's about the enjoyment I get when I listen to Johnny Winter and Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Luther Allison. Their music makes me happy and reminds why I wanted to play guitar and play the blues. To be free and honest, loud and proud. I hope everyone enjoys listening to this album as much as I enjoyed making it..."

Modern life moves fast. Rolling news. Rapid-fire tweets. A relentless barrage of (mis)information. Make Blues Not War is an album that demands you sign out, log off and turn yourself over instead to the old-fashioned pleasures of great music. "We hear about everything 24/7 now," says Mike Zito. "The news never stops and it's all become propaganda. But when you turn off the news and turn on some blues, the world is a beautiful place. I think music is the cure for all ailments. Always has been. Always will be."

The Pineapple Thief Recruit Porcupine Tree's Gavin Harrison

The Pineapple Thief have announced a European tour for early 2017 with King Crimson and Porcupine Tree man Gavin Harrison joining them on drums.

The dates are in support of The Pineapple Thief's 11th studio album Your Wilderness, which was released last month via Kscope. Harrison played drums on the record.

Mainman Bruce Soord says: "We always said that we couldn't imagine touring the material live without Gavin on stage. We're so excited that we have made it happen. It's a real once in a lifetime event."

The Pineapple Thief will also be joined buy additional guitarist Darran Charles for the tour. Godsticks man Charles was a guest on Your Wilderness, along with Harrison, Supertramp's John Helliwell and Caravan's Geoffrey Richardson.

They'll perform Your Wilderness plus a string of re-imagined favourites from their back catalogue. See the dates here.

Metal Stars Mark 20th Anniversary Of Ozzfest

Ahead of this weekend's Ozzfest meets Knotfest in Southern California, a number of metal stars took a look back at the legacy of the Ozzfest which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Slipknot's Corey Taylor: "You have to go back to 1999, our first major tour. Ozzfest gave us an incredible opportunity and we were able to really jumpstart our career from there...The great thing about being a part of that Ozzfest was that you were immediately a part of a family. And then when we did it subsequently in 2001, 2004, even the one-off in 2005, it was like coming home. The Osbournes themselves really believed in this band and always have. So when we kind of started spitballing the idea to do Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, in a way it was for us to kind of put together something amazing for the fans, but also to pay respect, as an homage pay a little bit back to a festival that really helped make this band what it is and to give a little nod to a brand that, to this day, when you say to a metal fan, 'Ozzfest,' they know what that means. It means excitement, it means something for our genre, it means something strong, it means bringing together a family-and that's kind of what Knotfest is trying to do, but we wouldn't be able to do that if we hadn't first come from Ozzfest."

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine: "I got to go on one of Tony Iommi's morning walks that were part of his exercise routine, and we talked as if we had known each other for years. I gave Ozzy a Frank Sinatra golf club I'd gotten from Frank's tournament in Palm Springs and he hugged me, which was supposed to be a very sacred thing with the Prince of Darkness. Most memorable was a talk I had with Sharon about the aggregate of all metal musicians and how we are all 'salt of the earth' as she called us. We laughed that there was only one who had been born with a silver spoon in its mouth, and I felt truly blessed to be her friend. I'm really looking forward to this show and the remaining shows with Black Sabbath."

Metallica's Robert Trujillo: "What a huge honor to have been a part of Ozzfest. I was there from the very beginning back in 1996, and witnessed the birth of a Rock 'n' Roll movement launching so many great bands as Ozzy has always done. I remember System Of A Down when they were rolling in a beat-up RV being held together by duct tape, always ready to conquer and kick ass! But my biggest honor was improvising a spontaneous move called the 'Crab Walk' with my hero Mr. Ozzy Osbourne in Phoenix, Arizona in '96. From Black Sabbath to Slayer to Slipknot to Tool to Pantera to Meshuggah etc. (Oh yeah, Metallica, Dallas 2008), always a historic moment and what a f***ing party! Thank you Sharon and Ozzy. Happy 20 years Ozzfest."

Korn's Jonathan Davis: "I've always had the best memories of Ozzfest. We were one of the first bands on it...I think we played 2003 or 2004. Sharon had us come out and we played and it was awesome. It was such an awesome festival, like a big, dark, crazy traveling carnival circus thing going on with a bunch of rock bands. We really did it up right. I think it was an amazing experience. It's always fun to see Ozzy every night. And he always had all the best bands. That was the year Ozzfest was Korn and Manson and that always is interesting. Me and that guy, crazy stuff happens when we get together."

Lamb Of God's Randy Blythe: "In 2004, my band played Ozzfest for the first time, and my liver will never be the same. We were one of the three headliners on the second stage, and while the main stage acts that year were pretty spectacular (I mean, where else were you going to see the original Black Sabbath lineup, Judas Priest and Slayer all on the same stage? It will never happen again!), the second stage that year had such a savagely familial vibe--we were all out for blood, and we were all in it together. Epic cook-outs nightly, stolen golf-cart wrecks, the infamous Shirts-off Crew that would bum-rush security and just take over whatever area we felt like (several of us bear S.O.C. tattoos from that tour), wild after-parties--it was completely and utterly off-the-freaking-meat-rack INSANE. I got 'called into the principal's office' a few times (translation: I did something crazy/offensive/freakishly stupid on festival grounds and got yelled at by Sharon Osbourne), I got chased by police for taking Hatebreed's four wheeler rooting onto some residential street and escaped into backstage just in the nick of time, I woke up every morning felling like hammered sh*t in 100 degree weather then immediately went on stage to play some of the most fun shows of my life; it was a fine time to be a younger man. I think Ozzfest '04 may have taken a few years off my life, and that's OK--it was the time of my life. I wouldn't wanna do it again--hell, I couldn't do it again (it would kill me)--but I don't regret a second of it. Thanks Ozzy & Sharon for the memories. It was truly an honor and a blast. OZZZZZZZZFEEEEESSSSSSSSTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!"

Deftones' Stephen Carpenter: "My memory of Ozzfest: getting to tour with all original members of Black Sabbath. Never thought I'd see them play live, let alone get to do two tours with them. The first being just earlier that same year. What a privilege! Also, having to come on right after Slayer, damn!! Being a fan of them and knowing how their fans react to newer bands, it was a bit daunting at first. Had to buckle down and give that thought no mind and just rock! Made a lot friends on that tour, thank you Ozzfest!"

Zakk Wylde: "The Ozzfest is the hard rock fraternity gathering granddaddy of them all!!!"

Nikki Sixx: "Ozzy gave Motley Crue it's big break taking us under his wing for our first big arena tour and then later we were asked to rejoin our friend on Ozzfest. We are so proud to be part of the history and legacy of Ozzy and Ozzfest. Ozzfest has been one of the biggest and proudest moments for all rock music."

Judas Priest: "A full on relentless total assault of the senses! The rest is a blur of hails and good times with our fellow screamers shredders and pounders both onstage and off!"

Anthrax's Charlie Benante: "Well...We were on tour with Ozzy and we had a night off in Buffalo. I was going down to the restaurant and as I'm walking in, Ozzy was walking out with his assistant. He sees me and puts his hands on my shoulders and shakes me and says, 'Have you tried the wings? They're fabulous!'"

Killswitch Engage's Mike D: "In 2003, there was change in the air, Nu Metal was dying, and Ozzfest was the catalyst. Before the start of tour, we were told, 'If you are not on the main stage, do not expect to sell a lot of shirts.' Much to everyone's surprise, we sold out our entire six-week shirt order in the first three days. That was when we knew that the tide turned and a new breed of metal had arrived. Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Sworn Enemy and Cradle of Filth had taken over the second stage, and made it their own."

Soulfly's Max Cavalera: "I have lots of kickass memories from Ozzfest! Lynn Strait running buck naked through the dressing rooms and surprising son, Richie, singing Bleed...the making of the Primitive video...our kids stealing golf carts with the Osbourne kids and running wild...Sharon and Ozzy made history with Ozzfest!! It was the ultimate traveling Metal circus!!! We all became family! F*** Lollapalooza!!"

Angus Young Thanks AC/DC Fans For Rock Or Bust Tour

Angus Young thanked AC/DC fans for their support as the band's Rock Or Bust tour drew to a close earlier this month. In a video message posted on the band's Facebook page, Young describes the tour as "one big adventure with its highs and its lows."

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose filled in for Brian Johnson for a large part of the tour after Johnson was ordered to stop touring or risk going deaf. Young says: "I want to thank everyone who had come along with us on this Rock Or Bust tour. It's certainly been one big adventure with its highs and its lows.

"I want to thank everyone who has contributed to it and put in a lot of hard work and effort to make it happen. I also want to thank all the people who came out to see us and brought all that magic atmosphere." Watch the video here.

Nirvana's Nevermind Baby Recreates Album Cover For 25th Anniversary

The baby from Nirvana's Nevermind has recreated the album sleeve 25 years later. Spencer Elden celebrated the 25th anniversary of the release of the classic album at the weekend, although he kept his swimming trunks on rather than strip off completely.

Elden, now 25, was four months old when he was photographed for the cover of what would go on to be one of the biggest selling albums of all time.

Released in September 1991, Nevermind has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide and Elden will forever be known as 'the Nevermind baby.' He previously recreated the album art for its 20th anniversary.

The latest recreation saw Elden team up with the New York Post - and he wanted to be as authentic as possible. He says: "I said to the photographer, 'Let's do it naked.' But he thought that would be weird, so I wore my swim shorts.

"The anniversary means something to me. It's strange that I did this for five minutes when I was four months old and it became this really iconic image. It's cool but weird to be part of something so important that I don't even remember." Read more and see the photo here.

Saxon's Glockler Says Lemmy Was More Worried About Him

Saxon's Nigel Glockler says late Motorhead icon Lemmy was more concerned about the drummer's health after his brain operation than his own well-being when the two band's toured together last summer.

Glockler underwent emergency brain surgery in January last year after suffering a brain aneurysm while on tour, but was back behind the kit just months later.

And he says that although Lemmy clearly wasn't well at the time, the Motorhead man put his own health woes aside to express his concern for the drummer.

Glockler tells Steel Mill (via KK Downing's website): "We were really good friends with Lemmy. The guys had known Motorhead for a long time.

"We've toured a lot with them down the years, or our paths have crossed at festivals. The final time being last autumn, just before he passed away.

"We toured the US with them that summer and one could see he wasn't in the best of health. He was such a nice, genuine man. On that tour he was more concerned with my health after the brain operation which really humbled me. Every day he made a point of asking me how I was feeling and was I ok?" Read more here.



Rossington - Gary Rossington, the legendary founding member and guitarist of Lynyrd Skynyrd along with his wife, Dale Krantz-Rossington, whom many call The First Lady of Southern Rock, release the heartfelt, soul-grabbing, bluesy new album Take It On Faith, November 4, 2016 on Loud & Proud Records.  The duo has been making beautiful music together for over 35 years beginning when Dale opened for Skynyrd in ’77 while she was singing with 38 Special, then as part of Rossington Collins Band in the ‘80s and then and now as part of the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd family. 

Take It On Faith is comprised of 12 songs that are all ably supplemented by an ace studio band that was put together by the album’s producer and engineer, David Z (Prince, Etta James, Buddy Guy).  The line-up reads like a who’s who of studio masters (full list below) including Ben Fowler (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams, Billy Currington, Sara Evans), who provided additional mixing and production, players such as the late Richie Hayward on drums, Jack Holder on guitar, Bruce McCabe on piano and keyboards and David Smith on bass as well as some great guests including ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons who co-wrote “Good Side of Good,” Delbert McClinton blowing a mean harp to butter up some tasty guitar licks from two-time Grammy-Award winning producer, hit songwriter, recording artist and session guitarist, Gary Nicholson on “Dance While You’re Cookin’” as well as Bekka Bramlett, who has sung with everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Billy Joel to Robert Plant over the years.

As a guitar player, Gary is a master and it’s evident on tracks like “Shame on Me” and “Good Side of Good,” reinforcing the man’s expertise on his chosen instrument.  From the unstoppable drive of “Highway of Love” to the gritty lament of “Shame on Me” to the gutsy guitar showcase on “Too Many Rainy Days,” Take It On Faith spotlights the many facets of Gary and Dale’s intuitive chemistry, hearkening back to the roots of fine Rossington Collins Band hits like “Don’t Misunderstand Me,” “Prime Time,” and “Opportunity.” 

Gary co-founded The Rossington Collins Band with Collins in 1980. The band released two albums, including the 1981 Gold album Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere which yielded the rock hit “Don’t Misunderstand Me,” featuring Gary’s wife Dale on lead vocals.  But they disbanded in 1982 after the death of Collins' wife, Kathy. Gary and Dale then formed The Rossington Band, which released two albums in 1986 and 1988, respectively.

For years, neither Gary nor Dale had any plans to cut another record together under the Rossington umbrella, content to share both stage and studio with their fellow Lynyrd Skynyrd brothers and sisters. Eventually, though, they realized they couldn’t ignore the wishes of their ardent fans any longer. “We do meet and greets every night when we’re on tour,” says Gary “and fans just kept asking us if we were ever going to do anything again, and we kept saying no but even the Skynyrd band would say during those meet and greets, ‘Hey, go do something — the fans want to hear it.’ Finally, we thought, ‘Well, let’s just do it.’  “Right now, we consider it a gift to the fans. We did it for them, and I hope they like it. They asked us to do something again, so we did it. We seized that opportunity, and ran with it. And we’re real excited it’s finally coming out.”

Tom Lipsky, President of Loud & Proud Records, commented “It is a joy and an honor to bring this very special music to the fans. Take It On Faith is beautiful and personal, full of emotion crafted with superb musicianship, and it showcases the extraordinary talent of both Gary and Dale."

Take It On Faith Track listing:
1. Highway of Love
2. I Should’ve Known
3. Take It On Faith
4. Light A Candle
5. Dance While You’re Cookin’
6. Shame On Me
7. Good Side of Good
8. Through My Eyes
9. Something Fishy
10. Too Many Rainy Days
11. Where Did Love Go
12. Two Very Different Things

Players on Take It On Faith:
Gary Rossington – guitar
Dale Rossington – vocals
Jack Holder – guitar
Richie Hayward – drums
Bruce McCabe - piano, keyboards
Delbert McClinton- harmonica
Gary Nicholson – guitar
David Smith – bass
Reese Winans – organ
Kenny Greenburg - guitar overdubs
Michael Rojas – piano
Gordon Mote - piano and B3 overdubs
Shawn Camp – dobro
Bekka Bramlett & Vicki Hampton - additional vocals

Loud & Proud Records

Philip Lewis and Tracii Guns Reunite L.A. Guns

Frontiers Music Srl is delighted to welcome the reunion of Tracii Guns And Phil Lewis as L.A. GUNS to the label for the release of a brand new album set for release in the summer of 2017. 

After a nearly 15 year break, Philip Lewis and Tracii Guns are back together for another chapter in their partnership that began in 1986, four years after Tracii formed L.A. Guns in 1982. 

Their writing partnership spawned classic L.A. GUNS songs such as “Sex Action”, “Never Enough”, “Electric Gypsy”, "The Ballad Of Jayne", and countless more in an impressive catalog of fan favorites. The last time Lewis and Guns joined forces was back in 2000 with legendary producer Andy Johns for the making of what would become “Waking The Dead” - an album that went on to receive tremendous critical acclaim and proved that their musical partnership was every bit as strong as the early days with all-killer-no-filler songs including “Don't Look At Me That Way”, “Hellraisers Ball”, and “The Ballad”. 

"I think we owe it to our fans who have stuck with us during the many ups and downs of the band's long and checkered career," says Lewis. "Tracii and I have written the songs to the soundtrack of many people's lives, and I think it's definitely worth investigating to see if the magic is still there." 

As for Guns, he's been compiling song ideas over the last year and promises this one will be one of the band's heaviest records, simply stating, "It's good to be home." 

The band has already confirmed a bunch of UK shows in early 2017 and two shows at the legendary Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles, CA with more surprises to be announced soon! 

03. Los Angeles, CA, Whisky A Go Go
04. Los Angeles, CA, Whisky A Go Go
10. Belfast. Limelight2.
11. Phewelli. HRH fest.
12. Swansea. Scene
16. Bristol. Bierkeller.
17. Basingstoke. Stage.
18. Wolverhampton. Civic.
20. Doncaster. Diamond.
22. Sheffield. Academy2.
23. Edinburgh. La Belle Angele.
24. Glasgow. ABC2
25. London. Academy2

Follow L.A. Guns online:

Megadeth Working Feverishly On 'Crazy' Project

Dave Mustaine says Megadeth are "working feverishly" on a project he's described as "crazy." And he's described the period of time in which nu-metal was on the rise as "the worst part of my career."

The developing project comes nine months after the band released 15th album Dystopia, and it'll be the first to include contributions from the latest full-time lineup that includes bassist David Ellefson, guitarist Kiko Loureiro and drummer Dirk Verbeuren.

Mustaine tells Cry Of The Wolf: "We're actually working feverishly with the hard drives to catalogue all the song ideas we have, to start working on separating them into new parts and so forth and so forth.

"We have a crazy opportunity of a project that I'm working on. We have a lot of songs for that I'm working on. I can't give you more details - but as soon as I can, I will start to record with these guys." Read more here.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Add Dates To North American Tour

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have added a pair of dates at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to their 2017 North American tour in support of their latest album, "The Getaway."

The group's previously confirmed March 7 concert will be followed by second and third hometown gigs on March 8 and March 10, with tickets for all three shows going on sale Friday, September 23 at NOON local time.

More dates are expected to be added to the three-month tour, which will launch in San Antonio, TX on January 5. Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue will open all shows, with Jack Irons on board for dates in January. See the dates here.

Iron Maiden Announce 2017 Book Of Souls Tour Dates

Iron Maiden have announced a further European leg of their Book Of Souls World Tour for 2017 - with a string of UK shows included. A total of 16 dates have been announced, kicking off in Antwerp, Belgium, on April 22 before three shows in Germany, eight in England, two in Scotland and one each in Ireland and Wales. The UK leg marks Maiden's first full UK arena tour in six years.

The Antwerp gig marks Maiden's first appearance in the city since the Killers tour in 1981. The German leg sees Maiden perform in Oberhausen, Frankfurt and Hamburg before dates in Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham, London, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Cardiff and Dublin.

Shinedown will be the support act on all 16 dates. Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris says: "As it's been so long since our last full UK arena tour, we really wanted to get to our fans in as many cities as possible.

"We're really looking forward to it, especially visiting places we haven't been to for a very long time like Leeds where we haven't played since 2005 and Liverpool where we haven't played since 1990.

"The whole band is really enjoying this tour and although we love playing festivals and stadiums, it is terrific to return to the intimacy and atmosphere of arenas.

"The songs from The Book Of Souls album and the new Maya-themed Eddies and stage sets have gone down really well and fan reaction has been amazing.

"And of course we know our fans appreciate us playing a lot of the older songs too, which we will continue to do." Read more and see the dates here.

Jethro Tull Added To Be Prog! My Friend Festival

Ian Anderson's Jethro Tull have been confirmed for next year's Be Prog! My Friend festival. The event will take place in Barcelona, Spain, between June 30 and July 1, 2017, with Tull joining the previously announced Ulver.

Be Prog! My Friend organizers had the following to say: "Jethro Tull remain unstoppable thanks to the relentless spirit of charismatic frontman Ian Anderson.

"After more than 40 years, Tull continue to delight audiences with their variety and depth of experience, giving fans - young and old - the best of folk, jazz and classically-inspired progressive rock music." Read more here.

Status Quo Will Refund Tickets Over Rick Parfitt Absence

Status Quo have revealed that they will refund disgruntled fans who bought tickets for their upcoming shows before it was announced founder Rick Parfitt wouldn't take part.

Status Quo will refund disgruntled fans who bought tickets for their upcoming shows before it was announced founder Rick Parfitt wouldn't take part.

The 67-year-old singer and guitarist had a heart attack earlier this year, after which he "died for several minutes." Earlier this month it was revealed he may never perform live with the band again.

His place in the band has been filled by Richie Malone after bassist John 'Rhino' Edwards' son Freddie covered some of their summer shows. And after a small number of fans asked for refunds on future dates, the band have agreed to give them back their money.

Status Quo manager Simon Porter says: "Rick is extremely disappointed to be unable to be part of the tour but, as you will have read, he is acting under medical orders and quite rightly is putting his health first and foremost.

"The band - with Rick's total blessing - have opted to honour all existing commitments and the reaction from both fans and promoters during Quo's recent summer shows is that the band has continued to perform as brilliantly and as powerfully as ever." Read more here.

Cheap Trick Joined By Biters Frontman Tuk In Atlanta

Biters frontman Tuk made a surprise appearance at Cheap Trick's show at the Chastain Park Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday night, joining the band for a climactic version of Surrender. Pearl Jam's Mike McCready guested on the same song at a show in Auburn, Washington, last month.

"The day before the show my friend who does a little work for Orange Amps asked me if I wanted interview Rick Nielsen, so I jumped at the chance," says Tuk. "I was really nervous 'cause I know Rick has a bit of a reputation, but as soon as he saw me he was really happy. He asked about the Biters and whatnot. During the interview I jokingly made a remark, something like, "Well, if you ever need a rhythm guitar player you know where to find me". He yelled over to his guitar tech, "Set him up with a guitar and amp! He's playing a song with us tonight," and pointed at me.

"I said, "Are you for real?! What song am I playing?" Rick said, "None of your f***ing business" and changed the subject. I was watching the show from the side and during their interlude Robin Zander came up and said, "Hey, heard you're playing a song with us?!" And Rick said, "Yeah, he's coming out for Surrender". Luckily I knew that song by heart. I was freaking out. It was awesome!" Watch video of the jam here.

Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page Eyes 2017 For New Music

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is doing the press rounds to promote Zep's recently released archival set, The Complete BBC Sessions, which is an expanded edition of the 1997 BBC Sessions compilation. In the process of taking about the collection, he spoke up about new music.

Chatting with the U.K.'s Planet Rock, Page said he thought he would be "playing with other musicians" by now, but that will probably have to wait until 2017. "Clearly now it's not going to materialize until next year," he said in the interview. "That's not that far away now!" Page added that he's been "quite rightly" called out for taking too long to start making new music, but compiling The Complete BBC Sessions took a lot of time.

"The BBC Sessions was an epic, when you think everything has to be listened to in real time and all of that," Page said. "It's an epic but it's an epic I was really prepared to take on because historically it was really important for people to have all that information about what was going on in the studio at that point of time."

Page also hinted that he has plans to put together an archival collection with performances by his pre-Zeppelin group, the Yardbirds. "I'm in touch with the members of The Yardbirds and I hope to be seeing them relatively soon and then the material I've got we'll see how much of it comes out," he said. here.

AC/DC Legend Announces His Retirement

AC/DC's bassist Cliff Williams has stayed true to his word and announced in a video message to fans that he is retiring after playing with the legendary band since 1977.

Williams retirement comes as the band conclude their epic Rock Or Bust World Tour which saw them joined by Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose taking over lead vocals after Brian Johnson was forced to step away between tour legs because he faced permanent hearing loss if he continued.

The band released a series of videos from individual members ahead of Tuesday's nights final concert in Philadelphia. In Williams clip, he said, "It's time for me to step out, and that's all. Not because we've lost Mal, Phil or Brian. I mean, everything changes when something happens like that.

"When Bon died, it changed then. You know, everything changes, so it's not that. It's just… I'm just ready to get off the road, really, and do what I do… In between tours, we take a few years off, so I know how to do that, I know what I'm gonna do.

"Again, it's just my time. I'm happy, I just need to… Family time now… just chill out and not do this. I mean, I couldn't have asked for anything more, being with the people I'm with and have been, and being in this situation with this band, playing this music." Watch the video message here.

Video From Final AC/DC Show With Cliff Goes Online

Axl Rose and AC/DC closed out the "Rock Or Bust" world tour at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA on September 20 and video from the show is available.

The event marked the tenth and final stop of ten rescheduled US tour dates the band are playing this fall with Rose and the last performance by bassist Cliff Williams, who announced his retirement back in July.

Williams joined AC/DC in 1977 following the firing of Mark Evans shortly after the group completed the recording of the "Let There Be Rock" album. Williams performed with AC/DC on the tour in support of the record before making his studio debut with them on 1978's "Powerage."

"It's been what I've known for the past 40 years, but after this tour I'm backing off of touring and recording," said Williams at the time. "Losing Malcolm, the thing with Phil and now with Brian, it's a changed animal. I feel in my gut it's the right thing."

The Philadelphia show saw the addition of "Problem Child", marking its first performance since 2001. The tune first appeared on the 1976 Australian release of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" and was later added to the international version of 1977's "Let There Be Rock." Check out videos from the show here.

Metallica To Rock The Tonight Show

Metallica will perform on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon next Thursday, September 29. The band are promoting "Hardwired", the lead track from their forthcoming album, "Hardwired…To Self Destruct."

Due November 18, the two-disc set was produced by Greg Fidelman, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich and presents a dozen new songs and more than 80 minutes of music.

Metallica will perform at an event in New York's Central Park on September 24 and play a pair of acoustic sets at Neil Young's 30th anniversary Bridge School Benefit Concert in late October. Read more here.

Iron Maiden Vs Concert Ticket Scalpers

Iron Maiden have revealed plans to tackle the issues of scalpers and counterfeit tickets as they prepare to announce dates for the band's first major UK arena tour in six years on September 23.

Maiden manager Rod Smallwood says the group have gone to great lengths to ensure fans are able to buy tickets at cost rather than at inflated prices prevalent on many secondary ticketing sites, while also taking measures to prevent counterfeit tickets.

"We do not want our fans being ripped off either by counterfeit tickets or through costly mark-ups on so called secondary ticketing websites," explains Smallwood. "These problems now affect the UK more than any other country outside of the USA. We believe the most successful way to prevent this is by implementing Paperless ticketing. This proved highly successful in reducing piracy at our previous London shows in 2013 and on our North American tours since 2010. This is a simple procedure and goes a long way to minimizing the resale of tickets and reducing fraud by requiring the original cardholder purchaser to be present at entry.

"We have been working with our UK promoter Live Nation and Ticketmaster to ensure that we can operate a Paperless ticketing system, in full or in part, at all the UK venues we'll play in 2017. We are also instigating a number of additional measures which we believe will directly help our fans to access tickets in the fairest, safest way and at the intended price." See the actions being put in place for Iron Maiden's 2017 tour here.

David Bowie Berlin Plaque Destroyed After Only 3 Weeks

A plaque marking David Bowie's old flat in Berlin has been destroyed just three weeks after it was unveiled. Bowie stayed at Hauptstrasse 155 in the city's Schoneberg district between 1976-1978 and created his Berlin Trilogy of albums Low, Heroes and Lodger while at the address - a flat he shared with Iggy Pop.

The porcelain plaque was unveiled at the end of August, with fans, friends and politicians attending the ceremony. Berlin mayor Michael Muller immediately gave the €3400 plate the green light, despite legislation usually requiring a five-year waiting time before such an honour is bestowed to ensure the deceased figure was of historical significance.

Makers KPM - The Royal Porcelain Factory - stated at the time that should it be stolen, vandalized or destroyed, they could replace it within 24-hours - with the Berlinger Morgenpost confirming the company have indeed created a new one. Read more here.

Extreme's Nuno Bettencourt Reacts To Nude Photos Leak

Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt has apologized after full-frontal naked pictures of him were posted on his Instagram account. Bettencourt, 50, says his personal computer files were hacked and the images put on his Instagram page without his knowledge.

Images of his family were also posted in Tuesday's (September 20) hack. The Instagram account was temporarily suspended while the leak was dealt with. The images were live for a couple of hours.

In a Facebook post, which has since been deleted, Bettencourt says: "I got woken up from a dead sleep with my door being banged on in my hotel room. I knew it could only be bad news, but once I was told what was happening, I couldn't comprehend it.

"Basically, my accounts were compromised. But what's worse were the photos. I want to apologize to all of you, my friends, my family, but especially my kids." Read more here.

Stone Sour Streaming '1st Person' Demo

Stone Sour have released an online stream of their 2005 demo version of 1st Person, which appeared on their album Come What(ever) May the following year.

It's the latest in a series of bonus releases as Corey Taylor and co celebrate the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough title. They previously streamed demos of Through Glass and 30/30-150.

Guitarist Josh Rand says: "I had written the verse and bridge riffs while we were out on tour for the self-titled album in 2003. I revisited these ideas in 2005 after buying my first Pro Tools rig, and I was able to flush out this song."

Frontman Taylor last month reported that Stone Sour had demoed 18 songs for their sixth album, tentatively due next year. Read his comments and stream the song here.

Jimi Hendrix's Band Of Gypsys Live Release Preview Goes Online

Experience Hendrix L.L.C. is previewing a pair of new video trailers for "Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69", the forthcoming live package featuring Jimi Hendrix in his debut performance with the Band Of Gypsys.

Due September 30, the set presents Hendrix, bassist Billy Cox and drummer Buddy Miles at the famed New York venue just six months after the breakup of The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Band Of Gypsys played four historic concerts at the Fillmore East in New York City - two on New Year's Eve 1969 and two on New Year's Day 1970. Never before has the first of these sets been available in its entirety, and the vast majority of the performances have never been issued.

First launched with the lead track "Power Of Soul", Hendrix's team have also released audio of the track, "Izabella", as the latest taste of what fans can expect to hear on the recording.

"To hear this new material, for me, was a revelation," says engineer Eddie Kramer. "Here was a rhythm section that was so solid. Having had the great privilege of recording Jimi's first three albums and have them emblazoned in my memory banks, to be confronted with this new direction was kind of shocking, but a natural progression. When I heard this music for the first time, I was knocked out."

The project was produced by Kramer, John McDermott and Janie Hendrix from the original 1" 8 track master tapes. "Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69" will be available on CD, 2 LP 180 gram vinyl, high resolution SACD and in digital formats. Watch the previews here.

Rob Zombie Calls Out Fan Over White Zombie Claim

Rob Zombie has called out a fan who claims the singer has "no legit reason" not to reform White Zombie. Zombie dissolved the group in 1998 after releasing four albums and has gone on to have a successful career both in music and film.

But when Instagram user Nevergotochurch told the singer that his reasons for disbanding the group made "no sense," Zombie responded immediately, calling the fan out saying they knew "zero" about the situation.

The post has since been taken down from the site. Nevergotochurch said: "Please, for the love of God, reunite White Zombie. The reasons you've given in the past for not wanting to do it make no sense.

"Reunions are beloved bands are totally welcomed and completely awesome - a White Zombie reunion has zero chance of being bad. I love you Rob, but I gotta be honest, I think the truth is that you just think you're too good to pick up the phone, call up Sean Yseult and the guys and get that ball rolling again. Just do a White Zombie reunion. You no have no legit reason not to."

Zombie responded: "Always amazed at how people can speak with such authority on subjects they know zero about. I have many legit reasons. Just because you don't know them does not mean they don't exist. Everything is not everybody's business." Read more here.

Megadeth Guitarist Upset At Peace Sells and Master Of Puppets Difference

Former Megadeth lead guitarist Chris Poland has recalled how it "hurt" to hear Metallica's Master Of Puppets because the production was so much better than on his own band's Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

The two seminal thrash albums celebrate their 30th anniversary this year and Poland says that, while he is proud of Megadeth's second album, he always wished they could have matched the production quality that rivals Metallica achieved on their third effort back in 1986.

Poland tells Joel Gausten: "I really like all the songs, it was a real strong record. My only qualm was, I know we were playing a lot different style than Metallica, but the production on Master Of Puppets was just so good that it just hurt every time I listened to it.

"Both records came out at the same time, and it was like, 'If we could have gotten that vibe and that sound with our production...' I'm not sure we could have, because you get what you get, you are what you are.

"The mic's on, it only records what you give it. Maybe we weren't sonically in the same cool space those guys were at the time, guitar-wise and recording technique-wise.

"I think honestly, Peace Sells… and Master Of Puppets are the two best records of that whole era." Read more here.




The fourth MOODY BLUES CRUISE has just announced The Zombies will reunite on the 2018 five night fan cruise -- sailing out of Miami January 2-7, 2018 aboard Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity Eclipse -- with original members Chris White and Hugh Grundy joining Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent and their mates to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of their legendary album Odessey & Oracle.

Limited cabins are still available aboard the full-charter cruise starting at $1799 per person (double occupancy). Children 11 and under at the time of sailing are free when sharing a cabin with 2 full fare paying adults. Government fees, taxes, and gratuities are mandatory for all passengers regardless of age.  

In 1967, five young Zombies walked into Abbey Road Studios #3 (right after some lads from Liverpool had finished their sessions for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) and recorded what became their final album, as the original band broke up soon after. They never suspected that two years later, the final track "Time of the Season" would become a #1 hit around the world and that decades later, Rolling Stone would list Odessey & Oracle at #100 on their list of the "500 Greatest Albums of All Time". 50 years later, Moodies Cruisers will be treated to a double-bill of the current and original Zombies line-ups, performing all fan favorites and for the last time ever, the entire Odessey & Oracle album from start to finish.

So much more than a rock festival at sea, the immersive MOODY BLUES CRUISE 2018 is poised to be the best in its four-year history. Previously announced acts joining headliners The MOODY BLUES on their 2018 excursion dubbed Sur la Mer are ALAN PARSONS LIVE PROJECT, THE ORCHESTRA, LITTLE RIVER BAND, DAVE MASON, JEFFERSON STARSHIP, AMBROSIA, RICHIE FURAY, STRAWBS, CARAVAN, LIGHTHOUSE, IDES OF MARCH, SHAWN PHILLIPS, MIKE DAWES, RANDY HANSEN, MELLOW YELLOW and special guests YOUNG DUBLINERS.

Sailing out of Miami on Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity Eclipse, the voyage will feature stops in George Town, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. Once music fans board the ship on January 2nd, they'll be treated to an unlimited complimentary buffet, free access to the ships state-of-the-art fitness center, pools, jacuzzi's, deck chairs, casino and nightclubs. Over five nights at sea, fans will experience multiple sets from their favorite acts, intimate showcases, Q&As and meet-and-greet events. For cruise-goers wanting to start 2018 off in Moody Blues style, there will be a special New Year's Eve concert and party in beautiful Miami, as well as New Year's Day football-watching and music party, complimentary for all cruisers.

The Moody Blues formed in 1964 and have sold over 70 million records and influenced countless rock and prog music artists. Of the cruises, Moody Blues frontman Justin Hayward says, "It's such a great opportunity to have all the fans together. I think the cruises are probably more about the people who love the Moody's music getting together; I think we're kind of incidental to it. I'm looking forward to it; it's always fun. And it's good to be with other artists. So much these days we're the only artists on a bill; you never get to meet other people, but on the cruises you do. And there's some really great people this year that I'm really looking forward to seeing again."

For booking and more info, visit and follow on Facebook and Twitter


ON THE BLUE--promoter for The Moody Blues Cruise--is a leader in cruise charter innovation, having sailed over 100,000 passengers in that last 20 years. The principals of ON THE BLUE have deep roots in the music industry, having provided world-class cruise ship production management for celebrities and musical artists for over two decades. ON THE BLUE has run dozens of charter and large group programs for organizations, corporations, celebrities and artists throughout North America, and has played major roles in the development of ground-breaking theme cruise concepts. Past charters have included an array of Fortune 500 companies plus theme cruises featuring entertainers such as Dave Matthews, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Journey, Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Night Ranger, The Moody Blues, UFO, Queensryche, Tesla, Cinderella, Yes, Little River Band, UK, Steve Hackett, Carl Palmer, Greg Lake and many others. For more information, visit


This week, KISS Rocks Vegas is celebrating a third week at #1 on the Billboard Music DVD charts.

This live DVD, released on August 26 via Eagle Rock Entertainment, captures the band delivering a gargantuan set as only they can. Filmed at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in November 2014, the band was in the midst of their 40th Anniversary World Tour when they touched down in Vegas for this residency. Not only does the DVD boast a set packed with KISS classics (“Rock And Roll All Night,” “Detroit Rock City,” “Shout It Out Loud,” “Love Gun,” and more), but a seven-song bonus acoustic set.

With over 40 years of record-breaking global tours, and over 100 million global sales, KISS is a rock n’ roll institution. The success of KISS Rocks Vegas is just another testament to their sterling legacy.

KISS Rocks Vegas is available on DVD+CD, Blu-ray+CD, DVD+2LP, and Deluxe Edition DVD+Blu-ray+2CD.

Dave Grohl Working On New Album?

Dave Grohl can't seem to take it slow for too long. As Foo Fighters are taking a well deserved break, rumors are now surfacing suggesting that Grohl is working on a new album.

Musician and Nirvana fan Damien Curry ran in to the Foo Fighters main man in Los Angeles over the weekend. "Not a bad way to start the day. I don't ever really care too much for "famous" musicians, but my close friends know how gangster I am about Nirvana and this guy," wrote Curry on Instagram. "Talked about our kids, his new record, a kool kat," Curry continued.

There is no indication whether if Grohl is making a solo album or if it's the beginning of a new Foo Fighters record. Dave has previously talked about how Foo Fighters' next album most likely will be recorded in the same manner as their latest release, 2014's Sonic Highways, during which the band visited several legendary American studios recording one song at each place. Read more here.

Jon Anderson Believes Yes Members Would Reunite For Rock Hall

Original vocalist Jon Anderson says it would be fun to share the stage with his former Yes bandmates if they're ever inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Yes have been eligible for more than 20 years but have still to be given the nod, despite their name being included on two previous ballots. But Anderson says he's confident he won't have to wait too long until the Hall opens its doors.

He tells Rolling Stone: "It's gotten happen at some point. Rick Wakeman used to joke that we'd all come out in wheelchairs. My mantra always is, 'It'll happen when it happens.' You can't presuppose that you're supposed to be in the Hall Of Fame. It's not something that I lose any sleep about."

When asked if all surviving members of the band past and present could play together on the occasion, Anderson adds: "The other day I said, 'There will be 20 of us. It'll be fun.' There won't be much room, but it will be fun." Read more here.

Even Metallica Star Surprised By 'Stealth' Hardwired Release

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo has revealed how the "stealth" release of latest track Hardwired took him by surprise. The lead number from 10th album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct was launched just two days after they'd shot the video that accompanies it.

It was the last song to be completed for the follow-up to 2008's Death Magnetic, and the band went on to perform it live just five days after they'd played it together in rehearsals for the first time.

Trujillo tells WJRR: "It was a bit stealth. I didn't know when Hardwired was going to come out officially. It was a surprise to me - that's how it is sometimes, even with the band members.

"We'd done the video on a Tuesday in a basketball gym around the corner from our studio. I remember sitting in a lounge on the Wednesday asking, 'When's this video going to be reelased?' Usually it would take a few weeks.

"'Thursday!' 'Okay…' That's something that wouldn't have happened even a couple of years ago. You deliver quick - but at the same time, it took as a long time to make this record." Read more here.

Glenn Hughes Releases Video For New Single 'Heavy'




(Classic Rock) Glenn Hughes has premiered the video for his new single Heavy exclusively with TeamRock. The track is taken from Hughes' upcoming solo album Resonate, which is released on November 4 via Frontiers Music Srl.

Heavy features Red Hot Chili Peppers man Chad Smith on drums and he also appears in the promo. Hughes is joined on Resonate by his live bandmates, guitarist Soren Andersen, drummer Pontus Engborg and keyboard player Lachy Doley. Smith drums on two tracks.

Hughes previously said of Resonate: "This is my first solo album in almost eight years as I've been busy doing other projects. This album is definitely rock - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums - all organic vintage instruments - the most grounded rock album I've made to date.

"This could be the album I think my fans have been waiting for. I've put every single piece of love and soul and heart into this record."

Smith, who has been friends with Hughes for years, added: "We know each other so well and it's always fun because playing with Glenn, like any real artist, is always trying to grow and change and do new things.

"We have this musical telepathy that only happens when you play and know someone for many years - and that's what a good, creative collaboration is all about. He's a pretty good singer, but he's an even better human being." Watch the video here.

Bruce Springsteen To Do Extended Interview On Colbert

Bruce Springsteen will discuss his memoir, "Born To Run", with an extended interview on CBS-TV's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Friday, September 23.

Due September 27 via Simon & Schuster, the book sees the singer recount growing up in Freehold, NJ, his early days as a bar band king in Asbury Park, and the rise of the E Street Band.

The New Jersey rocker has been privately writing his story over the past seven years, starting in 2009 after performing with the E Street Band at Super Bowl 43's halftime show in Tampa, FL. Read more here.

Extreme Delay Release Of Pornograffitti Live 25

Extreme have announced a new release date for their forthcoming set, "Pornograffitti Live 25: Metal Meltdown." Originally due September 23, the project - which captures the Boston band performing the 1991 album in its entirety at The Joint at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas last year on the occasion of its 25th anniversary - will now be issued on October 14.

The group's second album, "Extreme II: Pornograffitti (A Funked Up Fairy Tale)", featured two hit singles, "More Than Words" and "Hole Hearted" - both acoustic-based numbers - while most of the album was a mix of hard rock and funk.

The project peaked at No. 10 on the US Billboard 200 on its way to US sales of more than 2 million copies.

Directed by Brian Lockwood, the "Pornograffitti Live 25: Metal Meltdown" package includes a Blu-ray, DVD and audio CD of the complete concert that was filmed on May 30, 2015 as part of an event headlined by Twisted Sister - who issued the first DVD set in the Metal Meltdown series earlier this tear.

"It was a great thrill to perform Pornograffitti in its entirety," says singer Gary Cherone. "Some of these songs were never played live before so we had to go back and relearn them for the tour. The album was a watershed moment in the bands career…it's when we came in to our own and it will always be special."

"The band always prided itself on its live performance," adds guitarist Nuno Bettencourt. "Over the years, some of these songs have evolved where the band actually plays them better now than when we had recorded them. Hope you enjoy it." Watch the trailer and read more here.

Slayer's Kerry King Hated Anthrax and Public Enemy Collaboration

Slayer guitarist Kerry King says he "hated" Anthrax's 1991 collaboration with Public Enemy on the track Bring The Noise. The track featured on the Attack Of The Killer B's compilation album and went on to inspire various nu-metal and rap metal acts.

But King says he wasn't impressed with the thrash band getting in to bed with a rap group - even though his own band Slayer would go on to work with Ice-T on the track Disorder from 1993's Judgement Night soundtrack.

Asked about the Anthrax/Public Enemy collaboration, King tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "Oh, I hated it. And they know it. It's not a secret, or I wouldn't tell you.

"They don't play it a lot when we play together. Maybe it's cycled out of their set. We did something with Ice-T back in the 90s but it wasn't a crossover song. It was still a thrash song because Ice-T loves thrash." Read more here.

Guitar Legend Steve Hillage To Release 22-Disc Career Spanning Box Set “Searching For The Spark” - October 21, 2016

London, UK - “Searching For The Spark” is a 22-disc box set celebrating the work of award-winning guitarist, Steve Hillage. 

Since he began playing guitar in the early 1960s, through his time with Gong and beyond as a solo artist and one half of System 7, Steve Hillage has embodied what it means to be a truly progressive musician. 

One of the most respected and beloved players arising from the Canterbury Scene, “Searching For The Spark” shines a spotlight on his solo work, chronicling his very first recording in 1969 through to 1991's self-titled debut with System 7. 

In addition to gathering his eight solo albums, “Searching For The Spark” also houses seven albums of live material and no less than four discs of demos and archive recordings, many previously unreleased, direct from Steve's own personal collection.

Brimming with rare photos, press clippings, reviews and commentary from Hillage himself, the box set includes a lavish, hardback 188 page book documenting Steve’s life and times written, with Steve's full co-operation, by acknowledged Gong expert, Jonny Greene. 

Musical Highlights from “Searching For The Spark” include:

* Over 40 minutes of previously unavailable material from 1972's Khan mkII line-up.
* Numerous rarities from Hillage's archive of demo recordings ranging from pre-“Fish Rising” through to post- “For To Next”. 
* Unfinished tracks from the '80s and numerous demos leading up to System 7 also shed new light on Hillage's pioneering work as a composer and ambient musician.
“Searching For The Spark” is an ambitious, immensely detailed retrospective. 
For existing fans, it offers unprecedented access to the guitarist's archives. For the new generations coming to Hillage through his ongoing work with System 7, it provides everything needed to explore Steve's unique musical universe. For old and new admirers alike, everything from his formative years to his mature work as an unflinchingly forward-looking musician is gathered together in one truly encyclopaedic collection.
“Searching For The Spark” is nothing less than the definitive statement upon an impressively rich and diverse career. 

Please note that this superb Steve Hillage package is strictly limited to 2500 copies globally!

Watch the promotional video here: watch?v=_v8-bXwxsMI
To pre-order “Searching For The Spark”:  http://www.madfishmus
Steve Hillage media source page: http://www.madfishmusic. com/media/steve-hillage

Steve Hillage official website:

For more information:

Former Eagles Members Snubbed By Kennedy Center

Former Eagles members Don Felder, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner won't be honored along with their former bandmates at this year's John F Kennedy Center For Performing Arts ceremony.

It was announced in June that the Eagles would receive recognition for their contribution to American culture through the arts at the event on December 4. But despite an online petition garnering more than 10,000 supporters, the trio won't attend the event.

Brandon Butler, who organized the public drive, says in a statement: "Unfortunately, it is with great disappointment that I inform everyone that the Kennedy Center will not include Don Felder, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner to be honored."

He also published the response from the president of the Kennedy Center, Deborah Rutter, which reads: "The Kennedy Center consulted with the Eagles and through that discussion, it was determined that the four band members who 'carried the torch' - Don Henley, the late Glenn Frey, Timothy B. Schmit, and Joe Walsh - will be awarded the honors." Read more here.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Announce North American Tour

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced dates for a North American tour in support of their latest album, "The Getaway." The three-month run will begin in San Antonio, TX on January 5, with shows currently scheduled into mid-March and more to be announced.

The Peppers will be joined by Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue on all dates, while Jack Irons is on board for shows in January. A fan club ticket pre-sale begins September 21 at 10:00 a.m. local time, while the general on sale starts September 23 at 10am local for all dates - except the following cities begin at noon local: Dallas, Tulsa, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Toronto, Buffalo, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

General on sale for San Antonio begins on September 24 at 10am local. Every ticket purchased includes a choice of a standard physical or standard digital copy of "The Getaway." See the tour dates here.

Dave Mustaine Won't Talk About New Metallica

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine says he's listened to new Metallica track Hardwired - but he won't discuss it. And he reports that he's bored of touring with fellow thrash icons Slayer and Anthrax, adding that he doesn't want to do it again unless Metallica are on the bill too.

The vocalist and guitarist settled his differences with James Hetfield and co in 2009 when the Big 4 first performed together, decades after he'd been fired from Metallica and gone on to form his own band.

Mustaine tells WRIF: "I think that Anthrax and Slayer, the three of us have played so much over the years that, for me, it's boring now. Not taking anything away from any of the bands, because I love Slayer and Anthrax - but I think that if we were going to do something again, it should either be the four of us, or give it a rest for a little while."

Asked about Hardwired, the lead track from Metallica's 10th album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, he confirms he'd heard it but adds: "I'm not going to say anything." Read more here.

Rush Not Over Hints Lifeson

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson says the band have lived through a year of "adjustment" after what could have been their final tour. But he still believes there's more to come from the Canadian outfit.

Their future was thrown into doubt after drummer Neil Peart described himself as retired, and they admitted their 2015 road trip was likely to be that last of its kind.

Speaking as Lifeson and frontman Geddy Lee attended the opening of a Toronto park named after them, the guitarist says: "It's been an adjustment, this past year. We've been following up on some other interests that we both have, and we've been learning to get used to the idea. It's taken a while.

"But I feel very confident about a lot of things, and music is definitely one of them. I'm sure we'll do something in the future. We can't just stop playing and writing music together."

Lee adds: "I play almost every day that I'm around the house. I've been travelling a lot with my wife. We're very big on taking advantage of this break in my career, whatever it may be.

"But I love playing and I play a lot. Sooner or later the right thing will happen." Watch the video clip here.

Alice Cooper Wants To Stage Shocking Residency

Alice Cooper says he'd love to have his own theatre production - with a shocking twist. Cooper is known for his gory horror stage productions when he plays live.

But he says he'd welcome a run of interactive theatre shows to give the audience the ultimate creepy experience. Cooper tells the Chicago Tribune: "I'd like to have a residency in a theatre where you can control every sense, smell and touch.

"You could have a staged rock'n'roll show, make the seat have a little shocker in it, or make it where smell comes into the theatre or you feel something behind you. That would be fun." Read more here.

Lemmy and David Bowie Coloring Books Released

Lemmy and David Bowie are the subjects of two new coloring books aimed at adults. Late Motorhead frontman Lemmy's life is the subject of Motorhead: Color The Ace Of Spades, while the Bowie version is called David Bowie: Color The Starman.

Both coloring books are available for $15.99 each via Feral House, who describe the Lemmy book as being "about the recently deceased rock legend Lemmy Kilmister, famous for his hard metal and hard living.

"It features drawings from many of his fans as well as many personal stories of his life and work with the bands Hawkwind and Motorhead - and the litres of whiskey he consumed at West Hollywood's famous Rainbow Bar.

"Included in the book is work by Joe Petagno, who painted the cover of Motorhead's renowned Orgasmatron album." Read more here.

JOHN 5 Donates Personal Guitar For Auction In Honor Of The STILL ROCKIN’ FOR RUBEN LEGACY FUND



Guitar monster, JOHN 5, donates his personal gold Squire Fender Telecaster aptly named SON OF GOLDIE, to raise moneys for the Still Rockin’ For Ruben Legacy Fund. This generous donation is in honor of his longtime friend and guitar tech, Ruben Velasco, who passed away from cancer this past May 31, after a two year battle. John 5 had this beautiful signature guitar signed by his friends ROB ZOMBIE, DUFF MCKAGAN, BILLY IDOL and STEVE JONES (Sex Pistols) – View the auction here:  - Only 10 more days to get your bids in!

In addition to this auction, Rick Springfield, with help of friends from the We Love Rock Springfield website, has released a limited time printing of the STILL ROCKIN’ FOR RUBEN shirts from his summer tour run to help raise more for the legacy fund. The shirts are up for sale till September, 30 2016.  Springfield started the legacy fund after Ruben’s passing combining his efforts with his 2016 Summer Tour. Buy here:

“We are honored to have had Ruben as our supporter all these years, as well as contributing to his legacy with John 5 and Rick Springfield,” states Sarah Richards, Vice Chairman of Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary. “With the help of John 5 and Springfield’s generosity, Rubens Aunt, Uncle, cousins and a few best friends, we are going to unveil a wonderful tribute to this man’s life before the end of the year. We are also working with the family and friends to create a forever spay/neuter program in his name. Ruben Velasco is one of a kind and we will miss him dearly.”

About Ruben and his Legacy Fund: Ruben Velasco was not only an amazing guitar technician, he was a great humanitarian and a huge lover of cats. Having three of his own, he would visit the sanctuary as much as he could to spend time with the special needs kitties.  Many of these cats have cancer, leukemia, Cerebellar Hypoplasia (cerebral palsy for humans), blind, deaf and other chronic illness that had put them at high risk to be euthanized at the county shelters. Fur & Feather Animals Sanctuary is a No-kill “forever home, forever life” sanctuary. The sanctuary specializes in special needs cats giving them second chances to live up to their full potential, no matter how short or long they have to live. Ruben spent numerous occasions visiting, playing, and helping, giving these handicap cats lots of love and attention. With Rubens passing, John 5, Rick Springfield and the Sanctuary are creating a legacy for Ruben, so his love for cats and music can live on!

For more information about the sanctuary or the artists involved, click on,,, ,, or



September 19, 2016 -- Last year marked the 25th anniversary of Extreme’s classic multi-Platinum, Grammy® nominated PORNOGRAFFITTI, the definitive album of the band’s career. To mark the anniversary, PORNOGRAFFITTI LIVE 25 / METAL MELTDOWN will be released October 14th  by the award-winning production company Rock Fuel Media in association with Loud & Proud Records as part of their four-part “Metal Meltdown” DVD series. The concert film captures the Boston band performing the album PORNOGRAFFITTI in its entirety.

Directed by Brian Lockwood (Bon Jovi, Metallica, Motley Crue), the PORNOGRAFFITTI LIVE 25 / METAL MELTDOWN package includes a Blu-ray, DVD, and audio CD of the complete concert that was filmed on May 30, 2015 at The Joint at the world famous Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. It also features Rockshow, a bonus documentary that takes fans through Extreme’s story, with exclusive interviews, ‘80s archive footage, and an exclusive photo gallery. Mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound, it’s now set for release October 14. A trailer can be seen here.

“It was a great thrill to perform PORNOGRAFFITTI in its entirety,” says singer Gary Cherone. “Some of these songs were never played live before so we had to go back and relearn them for the tour.  The album was a watershed moment in the bands career…it’s when we came in to our own and it will always be special.”  

As guitar virtuoso Nuno Bettencourt continues, “The band always prided itself on its live performance. Over the years, some of these songs have evolved where the band actually plays them better now than when we had recorded them. Hope you enjoy it. “

Extreme achieved their greatest success with their 1990 album PORNOGRAFFITTI, which peaked at #10 on the Billboard’s “Top 200 Albums” chart, and was certified multi-Platinum. Musically, PORNOGRAFFITTI is dominated by blistering guitar riffs, often with funky, syncopated timing, and incendiary, high-speed rock/metal solos. The record provided Bettencourt with widespread admiration from rock guitar enthusiasts and continual exposure in leading guitar playing publications. But it was the acoustic ballad single, "More Than Words,” that reached #1 on Billboard's “Hot 100” chart and was nominated for a Grammy® Award for “Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal.” The subsequent single, "Hole Hearted,” another acoustic track, was also successful, rising to #4 on the same chart. "Decadence Dance" and "Get the Funk Out" were also released as singles both landing on Billboard's Rock chart and becoming fan favorites.

To date, the Grammy-nominated EXTREME have released five albums, plus a greatest hits set—selling over 10 million records worldwide.  The band’s trademark sound is a mix of hard rock funk in the spirit and style of their predecessors Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Queen and Van Halen—fueled by BETTENCOURT’s signature guitar flights and CHERONE’s resonant vocals—and matched with a social consciousness in their lyrics. 

Award-winning producer Barry Summers of Rock Fuel Media commented, “It was a real privilege to produce PORNOGRAFFITTI LIVE 25 / METAL MELTDOWN in celebration of PORNOGRAFFITI, to have the opportunity to work first-hand with such high caliber musicians and audio purists. Over 25 years after this iconic album was released, we captured the band at their very best. Watching Nuno Bettencourt's off-the-charts guitar solos is simply mind-blowing, as confirmed by Queen's Brian May and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, whom we filmed paying homage to the Guitar God himself in the RockShow documentary. One of the highlights of the documentary is a moment where Gary and Nuno are sitting on the doorstep of Gary’s childhood home, and they perform a spontaneous version of ‘More Than Words.’” 

About Loud & Proud Records:

Loud & Proud Records is an independent record label whose mission is to provide a true partnership between artists and their label. Loud & Proud’s roster of releases is a diverse collection of established and developing artists. Notably, the label’s longstanding relationship with Lynyrd Skynyrd has yielded releases from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Zant (featuring brothers Johnny and Donnie); Rossington (Gary & Dale Rossington), and Blackfoot (featuring Rickey Medlocke). The label also represents recordings by rock supergroup The Winery Dogs; emerging Nashville roots/blues artists The Delta Saints; multi-platinum alternative band Flyleaf; Grammy® Award winners Blues Traveler; Grammy® award winner Rick Springfield; five-time Emmy® Award winning actor and musician Jonathan Jackson and his band Enation; jam scene favorites The String Cheese Incident; powerhouse rockers KIX and more. Labels under Lipsky's direction in the past (CMC International, Sanctuary Records Group and a joint-venture with Roadrunner Records) released such prominent artists as Rush, Neil Young, Robert Plant, KISS, Morrissey, Lenny Kravitz, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band and more. Loud & Proud Records is distributed worldwide by ADA, a Warner Music Company and is marketed outside North America by International Solutions.

About Rock Fuel Media:

Rock Fuel Media is an award-winning, full-service film and television production company specializing in multimedia content distribution. Rock Fuel Media’s goal is to build entertainment brands, engage audiences and boost revenues for its partners. Their team has worked with some of the world's biggest artists, including Guns N’ Roses, The Smashing Pumpkins. The Beach Boys, Korn, The Doors, Heart, Carrie Underwood, Jane’s Addiction, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, Hank Williams Jr., 3 Doors Down, Norah Jones, Cyndi Lauper, Melissa Etheridge, Twisted Sister, Extreme, Skid Row, and Great White. They produce 2D/3D and 4K live entertainment programming and provide a cloud-based, multi-channel content distribution platform for the shows they produce and distribute. They use a proprietary production process and secured content delivery network specially designed to engage audiences, build brands and boost revenues for their partners.

YES Legend Jon Anderson's “Tour Of The Universe” Audio Soundtrack Now Available Digitally!

Asheville, NC – Showcasing the unique song writing and vocal talent of legendary YES singer/songwriter, Jon Anderson, his 2005 debut solo concept DVD “Tour Of The Universe” is a musical passage through life, time and the world beyond, featuring many new songs as well as classic hits from his work with YES and his collaborations with Vangelis. Recorded live at XM Radio Studios, Jon's inimitable performance has been crafted with dramatic animation and innovative visuals to create this pioneering concept DVD. Now for the very first time, much to the excitement of Jon's fans worldwide, the audio soundtrack to “Tour Of The Universe” is available digitally!

Not many people know how this concert was created...FYI, I controlled all the music/ sound effects/backing vocals through my midi guitar, using a Roland GR 30...4 small Yamaha rack mounts..with all the musical sounds and effects needed ...I controlled it all with five foot pedals fading in the sounds for each song...which was a very crazy musical 'dance' as I did the some harp ideas...with birds still sounds wild and magical to me....have fun and 'light' - Jon”

To purchase Jon Anderson's “Tour Of The Universe” com/Tour-Universe-Jon- Anderson/dp/B01IIIGY50/

Jon Anderson was recently presented with the Prog God award at this year's Progressive Music Awards, in association with, which was held at London's Underglobe on September 1, 2016! This very special honor is awarded to musical innovators within the world of progressive rock music and sees Anderson joining such music luminaries as Rick Wakeman, Ian Anderson, Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks, in collecting the prestigious award.

YES's original singer/songwriter for 35 years, Jon Anderson has had a successful solo career, which includes working with such notable music artists as Vangelis, Kitaro, and Milton Nascimento. Jon recently joined musical forces with jazz violin legend Jean Luc Ponty to form the AndersonPonty Band. The duo released their critically acclaimed CD/DVD titled “Better Late Than Never” in 2015 and have completed two successful tours of North America. Jon's new album with Swedish guitarist Roine Stolt titled “Invention of Knowledge” was released to overwhelming critical acclaim on InsideOut Records in 2016.

Jon recently formed a new band with former YES members Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman called ARW. The new group will be commencing a worldwide tour in October 2016.

Catch Jon Anderson on tour with ARW this Fall 2016!
ARW official website:
ARW FB page: ARWBand/

Watch the new Anderson/Stolt video “The Knowing”:

For more information:
Jon Anderson official website:
AndersonPonty Band official website: http://www.andersonpontyband. com/
Jon Anderson & Roine Stolt FB page: AndersonStolt/

Stone Temple Pilots Find New Singer?

The man thought to be the frontrunner to land the vacant vocalist role in Stone Temple Pilots says the band's original singer Scott Weiland is "irreplaceable."

Filipino musician John Borja says he can't reveal the full details of his connection to STP, but he believes his chances are good. Borja tells Radio Republic: "As of now I can't give the full details yet, but there are clues or hints that seem to be favorable to me. Let's wait for them to give the official announcement. I respect the guys' decision, whatever it is. It would be my honor to play music with them."

While he would love to land the job, Borja says he wouldn't aim to be a direct replica of STP's most recent singer Chester Bennington and that he knows he couldn't possibly replace original frontman Scott Weiland, who died last year.

Borja adds: "Weiland is irreplaceable. No doubt about it, but I think I can carry his legacy through my personality." Read more here.

Every AC/DC Show Is A New Kind Of Challenge Says Angus

AC/DC guitarist and co-founder Angus Young talks about the power of the band's live shows and the concert experience in general in a new video interview.

"For us, every show is a new kind of challenge," says Young. "You're trying to communicate to the whole building. You're hoping that that sound gets to the very back of the hall, so that they're getting the same feeling as the people who are close.

"When everything's happening and it's all cooking and everything gels, it just seems like it's one thing and it all moves together. The ultimate feeling is when you've got the audiences joining in; you have a magic atmosphere and they just wanna rock along with you - they wanna ride that wave with you."

Currently playing the final US dates of the band's Rock Or Bust world tour wuth guest vocalist Axl Rose, the guitarist says it all starts with the songs.

"The music has a lot of power; that's also part of it too," explains Young. "It's simple, but it's also kind of complex. Ozzy Osbourne calls us 'meat and potatoes' - it's as good a description as any."

The 61-year-old rocker is in the spotlight leading AC/DC through every show with a seemingly endless supply of energy…and possibly more than players half his age.

"Over the years, you can pace yourself," Angus says. "Maybe I'm lucky - I always kind of get a second and third wind. Sometimes I do not know where it comes from. Sometimes I look and I feel tired, and then, out of the blue, I play a bit of music and then I go, 'Oooh. What am I doing?' And I've moved from one end of the stage to the other.

"Once you are on stage, you go, 'I can't get off now.' The real world goes away, and you get to go into another world. You just get on and you get on and that's it." Watch the video and a pro-shot clip of a performance of "Back In Black" from Greensboro here.

Pixies' Joey Santiago Goes Into Rehab

Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago has checked into a rehab center to tackle to drug and alcohol addictions. The 51-year-old will be in the facility for at least a month, the band have confirmed in a statement signed off by frontman Black Francis, drummer Dave Lovering and bassist Paz Lenchantin.

It comes just weeks ahead of the release of the band's upcoming sixth album Head Carrier, due out on September 30. Pixies have a European tour booked for November and December and they say they intend to honour those dates.

Pixies say: "We need to confirm that Joey Santiago has checked into a rehabilitation centre for at least 30 days to treat his alcohol and drug issues.

"This is the best thing that Joey could have done, and we're very proud that he's taken this step, and we ask everyone to support Joey while he's on this road to recovery." Read more here.

Rush Receive Keys To Toronto At Opening Of Lee Lifeson Art Park

Toronto Mayor John Tory presented the key to the city to the members of Rush - Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart - at the official opening of the new Lee Lifeson Art Park on September 17.

"From Willowdale to the world, the Key to the City of #Toronto is theirs," Tory tweeted. "Congrats RUSH!" Lee and Lifeson were on hand for the presentation, which also included an acoustic performance of the 1982 Rush classic, "Subdivisions", by Hamilton, ON musician Jacob Moon.

The Lee Lifeson Art Park in the North York neighborhood of Willowdale features new trees, grass, benches and unique music-themed art installations. "Our friendship started very close to here and our musical life together began very close to here," said Lee during an interview with former CBC host George Stroumboulopoulos. "We're obviously thrilled and amazed that someone would want to do something like this and put our names on it, and we're really happy for the community that there's some investment arts and leisure for this neighborhood."

"Art is the thing that elevates you out of whatever situation you're in," added the bassist. "Art is constant for that. Art is the thing that you pour your heart into, that whatever you're doing, whatever aspect of life, whatever situation you find yourself in, art elevates it. It heals. It's given us everything in our lives, so to be associated with that kind of thought and that kind of concept is amazing, fantastic." Watch the full interview and a local TV news report about the event here.

Peter Gabriel Release 'The Veil' Video

Peter Gabriel has released a video for his track The Veil. He wrote the song for the Oliver Stone-directed movie Snowden, which hit theaters last Friday (Sept 16).

Former Genesis man Gabriel said of the track: "As we become so visible in the digital world and leave an endless trail of data behind us, exactly who has our data and what they do with it becomes increasingly important.

"Snowden's revelations shocked the world and made it very clear why we need to have some way to look over those who look over us. With increasing terrorist attacks, security is critical, but not without any accountability or oversight." Read more and watch the video here.

Iggy Pop Release Live 'Passenger' Video

Iggy Pop has released a performance video of his track "Passenger" taken from upcoming live release Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall. The live package will be released on October 28 Eagle Rock Entertainment on DVD, Blu-ray, DVD+2CD and digital formats.

Recorded at the London venue on May 13 of this year, the set sees Pop joined by Queens Of The Stone Age mainman Josh Homme and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders - as well as QOTSA members Dean Fertita and Troy Van Leeuwen and producer Mike Sweeney.

The show was part of the tour in support of Pop's latest album Post Pop Depression, written with Homme. Discussing the collaboration, Homme previously said: "He is the last one of the one-of-a-kinds. This is a much deserved victory lap for a man who's not sure if he won. But he did. He may have tunnelled underground for lots of that, but he still got to the destination." Watch the video and read more here.

Primus' Les Claypool Looks Back At South Park Theme

Primus mainman Les Claypool says he was amazed South Park ever made it to air as the hit animated show launches its 20th season. Primus recorded South Park's theme song and singer and bassist Claypool recalls being asked in 1997 to get involved in the fledgling Comedy Central show that would go on to become one of the most popular and longest-running TV series' ever.

And he reveals that the less frantic South Park outro tune is what the band actually had in mind for the main theme. Claypool tells the Hollywood Reporter: "If you listen to the outro, that's actually the original song. And they came back to us and said, 'Comedy Central thinks the theme song is too slow and not peppy enough.'

"At that point, we were like, 'You know, we did this for you guys, we're out on the road, we're too busy to do this right now. We can't just go into a studio and rerecord this.'

"So they just sped it up and I redid my vocals. I believe I was playing Red Rocks in Colorado and they sent one of their old high school chums up with a handheld tape recorder, and I just did my vocals into that."

But Claypool would never have believed the boundary-pushing comedy of South Park would ever be approved for TV, let alone go on to be such a smash hit. Read more here.

Rik Emmett & RESolution9‘RES 9’ Out 11th November 2016 on Provogue/Mascot Label Group 
Watch the album trailer for RES 9 here

Pre-order RES 9 here

Rik Emmett & RESolution9 to release their electrifying new album RES 9 worldwide on November 11th, 2016. RES 9 features contributions from Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie, and Rik Emmett’s onetime Triumph bandmates, bassist Mike Levine and drummer Gil Moore.

“This album represents a journey through my life,” Emmett observes, “and the idea behind a lot of these songs is me trying to figure out who I am, and why I’m doing what I’m doing. There’s a common thread of positivity here that ties into the records I was making 30 years ago. What did I learn from making them? You’ll hear all of that echoed in the grooves of this album.”

Indeed, the scope of the 11 deeply heartfelt songs on RES 9 covers a lot of exciting aural ground, from the out-of-the-gate gallop of “Human Race” (which also features a driving 12-string contribution from Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson) to the testifying tones of “My Cathedral” to the whispering blues of “The Ghost of Shadow Town,” not to mention the cutting-heads guitar duels on “End of the Line” and the touching album-closing bonus track “Grand Parade,” which reunites Emmett with his onetime Triumph bandmates, bassist Mike Levine and drummer Gil Moore. The RESolution9 band itself is comprised of Rik’s touring quartet, with Dave Dunlop on guitar, Steve Skingley on bass and keyboards, and Paul DeLong on drums. Dunlop and Skingley also co-produced RES 9 with Emmett. 

Emmett is a strong believer in teamwork, and to him, the overall vibe of RES 9 is clearly reflected in the brotherhood and camaraderie shared amongst all the artists who made this special music together. “You can’t accomplish this kind of project 100 percent by yourself,” Emmett believes. “It takes a lot of things working together to make something like this happen. I come back to the old saying that goes, ‘Success has many fathers, and failure is an orphan.’ I knew that I had to spread it all around. It’s important I keep the guys in my band pretty happy.”

Lead track “Human Race” masterfully sets the positivity table for what’s to come. “I’ve been around the block a few times, and one of the things I like about the lyrics in ‘Human Race’ is when we get to the last verse where it says, ‘I am still this guy. I still live this.’ That’s very true,” Emmett acknowledges. “There’s also a line in there about raising a joyful noise — and I still want to do that too.”

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson added some period-perfect 12-string guitar alongside Emmett and Dunlop to buttress the impact of “Human Race,” and he says he found it quite an honor to play with and for his lifelong friend. “When Rik asked me to play on his new album, I didn’t hesitate for a second,” Lifeson reports. “He’s the consummate musician, a wonderful guitarist, and a terrific person, and it’s always my pleasure to work with him any chance I can get. There is a rock purity in his songwriting and performance, and it’s just so much fun to get together and throw ideas around. He’s always so up and open for anything — even a notoriously uncooperative Rickenbacker 12-string!” Dunlop points out the way RESolution9 meshed with Lifeson “stands as a great example of the collective efforts of the brotherhood.”

Another one of RES 9’s honored guests, Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie, lent his own considerable talents to a pair of tracks, “I Sing” and “End of the Line” (the latter of which also features Lifeson taking the third guitar solo), and he jumped at the chance to record with his fellow Canadian. “I’ve been extremely blessed and fortunate to meet so many great musicians and beautiful people throughout my career, and to have the opportunity to collaborate and record with some of them is really icing on the cake,” LaBrie notes. “What a thrill it was to record with Rik, who is such an incredible musician and overall down-to-earth cool guy.” About the slow-build manifesto of “I Sing,” Skingley enthuses, “James sang his ass off on that song!” Adds Dunlop, “I enjoyed tracking the guitars on ‘I Sing’ the most because I got to go crazy with several layers of guitars — and I also got to channel [Pink Floyd’s] David Gilmour on the outro.”

A fair amount of the album was recorded and mixed at Mississauga, Ontario’s MetalWorks Studios, a location where Emmett, Levine, and Moore (who owns the studio) recorded many of Triumph’s greatest works — and it’s also where the trio convened to tackle “Grand Parade.” Clarifies Emmett, “The Triumph song is a bonus track. That’s the best way to position it. It’s like ‘Suitcase Blues’ [the last track on Triumph’s 1979 million-seller, Just a Game] — or ‘Her Majesty’ at the end of Abbey Road!”

Having Triumph involved on RES 9 to some degree was always on the table. “I play ‘Suitcase Blues’ as the last song of the night in the encore for my acoustic shows. I dedicate it to Mike and Gil and the fact that they gave me the latitude to do the crazy things that I do,” Emmett laughs. “As I was developing the lyrics for ‘Grand Parade,’ I started thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I could get Mike and Gil to play on it? Wouldn’t that just bring everything full circle?’ One thing led to another, and there we were, recording in MetalWorks. Things just lined up perfectly.”

Levine had a great time in the studio with his former bandmates. “We rocked it up a bit, and Gil made the drums heavier than they were on the demo,” the bassist notes. “Once I paid deeper attention to the lyrics, I really got into the ‘let’s wrap up this late night’ kind of feel to it. I think it turned out really fantastic. I told Rik I felt it was a really cool tune, one that was very personal for all of us. I’m really, really proud of it, and it was great to work with both Rik and Gil on it. It was really neat.”

Moore wholly enjoyed the “Grand Parade” experience. “It was really a pleasure to have Rik and his band at MetalWorks, and getting to see him there every day was just like the old days,” the drummer recounts. “I always liked how Rik was able to bring another dimension and another color palette to what we were doing, and I like the spacious bass and drum tracks we did together. That’s what’s always been in my wheelhouse, as far as my playing is concerned. I’m really happy with how this song turned out. I hope we get to do it again.”

Emmett’s ultimate goal for RES 9 is to connect with as many people as possible. “The context of this entire album for me was, ‘Wow, somebody tossed me a lifeline,’” he concludes. “I still want to make positive music and offer people something that’s motivating and inspiring — and I want to do it for myself too. I need music, and music can provide that lifeline for me.” Mission accomplished: “I’ve got a thirst for life,” as Emmett sings on “Human Race.” And you’ll find that thirst being quenched quite handily in the very heartbeats that percolate within all 11 tracks of RES 9. Drink up.


HOLLYWOOD, CA (September 16, 2016) – Do not miss these exclusive 8 shows this October with John 5 & The Creatures. Since the bands inception, created from the darkest corners of the twisted mind and imagination of ROB ZOMBIE/ex-MARILYN MANSON guitarist John 5, comes his solo project The Creatures. This band is on fire with the fans from all over the world!

John 5 & The Creatures will embark on a string of dates in the U.K. and Europe starting October 5, 2016 in London, England at The Garage. This tour includes an exclusive VIP upgrade package giving you the experience of a lifetime with a one of a kind, in person opportunity!! Tix and VIP Package Here:

John 5 & The Creatures have been slowly releasing new singles and videos since the beginning of the year. Their latest single release HELL HAW debuts its counterpart video last month. The single can be downloaded on iTunes – Check out this CRAZY HELL HAW video produced and directed by Matt Zane – Video Here:

John 5 & The Creatures consist of John 5 (guitar), Ian Ross (bass) and Rodger Carter (drums). Get your tickets NOW!


 Oct 05            The Garage                           London, UK
Oct 06            The Corporation                    Sheffield, UK
Oct 07            Cathouse Rock Club            Glasgow, UK
Oct 08            Academy 3                           Manchester, UK
Oct 10             De Helling                               Utrecht, Netherlands
Oct 11             Kaiserkeller                             Hamburg, Germany
Oct 12             Luxor                                       Cologne, Germany
Oct 13             Colos - Saal                            Aschaffenburg, Germany

You do NOT want to miss these live shows. Full Details and more can be found at

Metallica Add Rarities, Covers To Hardwired Bonus Disc

Metallica have will be including a bonus disc of covers and rarities in place of a "Riff Origins" set to the Deluxe Edition of their forthcoming album, "Hardwired…To Self Destruct."

"Guess what?!? It's DONE!," says the band. "We have put the finishing touches on our next album. As we were in the 11th hour of wrapping it up, it dawned on us that we have never shared with you, in any sort of cohesive 'official' manner, the extensive covers we have worked on since 'Death Magnetic'.

"While digging into the bonus options to complement the 12-song album with additional material, we realized that none of our versions of these songs from some of our favorite and most respected artists have been readily available on our very own Blackened Recordings. So with that said, we're here to tell you about some changes we've made to the deluxe versions of 'Hardwired...' in place of the previously announced 'Riff Origins'".

"The 2016 version of 'Lords Of Summer' from the studio in its full glory, as originally promised, is still included," they explain, "but now we've added the 'Ronnie Rising Medley', originally only available only on the 'Ronnie James Dio - This Is Your Life' tribute album, along with the Iron Maiden cover of 'Remember Tomorrow' rounded out by Deep Purple's 'When A Blind Man Cries'. And, by the way, all of these tracks have been recently remastered for optimum 2016 sound quality. Just for fun (and because there was room!) the special set we did at Rasputin's in Berkeley, California on Record Store Day 2016 to celebrate the reissues of 'Kill 'Em All' and 'Ride The Lightning' is here all remixed and mastered.

"Lastly we had such an amazing time being a part of the first weekend of events ever held at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis last month. It was an honor and a thrill to test out 'Hardwired' live there and we just had to commemorate the debut by including the recording from that night here."

An updated tracklist for the Deluxe Edition of "Hardwired…To Self Destruct" here.

Black Sabbath The Ultimate Collection In Crucifix-Shaped Package

A new Black Sabbath collection will be available in a crucifix-shaped vinyl package in November. BMG will release Black Sabbath The Ultimate Collection on CD and digital formats on October 28, with the limited-edition 'crucifold' 4LP heavyweight vinyl version available from November 18.

The Ultimate Collection is curated in conjunction with the band and features 31 songs remastered by engineer Andy Pearce. Black Sabbath are currently on their farewell The End world tour. The road trip comes to a close with two dates in their home city of Birmingham, UK, in February 2017.

On the prospect of Black Sabbath's career coming to an end, frontman Ozzy Osbourne previously said: "We started off as four guys from Aston who had a dream, and it came true beyond our wildest dreams.

"We were manipulated, ripped off, conned. We lost each other within each other. But it's great to have got this back just to end on a high note." Read more here.

Pink Floyd Preview The Early Years Box Set

Pink Floyd are previewing their forthcoming box set, "The Early Years 1965-1972", with a new unboxing video of the package, which is set to hit stores on November 11th.

The set gives fans the opportunity to hear the evolution of the band and witness their part in cultural revolutions from their earliest recordings and studio sessions to the years prior to the release of "The Dark Side Of The Moon", one of the biggest-selling albums of all time.

"The Early Years 1965-1972" presents 7 individual book-style packages and feature 130 tracks, including TV recordings, BBC Sessions, outtakes and demos and more than 20 unreleased songs.

Also featured are 7 hours of previously unreleased live audio and more than 5 hours of rare concert footage.

In addition to the deluxe set, a 2-CD highlights album, "The Early Years - Cre/ation", will also be issued on November 11.

Each individual book-style package will be released separately early in 2017, except "Bonus Continu/ation", which is exclusive to the box set. here.

Rush To Gets Keys To The City Of Toronto

Rush are to be honored by their hometown of Toronto this weekend. The trio of bassist and vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart, will receive the keys to the city from mayor John Tory at the opening of the Lee Lifeson Art Park in Willowdale, Toronto, on September 17.

Tory says: "For 40-plus years, Rush has rocked the world with 39 albums and 70-plus singles and are third all-time for most consecutive gold or platinum albums.

"They have also given back to community through charitable work for UNICEF, United Way and Toronto Food Bank. From Willowdale to the world - the key to the city is theirs. Congratulations Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart." Read more here.

Beatles Sued Over Shea Stadium Footage

A company representing the promoter of the Beatles' iconic 1965 Shea Stadium gig is suing over ownership of the footage. Sid Bernstein Presents LLC is suing Apple Corps Ltd and Subafilms Limited, saying the late promoter Bernstein is the sole owner of the master tapes of the band's performance at New York's Shea Stadium on August 15, 1965.

The footage has been used in various films over the years and remastered segments will feature in new Ron Howard-directed film The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years which is released tomorrow (Friday, September 16).

According to Billboard, a lawsuit filed in the US District Court in New York says Bernstein, who died in 2013 at the age of 95, produced the concert and hired the Beatles and the support acts.

It reads: "Without Sid, the mastermind of the event, this film would never have been made. The Bernstein family is guided by their father's spirit of peace and humanity. However, they are also guided by principle and look forward to having an opportunity to present their case in court." Read more here.

Operation: Mindcrime Release 'Taking On The World' Video

Operation: Mindcrime have released a video for their track "Taking On The World". The song features on Geoff Tate and co's upcoming second album Resurrection, which will be released on September 23 - and includes guest vocals from Blaze Bayley and Tim 'Ripper' Owens. Watch it below.

The promo comes ahead of the trio's US tour this November, which will see the three frontmen perform eight dates across the country under the Trinity banner. And Bayley says further dates could be a possibility if the shows go well.

The former Iron Maiden vocalist tells Mitch Lafon: "The only time we had available was this very short window to do these dates, with the idea that if they go well, then we can do a much more extensive tour.

"I think this will be very special because it's three people that really love to sing and love this music, so I'm very excited about it. I hope it's a success." Watch the video here.

 Tool Member Promises New Album Will Be 'Awesome'

Tool bassist Justin Chancellor has promised fans the band's long-awaited new album will be "awesome." The band's last studio effort was 2006's 10,000 Days and progress on the follow-up has been slow, thanks in part to an eight-year legal wrangle over artwork and a separate lawsuit brought by Tool's insurance company.

Also, guitarist Adam Jones previously revealed an unnamed band member had been dealing with a "really scary, do-or-die" illness that held up the writing sessions.

Having left fans waiting for more than 10 years, Chancellor promises it will be worth it in the end. He tells Top Guitar: "Just trust me that it's going to be awesome. It's going to happen. It's in the oven. It's cooking, it's cooking." Read more here.

Judas Priest's Rob Halford To Help Reopen Venue Saved By Fans

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford will officially re-open an English pub that was saved by local rock and metal fans. The Metal God will be at the Sir Charles Napier pub in Blackburn, Lancashire, on September 17 (Saturday) to celebrate the successful campaign to save the venue, which had been under threat of closure.

The pub will now be the UK's first community-owned rock venue, according to the people behind the campaign to save it. Alex Martindale of community group Save The Napier says: "I've been a regular in the Napier for the last 20 years. A 50-strong group of regulars has been working hard as a community to secure the future of the pub.

"We can't wait to welcome everyone to celebrate the reopening of our community rock venue. We have ideas for the continued development of the Napier" Read more here.

Stevie Nicks Plans To Rock Into Her 90s

Stevie Nicks says she hopes to continue working into her 90s. The 68-year-old recently laid out plans for her North American 24 Karat Gold Tour, which follows the Fleetwood Mac singer's 2014 album 24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault.

She reports that she's made a provisional list of 31 tracks for the tour, and jokes that squeezing that many songs into a live set could be a problem. Nicks tells Rolling Stone: "We're gonna go on for like two hours then we're gonna go and do what Prince would, which is then go find a club and play the other 14 songs! It's all a lot of fun."

Reflecting on the death of Prince, who died in April after an accidental overdose, Nicks adds: "I feel really sad that Prince's journey didn't continue until he was 95. I think that for most of us, we're all gonna live to be in our 90s." Read more here.

Jimmy Page Live Event Video Streaming Online

Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page took part in a listening event and interview streamed live from London's Olympic Studios on Wednesday as the band prepares to release "The Complete BBC Sessions" on September 16.

The event began with 45 minutes of audio presenting a series of select tunes from the set which features live recordings from Led Zeppelin's appearances on BBC Radio between 1969 and 1971.

Page then sat down with BBC DJ Johnnie Walker to discuss the project, including its place in the Led Zeppelin catalogue. "It's a historical document," explains Page. "It's sort of Led Zeppelin's promotion. It's them going full-throttle, they're taking no prisoners when they're going in on these sessions. And yet, it's still employing all of the dynamics and the improvisation.

"An important document because there isn't anywhere else in the world where there is something like the BBC, so it's really great that they gave us a facility, and repeat facility to be coming back and that there's a testament to it. I know some people really, really like these versions, they think they're really great and I think they're pretty cool."

"It's a great time capsule," he adds. "It's really cool - you hear the band progressing over, not even a handful of years, just from 1969 to 1971. My goodness, it's only two years and yet it's expanding and expanding. It's cool."

The launch event wrapped up with the world premiere of a new video for a BBC Sessions recording of the 1969 classic, "What Is And What Should Never Be." Watch the video here.

Triumph's Gil Moore Reveals Special Connection To Military Members

Gil Moore sat down with Classic Rock Revisited to discuss the 35th anniversary of Triumph's album "Allied Forces" and Moore reflected on how popular the band remains with members of the armed forces.

I played in this golf tournament two days ago for the veterans, Army, Navy and Air force veterans and a lot of the crowd were in their 80's or 90's and so on, but they invited me to play and sing, and what amazed me was that there was a lot of vets who were in their 50's that talked to me about Triumph. They knew dates and they knew album titles and so on and so forth. It was absolutely amazing.

Something that dawned on me is that we've had so many of our songs with titles like 'Never Surrender' and 'Allied Forces', things like that. I think that some of the military guys gravitated to our music a little more than some other bands because of that.

It was interesting talking to so many of them, I couldn't believe how many of them came up to me and they were completely familiar with the band. It dawned on me looking back on our Royalty statements… you know they have this way of discounting your royalties: it's sold to a record club or to the military of the United States, and I was always blown-away at how much product we shipped to the military.

They have a thing right in your recording agreement, a pretty much standard procedure back in all the original recording contracts that any sales to army bases, they pay you half royalties. Same thing up here in Canada, every time I was around either police, fire, navy, army, anything that had any sort of military component to it, Triumph was a big band. Still here in Mississauga where I grew up, you got these cops who are, you know, 30 years old, and you know half of them they still seem to be hip to Triumph. All the ones that are 45, 55, those guys are all hip to Triumph, but even the younger ones. So you know I realize, okay it's been passed forward from the fathers. Read the full interview here.

Iron Maiden Will 'Definitely Make More Albums' Says Steve Harris

Iron Maiden's Steve Harris says he's happier than he's ever been at any point in his heavy metal career and says that band will "definitely make more albums".

Helping Metal Hammer magazine celebrate its 30th anniversary, the bassist says metal is in a good place and Maiden are in better shape than ever before. Recalling the band's early days, their 1990s slump and their stunning return to the peak of their metal powers, Harris says: "Well done to anyone who's lasted this long, whether it's Metal Hammer of Iron Maiden or whoever!

"Personally I'm enjoying it more than ever, I'd say. We all are. Ultimately, at this point you know you've had most of your career and there's less ahead than there is behind you, but we'll definitely make more albums and we're having a great time. This is still the best job in the world."

Maiden are riding high after the release of 16th album The Book of Souls last year and the massive world tour that followed. It followed frontman Bruce Dickinson's successful battle with cancer. Read more here.

Meet Hall of Famer Dennis Dunaway!
Snakes! In Stamford!

Meet Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dennis Dunaway with The Blonde and former Rolling Stone writer Chris Hodenfield for a special book signing of Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group, including live music by Blue Coupe, featuring Joe and Albert Bouchard of Blue Öyster Cult fame with Tish and Snooky of Manic Panic, and guitarist extraordinaire Nick Didkovsky.

There will be a giveaway with each copy of Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! sold and customers making a purchase are eligible to have one additional memorabilia item autographed.

Saturday, September 17
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Barnes & Noble Stamford Town Center
100 Greyrock Place
Stamford, CT



Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Iggy Pop’s Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall on DVD+2CD and Digital Formats on October 28 [MSRP $26.98 Blu-ray+2CD, $21.98 DVD+2CD]. This film captures a critically acclaimed concert that is a much-anticipated release for Iggy Pop fans; at the time the NME called it “one of the most memorable gigs of the year…that was the performance of a lifetime”.

Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall features tracks primarily from The Idiot, Lust For Life and Post Pop Depression. The setlist includes: The Passenger, Lust For Life, Sister Midnight, Gardenia, China Girl, Nightclubbing, Success, Tonight and more.

The Post Pop Depression album, a collaboration with co-writer and producer Joshua Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age, is one of his most critically acclaimed and commercially successful album for many years.

On May 13th, 2016, Iggy Pop brought his Post Pop Depression live show to London’s revered Royal Albert Hall and almost tore the roof off! As reviewed by the Telegraph, “I have been going to gigs for a very long time and that was one of the best I have ever seen.”

With a backing band including Joshua Homme, Dean Fertita, and Troy Van Leeuwen from Queens Of The Stone Age, Matt Helders from the Arctic Monkeys, and guitarist Matt Sweeney, Iggy delivered a set focused almost entirely on the new album plus his two classic David Bowie collaboration albums from 1977, The Idiot and Lust For Life.

Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall will definitely be remembered as one of Iggy Pop’s finest concerts.

Pre-order on Amazon:

Eagle Rock Entertainment is the world’s largest producer and distributor of music programming for TV, DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Media. Eagle produces quality HD programs, both concerts and documentaries, directly alongside artists including Imagine Dragons, Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen, and Peter Gabriel. Eagle is a multiple Grammy® Award winner and has received numerous multi-platinum sales awards around the world. Eagle Vision is headquartered in London, and is a Universal Music Group company.

Follow Eagle Rock Entertainment at:

For more information regarding this and other Eagle Rock Entertainment releases, contact Carol Kaye at Follow us on Facebook at

1) Lust For Life
2) Sister Midnight
3) American Valhalla
4) Sixteen
5) In The Lobby
6) Some Weird Sin
7) Funtime
8) Tonight
9) Sunday
10) German Days
11) Mass Production
12) Nightclubbing
13) Gardenia
14) The Passenger
14) China Girl
15) Break Into Your Heart
16) Fall In Love With Me
17) Repo Man
18) Baby
19) Chocolate Drops
20) Paraguay
21) Success

Guns N' Roses Stars Lead Guest Lineup On Currie's Album

Guns N' Roses stars Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum lead the all-star guest lineup for former Runaways singer Cherie Currie's forthcoming solo album, she revealed.

The album, which was has gone unreleased for five years, also features guest appearances from Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, actress Juliette Lewis, The Veronicas, and Brody Dalle.

Currie revealed the album details in an interview with White Line Fever podcast. She told the show (via BraveWords), "Matt Sorum was playing with me - of course you know him from Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver and he was just amazing. He and I made a record together with a bunch of cool stars. In fact, (Australian indie-pop duo) the Veronicas, as well, they sang on a few songs. What great gals they are.

"Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins wrote a duet and of course Slash and Duff were on it as well as Juliette Lewis. That album's coming out in September.

"All these wonderful artists - Brody Dalle as well - really wanted to participate in this record. Little did I know how much the Runaways had influenced so many people. It made me feel so good. But that record was shelved for five years. They (Blackheart Records) wanted to put it out now. I negotiated with them instead of through my lawyer who I had to let go - two lawyers actually. It will be coming out in September. I never though it would see the light of day." At press time The Blackheart Records website didn't appear to have any information about the album. Listen to the podcast here.

Led Zeppelin Release 'What Is And What Should Not Be' Video

Led Zeppelin have released an animated video for their track "What Is And What Should Not Be", which is taken from their The Complete BBC Sessions album.

The collection, which arrives on September 16 (Friday), includes the BBC Sessions material released in 1997, plus nine previously-unheard recordings from 1969 to 1971.

Guitarist Jimmy Page has recalled how iconic DJ John Peel helped the band make an impact in their home country, telling Rolling Stone: "Peel was great - he obviously did champion us. He could understand the musicianship, the way it was put together and how ambitious we were.

"Because we spent so much time in the States in the beginning, we weren't able to do so much in England. It was slower catching up. We didn't have radio here, like what was called 'underground radio' over there."

He says of the sessions album: "Considering that we only had these limited opportunities for exposure over here in Britain, it's just the fact that we were totally fearless.

"You can hear the energy and the attitude - and the fact that we could go in there and make up numbers, but not tell the people in the control room. We were testing ourselves as much as anything else. Just really going for it." Watch the video here.

Status Quo's Rick Parfitt Recovering After He 'Died' For Several Minutes

Status Quo co-founder Rick Parfitt "died for several minutes" after suffering a heart attack earlier this year, his manager has revealed. And the 67-year-old may never return to the band as he concentrates on looking after his health.

He won't make the decision until next year, but his current condition means he certainly won't take part in the band's final full-electric European tour, which starts next month.

Parfitt collapsed after a concert in Turkey in June, and the incident was later described as an "extremely life-threatening situation." Manager Simon Porter says in a statement: "Although Rick is recovering well and is now able to lead a relatively normal day-to-day life, he's far from being fit enough to undertake the rigors of Quo's touring schedule.

"Perhaps now is the time to reveal that Rick 'died' for several minutes, which resulted in mild cognitive impairments, for which he continues to receive neuro-psychological support.

"His medical team continue to be confident of a full recover. But Rick's absolute priorities for the foreseeable future are for his health and wellbeing, and to be able to see his eight-year-old twin children Tommy and Lily grow up." Read more here.

Bruce Springsteen Announces 'Born To Run' Book Tour

Bruce Springsteen has announced a 9-city book tour starting in his hometown of Freehold, NJ on September 27 and released a new video where he reads an excerpt from his forthcoming memoir, "Born To Run.".

Due September 27 via Simon & Schuster, "Born To Run" sees the singer recount growing up in Freehold, NJ, his early days as a bar band king in Asbury Park, and the rise of the E Street Band.

"I wanted to use the classic rock and roll images - the road, the car, the girl - what else is there?" Springsteen explains. "To make these images matter I'd have to shape them into something fresh, something that transcended nostalgia, sentiment and familiarity."

The singer discusses growing up in the Vietnam War era and the changing American political landscape.

"These were issues that had previously been relegated to the margins of American life," reads Springsteen. "Dread, the sense that things might not work out, that the moral high ground had been swept out from underneath us, that the dream of ourselves had somehow been tainted and the future would forever be uninsured was in the air.

"This was the new lay of the land, and if I was going to put my characters out on that highway, I was going to have to put all these things in the car with them." See the book tour dates and watch the new promo video here.

Metallica Release 'Back To The Front' Promo Video

Metallica have released a teaser video showcasing the book Back To The Front. Matt Taylor's publication celebrates the 30th anniversary of 1986 album Master Of Puppets and accompanying tour, which saw the group winning over new fans and suffering the tragic loss of bassist Cliff Burton in a bus accident in Sweden.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich says: "I just think this book goes to a different depth, to a different level of detail and a different level of anecdotes and storytelling. It's the right project, at the right time, by the right person."

Bassist Robert Trujillo adds: "What sets this book apart is Matt's desire and his passion to really try to connect with the energy of Master Of Puppets. Just the photos alone and the archive is so deep and rich. Each page is a unique experience in itself." Watch the video here.

 Jon Bon Jovi Has No Ill Will For Richie Sambora

Jon Bon Jovi says he has no bad feelings towards the band's former guitarist Richie Sambora. Sambora left the band in 2013 before their world tour, leading to a public war of words that eventually settled down. Their relationship appeared to be on the mend after frontman Jon invited Sambora to do the 'ice bucket challenge' in 2014.

Then, last month, the guitarist congratulated the singer on the release of Bon Jovi's new single This House Is Not For Sale, which in turn drew a warm response from Bon Jovi.

And the vocalist says he harbors no grudge against his former bandmate. He tells ET Canada: "It's evident that he has moved on in his life. One day he woke up and decided he didn't want to be in the band anymore.

"Being in a rock band is not a life sentence and just because he chose not to come back that was his prerogative, end of story. There's no ill will - the guy quit one day, he never showed up for work." Read more here.

Ricky Warwick Unplugs For New 'Psycho' Video

Black Star Riders frontman Ricky Warwick is premiering an acoustic performance video for "Psycho", a track from his latest 2CD solo package "When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (And Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues)" and "Hearts On Trees."

"I heard the song 'Psycho' for the first time almost 30 years ago when I was playing guitar in New Model Army" explains Warwick, "It was performed by singer/songwriter Rev Hammer who was on the road with us. I fell in love with the song instantly and it has stayed in my psyche ever since. I found out sometime later that it was written by Texas songwriter Leon Payne. Payne is probably most well known for the song "Lost Highway" which was a huge hit for Hank Williams."

"The twisted macabre excess and understatement of the lyrics set against the beautiful, haunting almost sugar sweet melody drew me in straight away," he adds, "and gave me a strange yet surreal sense of unease. There is no doubt about it, it's a dark song about a dark day. Leon Payne famously said after he wrote it, "Don't ever record this!" Well… I did."

Warwick is joined on the double-album set by guests including bandmate Damon Johnson, Def Leppard's Joe Elliott, Ginger Wildheart, Andy Cairns, Billy Morrison and Stiff Little Finger Jake Burns. Watch the video here.

Pete Townshend In The Studio Looking Back At Deep End Band

The latest episode of the syndicated radio show In The Studio with Redbeard re-examines Pete Townshend's solo work through the lens of his 1986 Deep End Band performances. The show sent over these details:

The mid-Eighties was a most difficult time for the titans of rock's Second Generation. It was the only time in the last half century when every one of the British superstar bands which had dominated the Seventies, i.e. the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Who, were no longer recording, touring, and in some cases even speaking together. Rock'n'Roll was officially in full-blown midlife crisis, and even the biggest names such as Pete Townshend and David Gilmour were cast adrift from the structure of their respective former bands to deal with it individually for the first time.

The 1978 death of Who drummer Keith Moon, the horrific 1979 tragedy at a Cincinnati Who concert where eleven fans were trampled to death, and the subsequent official breakup of The Who following a huge farewell tour in 1982 left Pete in uncharted emotional territory. These events forced Townshend to address his well-being the best way he knew how, through his music. A series of solo albums in the early '80s would give way to limited select concerts in the UK and France fronting an all-star band dubbed the Deep End featuring another suddenly solo superstar, Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.

Pete Townshend makes this surprising confession to InTheStudio host Redbeard about his state of mind, emotionally and musically, as he transitioned from The Who to a solo career.

Townshend says, "It wasn't that I particularly felt The Who wanting, in anyway. I didn't feel that they didn't provide me with anything. I felt that I wasn't serving them very well, and I thought that perhaps pursuing a solo career would in fact help me to serve The Who better. In actual fact, what I think happened was I ended up stopping, working for The Who at all." Stream the episode here.

Axl Rose Sued By Former Guns N' Roses Member

Former Guns N' Roses keyboardist Chris Pittman is reportedly suing frontman Axl Rose over unpaid wages dating back several years, according to gossip site TMZ.

They report that the keyboardist claims Rose signed a promissory note to him in 2011 stating that he would pay the multi-instrumentalist $125,000 for a year's worth of work by October of 2012 and that bill remains outstanding to this day.

Pitman's suit seeks the original amount - plus interest - for a new total of $163,000. The musician joined Guns N' Roses in 1998 and appeared on 2008's "Chinese Democracy"; he and was on board until earlier this year when Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan announced a mini-reunion lineup that would set out on the "Not In This Lifetime" world tour. Read more here.

Red Hot Chili Peppers To Rock L.A. Rams Home Opener

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have not held back their excitement about the return of the NFL to Los Angeles and will be sharing that excitement with fans by playing a special show.

The veteran group will be playing a special pre-game show ahead of the Los Angeles Rams home opener at the Memorial Coliseum on Sunday, September 18.

The team will be taking the field for their first regular season home field game in Los Angeles in over two decades with then take on the Seattle Seahawks.

Flea had this to say about the special show and the return of the franchise to L.S., "Since I was a little boy, I've taken joy in the beauty of the Rams. When I moved to Los Angeles in 1972, I was getting uprooted from my home and I thought, 'Well, where I'm going they've got the Rams. It's going to be all right.'"

We were sent these details about the pregame show: "Gates to the Coliseum open at 11:00 AM PT and fans should be in their seats 30-minutes prior to kickoff to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers performance. Important information for those attending the game about security, parking and transportation can be found" here.

Jimmy Page Talks Led Zeppelin Complete BBC Sessions

As Led Zeppelin prepare to release "The Complete BBC Sessions" on September 16, guitarist Jimmy Page says one of the things fans can learn from the expanded package is how aggressive the young band were on stage.

"It's just the fact that we were totally fearless," Page tells Rolling Stone. "You can hear the energy and the attitude - and the fact that we could go in there and make up numbers but not tell the people in the control room. We were testing ourselves as much as anything else, just really going for it."

The package features live recordings selected from Led Zeppelin's appearances on BBC Radio between 1969 and 1971 while presenting the expanded and definitive edition of their 1997 set, "BBC Sessions."

"There is no point in putting out The Complete BBC Sessions and someone's growling that you missed something," laughs Page. "I made sure they can't do that."

Much of the material was presented back in the day by BBC DJ John Peel, who Page says was an early believer in the band.

"He was a fan," explains the guitarist. "He could understand the musicianship - the way it was put together and how ambitious we were. John Peel made his reputation with his radio show and his record label, Dandelion, by championing the underdog. Peel felt it was his duty to spotlight them. Those are the sort of people you want in the music business." here.

Glenn Hughes Not Sure If Black Country Communion Will Tour

Black Country Communion frontman Glenn Hughes says he isn't sure whether the band will tour in support of their upcoming fourth album. The supergroup are working on the follow-up to 2012's Afterglow having agreed to reunite following their 2013 split.

The new album is expected in 2017 and Hughes says he and guitarist Joe Bonamassa have been "inseparable" since beginning work on the music. But as he has a busy schedule ahead with a full 12 months of touring lined up in support of his upcoming solo album Resonate, Hughes is not sure whether BCC will hit the road.

Hughes tells Classic Rock: "It's due to be recorded in January and will come out in May, but I'm not worried that Resonate will get lost in the shuffle - not at all. It's more than strong enough to stand up in its own right.

"I have no idea whether there will be a tour from BCC. There may well be a chance of that but at this point I'm not going to speculate as, being the mouthpiece of BCC, last time it was me that took a beating from the trolls when it didn't happen." Read more here.

Motorhead's Phil Campbell Releasing Solo Band EP

Former Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell will release his solo band's debut EP in November, he's confirmed. Previously named Phil Campbell's All Starr Band, the outfit are now known as Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, as is their record. The lineup includes his sons Todd, Dane and Tyla plus frontman Neil Starr.

Their five-track release was produced by Todd Campbell and mixed by Motorhead collaborator Cameron Webb and it's described as "raw, gritty, classic and instantly accessible rock'n'roll."

Starr recently told Kaaos TV (via Blabbermouth): "You know what you're going to get because Phil is the riff god. You hear those Motorhead riffs - Phil wrote a lot of those.

"So there's elements of that coming through in the music. I bring my own style to the band, but it's just rock'n'roll music, I guess." Read more here.

Iron Maiden Frontman Sees Business and Songwriting Parallel

Iron Maiden frontman and businessman Bruce Dickinson says making a business idea work involves exactly the same creative thinking as it takes to make a song work.

His comments come as he argued that the music industry's problems over the past 15 years held lessons for the rest of the world - and soon after he completed Maiden's world tour in support of 16th album The Book Of Souls.

Dickinson, who's also worked as an airline pilot, recently told CNN: "I know a lot of musicians who are pilots and a lot of professional pilots who are musicians also. There's something about the three-dimensionality of both mediums, and there's also something about the creative aspects of both things.

"For the last three or four years I've been doing some business speaking - something I call corporate stand-up. One of the big questions is creativity. People want to know, 'How do you be creative in business?'

"I've been creative, songwriting, all my life. So I just thing naturally about creative things. To me, creating a business idea is very much like creating a song. It starts off from one little idea, then you just daydream what happens next. Eventually you put it into a process. You have to make it fit and make it real." Read more and watch the full interview clip here.

Bruce Springsteen Headlining Stand Up for Heroes Benefit

Bruce Springsteen has been announced as the headliner for the 10th annual Stand Up for Heroes benefit on November 1 at the Theater at Madison Square Garden.

The Boss joins performers Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Jim Gaffigan and Louis C.K. for the evening of entertainment, which combines music, comedy and an auction to raise money to support injured service members and their families.

Springsteen has appeared at each benefit show throughout the past 10 years, reports Billboard. Last year the New Jersey native raised $740,000 in an auction for the event. Read more here.

Sixx A.M. Reveal More Prayers For The Blessed Details

Sixx A.M. have revealed more information about their upcoming album Prayers For The Blessed, the companion to Prayers For The Damned, which is set to be released on November 18th.

Eleven Seven Music say: "From the outsider anthem We Will Not Go Quietly to the operatic showstopper Maybe It's Time and groove-driven, radio-ready rocker That's Gonna Leave A Scar, Prayers For The Blessed displays the many sides of Sixx AM's sound - something the band was able to develop by ramping up the amount of time they spent on the road."

Mainman Nikki Sixx says: "We really found ourselves onstage, and it's influencing the way we write. We started focusing on our music, not only as songwriters and lyricists, but also stayed conscious of what would transfer over live to the audience." Read more here.

Aerosmith Star Shares Health Concerns As Band Ponder Tour

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer admits the band's health is a concern as veteran group consider whether to tour again - and whether it willll be their final trek.

Frontman Steven Tyler stated in June that they'd hit the road in 2017 and it would definitely be a farewell project. But guitarist Joe Perry later insisted that no final decision had been made. Kramer backed that position up earlier this month, adding that Tyler "has a habit of projecting on things that haven't been completed yet."

The discussion continues after Perry collapsed while on tour with the Hollywood Vampires in July, and although he's on the mend, Tyler suggested he'd tried to hard to keep to a schedule that was beyond him.

Asked about ending the band's live career, Kramer, 66, tells Rolling Stone: "Aerosmith is all our first loves - but I don't know many other people who've consistently done the same job for 45 years.

"As we're getting older we've been kicking the idea, but a final decision hasn't been made. "We're not 25-year-olds any more. We can't play as many shows as we used to. Steven can't sing two nights in a row, or three to four nights a week. It's physically impossible." Read more here.

Rolling Stones Add Final U.S. Show Of 2016

The Rolling Stones have announced that they have added a second and final Las Vegas show on Saturday, October 22 at T-Mobile Arena due to heavy demand.

The new show will be legendary band's final U.S. concert of 2016 and will come on the heels of their performances at the Desert Trip festival in Indio, California on October 7 and 14, and their already-sold-out first show in Las Vegas on October 19.

Tickets for the new show will go on sale Friday, September 16 at 10am PT at The Stones last performed in Sin City in May 2013 as part of their 50 & Counting Tour.

David Bowie's Final Recordings Set For Release

It's been announced that David Bowie's final three studio recordings will be included on the upcoming two-disc soundtrack for the late music legend's musical Lazarus.

The songs, "No Plan," "Killing a Little Time" and "When I Met You, will be featured on the first disc as they appeared in the show. A second disc will include Bowie's versions of the tracks along with the previously released 'Lazarus."

The new songs were produced by the band that recorded Bowie's swan song, ★, and co-produced by Bowie and Tony Visconti. The accompanying album will be released on October 21. See the track details here.

Motorhead's Mikkey Dee Joins The Scorpions

Former Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee has joined Scorpions on a permanent basis. Dee hooked up the German metal heroes for their run of tour dates earlier this year, standing in for James Kottak, who's had a turbulent recent history with the German outfit. He took a step back for medical reasons.

Now Scorpions report that Dee has taken Kottak's place in the lineup as a fully-fledged member of the band, and they've thanked their former sticksman for his service.

Scorpions say in a statement: "We would like to thank James for so many years of lasting participation in the band and personal friendship. We understand and respect his need for time as he makes his way through the final stages of his healing process.

"After our incredibly successful shows in the US, Europe and Asia, we are sure to have found a fantastic drummer with Mikkey Dee. He brings a fresh energy to the band and we look forward to the exciting time together that lies ahead." Read more here.

Megadeth And Body Count To Team Up For World Tour

Dave Mustaine has confirmed Megadeth will tour the world with Body Count next year. Megadeth's frontman Dave Mustaine and Body Count star Ice-T had teased an upcoming collaboration on social media and Mustaine now reveals it will take the form of a tour.

Mustaine says that, while he is not a hip-hop fan, he is an admirer of Body Count frontman Ice-T and that he can't wait to hit the road in 2017. Mustaine tells Metal Hammer: "We're talking about a very large tour next summer with five bands on it with us. It's going to be more of a guest appearance than a direct support kind of thing.

"We've been looking at a lot of interesting acts, but for me I don't always try and pick out the flavour of the month - I have loyalty to my friends. I always thoughts that Body Count, while if not for everybody, I thought it was great.

"It's not your normal metal band, it's cool to see somebody crossing over from the hip-hop world into the metal world. I think it's great to be open-minded about different people from different backgrounds." Read more here.

Y&T's Leonard Haze Dead At 61

Original Y&T drummer Leonard Haze has died at the age of 61. Haze passed away at his home in Hayward, California, after a battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Y&T frontman Dave Meniketti confirmed the news, saying: "It is with shock and sadness that I type this. Leonard Haze, the legendary drummer, and a guy I spent decades with creating great music together, has passed away at 61.

"This, just a few days after his birthday. I just woke up to this news, as I'm in Germany, and immediately called his wife, Kelly. She confirmed that Leonard had passed away in his sleep sometime between noon and 7.30pm on Sunday, September 11.

"Leonard has been struggling with COPD for years, but Kelly said that although his health had recently declined, they felt he had a few years left, so this is unexpected." Read more here.

Mike Portnoy To Play Dream Theater's Twelve-Step Suite At Festival

Mike Portnoy has confirmed he'll perform Dream Theater's Twelve-Step Suite at next year's ProgPower USA. The two-day event in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 8-9, will see the drummer perform the material he wrote and recorded with his former band in full under the Mike Portnoy's Shattered Fortress banner.

Portnoy says: "I'm so excited to make my ProgPower debut in 2017. Between 2001 and 2009 I wrote five very personal interconnecting songs with Dream Theater and I never got to play them live… until now.

"I'm going to be playing this with an incredible band of some of the best musicians in prog today. We've got a lot of cool stuff in store and I can't wait to be doing this exclusively at ProgPower 2017. See you there." Read more here.

Eric Johnson Streams New Song 'The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise'

Eric Johnson is streaming his new single 'The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise' exclusively with TeamRock. The song comes from the Texan guitarist's first all-acoustic album titled EJ, which is set for launch on October 7 via Provogue/Mascot Label Group.

Johnson says: "Ever since I was young, I've played piano and acoustic guitar in my private life. This type of music has always been a part of me, but I never showcased it on any kind of bigger level, like a full acoustic record.

"With EJ, I just decided to be more honest with myself and everybody, and show more of my personal side. Almost all of that material was cut live. Some of the songs I actually sang and played at the same time - live in the studio. Recording this way gave it more of an honest realism and organic emotion. Especially on the acoustic, you just have to get in there and play." Stream the song here.

Extreme Have Written 17 Songs For New Album

Extreme have confirmed they've written "about 17 songs" for their upcoming album. They band reported in July that work on the follow-up to 2008's Saudades De Rock had begun. And guitarist Nuno Bettencourt says the material is beginning to take shape.

He tells Gearphoria: "We're about 17 songs into it. We're just wrapping them up. We've got to do vocals and some guitar - slowly but surely. We're going to release it early next year - whether that's February or early spring. This thing is coming out, even if I've got to leak this f***ing thing."

Asked how he feels about their 1990 single More Than Words, that went on to become a global hit, Bettencourt says: "I've always had a pretty good relationship with that song. People ask me all the time if I'm sick of it, is it a curse? I tell them, 'We put it out, it's a hit and it turned new fans on to the Pornograffiti album.'" Read more here.

Metallica Reinvigorated Anthrax Says Bello

Anthrax bassist Frank Bello has thanked Metallica for providing the "kick in the ass" his band needed to return to form. And he argues they're more energized now than they've ever been, even in the 1980s.

He believes the Big 4 of thrash shows in 2010, along with Slayer and Megadeth, was the focal point that led to a return to form with 2011 album Worship Music and this year's For All Kings.

Up until then, Anthrax had been struggling in the wilderness as they tried to secure a permanent frontman between John Bush, Joey Belladonna and Dan Nelson. Classic-era vocalist Belladonna returned full-time for Worship Music.

Bello tells "This band has new life. It's like a resurgence. Even before Worship Music it really started with the Big 4 tour.

"I have to credit Metallica, and I'll always be thankful to them for that. They didn't have to do the Big 4. That really gave us the kick in the ass to be a band again, and to be real with it. I swear there's been non-stop momentum since that tour." Read more here.



TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT--groundbreaking vocalist, songwriter and bass player from the legendary rock groups Eagles and Poco-has premiered the lyric video for his new song "Red Dirt Road" today, September 13 on exclusively on Facebook at 9:00 AM PT (here). The song is from his upcoming solo album LEAP OF FAITH, set for release Friday, September 23 on Benowen Records.  

"Like the rest of my new solo album Leap of Faith, 'Red Dirt Road' was recorded in my L.A. studio featuring Van Dyke Parks on accordion, John McFee (from The Doobie Brothers) on fiddle, and harmonies by Herb Pedersen," explains TIMOTHY re the first single. "Upon hearing this song one might think the setting is from the deep south, but actually the image comes from the island of Kauai.  It's a tune about finally being able to let go." 

Watch the new lyric video for "Red Dirt Road" below and fans can get the song instantly by pre-ordering LEAP OF FAITH, out September 23:

Recorded at his Los Angeles studio and co-produced with engineer Hank LindermanLEAP OF FAITH is a strong mix of rock, country, Americana, R&B and even a bit of reggae. LEAP OF FAITH marks the culmination of SCHMIT's unhurried, yet inspired reflections of life. Rolling Stone Country's Andrew Leahey recently described LEAP OF FAITH as follows, "Written and tracked during breaks in the The Eagles' touring schedule, the new record shines a light not only on Schmit's voice, which remains remarkably untouched by the decades that have elapsed since he sang his band's final hit, 'I Can't Tell You Why,' but also the songwriting chops of an Americana pioneer. Long before that genre had a name, Schmit helped glue the nuance of country and bluegrass to the noise of rock. If the music on Leap of Faith sounds somewhat familiar, it's because Schmit now shares the marketplace with songwriters who grew up studying his work with Poco and the Eagles." (August 25, 2016) 

Illuminated by an array of fine musicians and singers, LEAP OF FAITH plays like a multicolored corona around SCHMIT's distinctive artistry. From the jaunty opening track "My Hat" to the soaring harmonies and heartfelt reflections of "This Waltz," this is more than another album in a great artist's catalog. Writing and recording between touring with the Eagles, the songs on LEAP OF FAITH have a broad compass.  "Slow Down" is a note to self on escaping life's pressures coasting along on a reggae pulse sweetened by jazz giant Gary Burton's vibraphone, while  "What I Should Do" has a Muscle Shoals feel; steamy, funky, and sensual.  On "Goodbye, My Love," he takes us deep down into traditional country with Paul Franklin's glistening steel guitar layered over the changes.  And on "It's Alright," his most intimate song, SCHMIT needs only his own acoustic guitar to express profound love.   

Following is the track listing for LEAP OF FAITH

  1. My Hat
    2. Slow Down
    3. All Those Faces
    4. I Refuse
    5. What I should Do
    6. Goodbye, My Love
    7. You're So Wild
    8. It's Alright
    9. Red Dirt Road
    10. The Island
    11. Pearl On The String
    12. This Waltz

In September, TIMOTHY heads to Nashville for the Americana Music Festival & Conference. On Wednesday, September 21, he'll be on-hand to present at the Americana Music Awards show at Ryman Auditorium. The following night, he'll perform a live concert during "Music City Roots" at Factory at Franklin which will be live-streamed on Thursday, September 22 (here). The show will be broadcast nationally on PBS TV at a later date andother show performers include Willie Watson, Sean Watkins as well as Wynonna & The Big Noise. On Sunday, September 25, TIMOTHY and his band will perform a concert at City Winery-Nashville (609 Lafayette Street), which is now sold-out. On Monday, September 26 he'll head to Atlanta, GA for a show at City Winery-Atlanta (650 North Ave Ne), on-sale (here). For more information on the Americana Music Festival & Conference, click (here).

 Catch TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT in the following cities:







Nashville, TN

*Presenting, Americana Music Awards-Ryman Aud.



Nashville, TN

*Performance at Music City Roots-Factory at Franklin



Nashville, TN

City Winery (SOLD OUT)



Atlanta, GA

City Winery (TICKETS)

For more information on TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT, visit:

Texas Guitar Legend Eric Johnson Releases His First All-Acoustic Solo Album

Also, listen to Wrapped In A Could

Thirty years after his breakthrough solo release Tones brought him national recognition, Texan guitar legend Eric Johnson is releasing his first all-acoustic album. Showcasing nine original compositions and four covers, EJ is easily Johnson’s most intimate album to date. “Ever since I was young, I’ve played piano and acoustic guitar in my private life,” Johnson says. “This type of music has always been a part of me, but I never showcased it on any kind of bigger level, like a full acoustic record. With EJ, I just decided to be more honest with myself and everybody, and show more of my personal side.” EJ brings listeners as close as possible to hearing Johnson in his own living room, performing songs on piano and steel-string and nylon-string acoustic guitars.  

Johnson, long known for his painstaking approach to making records, used a much more immediate approach for the self-produced EJ. “Almost all of that material was cut live,” Johnson explains. “Some of the songs I actually sang and played at the same time – just live in the studio. Recording this way gave it more of an honest realism and organic emotion. Especially on the acoustic, you just have to get in there and play.” 

On the original compositions “Wonder,” “Fatherly Downs,” and “All Things You Are,” Johnson frames his voice with his prized 1980 Martin D-45, a gift from his late father. He plays the steel-string on his superlative instrumentals “Once Upon a Time in Texas,” “All Things You Are,” and “Song for Irene.” He conjures the beautiful, pensive tones of “Serinidad,” another original instrumental, on a Ramirez nylon-string guitar. A spirited steel-string arrangement of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” rounds out the solo guitar tracks.  

Johnson recasts another Simon and Garfunkel favorite, “Scarborough Fair,” for voice and piano, and plays piano on the originals “Water Under the Bridge,” “November,” and “Wrapped in a Cloud,” an ensemble track with acoustic bass, cello, drums, and percussion. In a move that’s sure to surprise his fans, Johnson rearranged Jimi Hendrix’ “One Rainy Wish” for guitar and piano, capping the performance with a jazz-inflected piano solo. Rounding out the record is Johnson and guest guitarist Doyle Dykes’ superlative cover of Les Paul and Mary Ford’s 1951 classic, “The World Is Waiting for the Sunshine.” 

Throughout his career, Johnson has approached music as a healing force, a way to enhance a listener’s consciousness and conjure joy and inspiration. “That’s what I’ve always appreciated most about other artists,” he says. “Some artists inspire us to wake up and get back to the clarity of consciousness. With this record, I’m trying to do that too, because I appreciate it so much in other people.”  

In support of EJ’s October 2016 release, Johnson will embark on a series of U.S. tours that will bring him to about 60 cities nationwide. Stay tuned for dates and details. 

Release Date
CD and Digital: October 7, 2016
LP+MP3: October 21, 2016

Available formats
CD, LP+MP3 and Digital

Eric Johnson Online

Foghat Record Release Party at BB Kings NYC 9/21/16

Join Foghat for a party...a Record Release Party!  We are celebrating our new record  "UNDER THE INFLUENCE" on 9/21/16 at B.B. Kings in NYC  with special guests Kim Simmonds and Scott Holt! And after the show, join the band for a meet n' greet at the bar where they will be serving our Foghat Cellars Wines!

Feel free to contact us at!  They would ove to hear from you!

And if you haven't heard "Under The Influence" you owe yourself a treat! It is available at most record stores and all online outlets!

Amazon -
I-Tunes -
Foghat Store -
CD Baby -

Justin Hayward "Live In Concert At The Capitol Theatre"

Coming to DVD and digital formats on September 23rd

An intimate performance from the legendary Moody Blues vocalist

Justin Hayward "Live In Concert at the Capitol Theatre" is the latest DVD release from the legendary Moody Blues vocalist, guitarist, and composer. 

This intimate performance from October 20, 2014 (Clearwater, FL) has been expertly captured by award winning filmmaker & composer David Minasian. It is truly one of Hayward's finest solo performances. 

The DVD, which includes the epic bonus music video The Wind of Heaven, can be pre-ordered now at the MVD Shop
Track Listing
Tuesday Afternoon
It's Up To You / Lovely To See You
In Your Blue Eyes
The Western Sky
You Can Never Go Home
Watching And Waiting
I Dreamed Last Night
One Day, Someday
The Eastern Sun
December Snow
What You Resist Persists
Your Wildest Dreams
Forever Autumn
Nights In White Satin
I Know You're Out There Somewhere
Blue Guitar (bonus track)
Who Are You Now (bonus track)
The Wind of Heaven (bonus track)





NEW YORK, NY (SEPTEMBER 8, 2016) - Platinum-selling Maryland hard rock icons, KIX will release CAN’T STOP THE SHOW: THE RETURN OF KIX, a two-disc DVD/CD set, October 21, 2016 on Loud & Proud Records.  The 71-minute film is an in-depth look into KIX’s decision to record their first new album, 2014’s Rock Your Face Off, in almost 20 years.   

The DVD - WATCH THE TRAILER HERE - also features the making of the album from bassist Mark Schenker’s studio, interviews with the band as well as notable rock artists such as Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme, Lzzy Hale of Halestorm, Jeff LaBar of Cinderella, Share Ross of Vixen, Shannon Larkin of Godsmack, and more, key music industry veterans such as radio personality Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic as well as Luc Carl and Keith Roth of Sirius/XM.  It also includes a rare appearance by producer Taylor Rhodes (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, KIX’s Hot Wire).  

The CD, CAN’T STOP THE SHOW (LIVE) offers never-before-released live KIX tracks recorded over the last three years.  A bonus KIX logo sticker is inside the first manufacturing run, a special treat for KIX fans around the world, and each band member offers his own special contribution to the package’s booklet including vocalist Steve Whiteman’s rigorous exercise routine, cartoons by guitarist Brian “Damage” Forsythe, an essay by bassist Mark Schenker, a gear rundown by guitarist Ronnie “10/10” Younkins and a favorite recipe from drummer Jimmy Chalfant, aka “Chef Chocolate.” 

“KIX is proud of the band's legacy, but equally proud of our new chapter,” says Schenker.  “We had an opportunity to work with some great film makers, so we just let the cameras roll everywhere, and had so much fun putting the project together. There was a true outpouring of love and admiration from our fans and our peers after the release of Rock Your Face Off and luckily, we had documented the recording sessions on film. Now we are excited to share the process of making the new album with our loyal fans.  KIX thanks everyone involved and hopes everyone loves it as much as we loved making it!” 

In 2014, KIX released their seventh full-length album, Rock Your Face Off (Loud & Proud Records) their first studio effort since 1995’s Show Business. The album debuted at #1 on Amazon’s “Hard Rock and Metal “chart, in the Top 50 on Billboard’s “Top 200 Albums” chart, #5 on the “Independent Albums “chart, #11 on the “Top Internet “chart, #17 on the “Top Rock Albums” chart, #27 on the “Indy/Small Chain Core Stores” chart and #33 on the “Physical” chart.  It also garnered rave reviews from publications such as Stereogum who said, “KIX have made an album with all the spirit and joy and craftsmanship that they always brought, an album with a hooks-per-minute ratio enough to grab you even if you never heard of them before reading this review.  The band plays with a sense of rhythmic push-pull that reminds you that people used to dance to this stuff, and that they still could, if they were so inclined…Its mere existence is an inspirational thing, and it’s a reminder that sometimes exploring new musical space isn’t the most important thing. Sometimes, songs are the most important thing.” 

KIX will be performing select shows for the rest of the year, including a home town release event show in Baltimore, MD at Rams Head Live on September 24.  All tour dates can be found on the band’s website HERE. Pre-order CAN’T STOP THE SHOW: THE RETURN OF KIX through Amazon HERE.

1.  Wheels In Motion (Live)
2.  Rock Your Face Off (Live)
3.  Cold Shower (Live)
4.  Mean Miss Adventure (Live)
5.  You’re Gone (Live)
6.  Cold Blood (Live)
7.  Can’t Stop The Show (Live)
8.  Girl Money (Live)
9.  Love Me With Your Top Down (Live)
10.  Blow My Fuse (Live)
11.  Love Pollution (Live at Sirius/XM)
12.  Midnite Dynamite (Live at Sirius/XM)

Eddie Trunk (radio personality)
Taylor Rhodes (producer)
Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme)
Lzzy Hale (Halestorm)
Luc Carl (Sirius/XM)
Keith Roth (Sirius/XM)
Share Ross (Vixen)
Shannon Larkin (Godsmack/Wrathchild America)
Jeff LaBar (Cinderella)
Don Jamieson (Host of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic)
Jaime St James (Black N Blue/Warrant)
Chip Z'Nuff (Enuff Z'Nuff)
Alex Kayne (L'Amour)
Kevin Butler (Hammerjacks)
Steve Kicas (Hammerjacks)
Scott Spelbring (producer)

Loud & Proud Records




DVD+2CD, Blu-ray+2CD, and Digital Formats Out October 21, 2016

On October 21, 2016, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Live At The House Of Blues, Las Vegas by Santana IV on DVD+2CD, Blu-ray+2CD, and Digital Formats [MRSP $29.98 DVD+2CD, $34.98 Blu-ray+2CD]. This release captures the long anticipated reunion of the classic late-sixties / early-seventies line-up of Santana -- Carlos Santana (guitar, vocals); Neal Schon (guitar, vocals); Gregg Rolie (Hammond B3, lead vocals); Michael Shrieve (drums) & Michael Carabello (congas, percussion, backing vocals), joined by Karl Perazzo (percussion, vocals), Benny Rietveld (bass), David K. Mathews (keyboards), with special guest vocalist Ronald Isley.

The Santana IV album, released in April, has been both critically and commercially successful, charting at #5 in the US, #4 in the UK and Top 10 in many other countries around the world.  Live At The House Of Blues, Las Vegas includes several tracks from the new album plus classic hits from the band’s first three albums, to which “Santana IV” is the natural successor, including: “Jingo,” “Soul Sacrifice,” “Samba Pa Ti,” “Black Magic Woman,” “Evil Ways,” “Oye Como Va,” “Everybody’s Everything” and more!

On March 21st, 2016, a few weeks prior to the release of the Santana IV album, this classic line-up of Santana took to the stage at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas. This was a hugely anticipated reunion of a line-up that had not performed and recorded together since the early seventies. It brought back the scintillating combination of rock, Latin, blues, jazz and African rhythms which was the band’s trademark and made them truly unique.

In addition to this fantastic concert, Live At The House Of Blues, Las Vegas includes interviews with the band as a bonus feature.

Live At The House Of Blues, Las Vegas was a celebration of the chemistry, dynamism and pure musical joy that had made the original band so special and earned them a place in so many fans’ hearts. It is a show to be enjoyed over and over again.

 Click here to view a preview of "Oye Como Va":

Pre-order links here:

Eagle Rock Entertainment is the world’s largest producer and distributor of music programming for TV, DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Media. Eagle produces quality HD programs, both concerts and documentaries, directly alongside artists including Imagine Dragons, Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen, and Peter Gabriel. Eagle is a multiple Grammy® Award winner and has received numerous multi-platinum sales awards around the world.  Eagle Vision is headquartered in London, and is a Universal Music Group company.  

Follow Eagle Rock Entertainment at:

For more information regarding this and other Eagle Rock Entertainment releases, contact Carol Kaye at Follow us on Facebook at

1) Soul Sacrifice  
2) Jingo  
3) Evil Ways  
4) Everybody’s Everything  
5) Shake It  
6) Anywhere You Want To Go  
7) Medley: Choo Choo / All Aboard  
8) Samba Pa Ti  
9) Medley: Batuka / No One To Depend On  
10) Leave Me Alone  
11) Sueño  
12) Caminando 
13) Medley: Blues Magic / Echizo  
14) Come As You Are  
15) Yambu  
16) Medley: Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen / Oye Como Va
17) Medley: Love Makes The World Go Round (w/ Ronald Isley) 
18) Freedom In Your Mind (w/ Ronald Isley)  
19) Toussaint L’Overture





Los Angeles, CA:  Fantasy Records, a division of Concord Bicycle Music, is pleased to announce the vinyl edition of the acclaimed MERL SAUNDERS/JERRY GARCIA Keystone Companions: The Complete 1973 Fantasy Recordings, out October 21st.  Recorded live on July 10th and 11th, 1973 at the Keystone club in Berkeley, California, the 24 tracks on this 180-gram, 6-LP collection beautifully capture the magical musical friendship of keyboardist Merl Saunders and Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia. An accompanying booklet includes never-before-seen photos new to this edition, plus updated liner notes by Grateful Dead expert David Gans. A collectible poster will round out the package.

The five-year association of San Francisco-born keyboardist Merl Saunders and guitarist-vocalist Jerry Garcia was fruitful for both musicians, as well as for fans who witnessed their now-legendary performances at clubs in the Bay Area. It made the venerable jazz organist and pianist an icon in the world of rock, and it opened up new avenues of improvisation for the innovative rock guitar player.  Saunders had been writing and performing in New York before returning to the West Coast, where he began doing session work with Garcia, already at the helm of one of the world's most popular rock bands, the Grateful Dead.  By December 1970, a weekly jam session featuring Saunders, Garcia, bassist John Kahn, and drummer Bill Vitt had become a weekly gig at San Francisco's Matrix. 

Originally released as Live at Keystone in 1973, the double LP was recorded by Grateful Dead associates Betty Cantor-Jackson and Rex Jackson, with all four artists credited as producers. Additional material was released as Live at Keystone, Volumes 1 & 2 in 1988. Keystone Companions: The Complete 1973 Fantasy Recordings assembles the original recordings--remastered--and presented in chronological order, allowing fans to experience the two shows exactly as they were performed. The repertoire spans blues, rockabilly, jazz, funk, Broadway, Motown, two Bob Dylan songs, and Jimmy Cliff's immortal "The Harder They Come."  Some songs appear twice, providing the opportunity to hear how the band kept it loose and fresh. As Gans writes in his liner notes, "This music is as exciting and satisfying 40 years later as it was on the day it was made." 

The 2012 compact disc edition of Keystone Companions: The Complete 1973 Fantasy Recordings was embraced by both fans and critics alike. Rolling Stone gave the collection four out of five stars, proclaiming, "What's most remarkable about this [set] is the range...There are no rules-just four luminaries testing their own boundaries." Relix called the box "compelling," adding that, "The spacious, remastered sound brings out the chemistry of the two main players as well as the interplay of the rhythm section." 

Preorder the box set at: 

Check out the promo video here:


Keyboard Icon Rick Wakeman and Legendary Astronaut Chris Hadfield Pay Tribute To Stephen Hawking and David Bowie At Starmus Festival 2016

London, UK - In a rare meeting of the minds, keyboard icon Rick Wakeman and legendary astronaut paid tribute to Stephen Hawking at the Starmus Festival in Tenerife, Spain on July 1, 2016! The two legends performed a moving tribute David Bowie with their rendition of his classic song “Space Oddity”.

Watch the video: v=8LFUoV_8OoM&

The Starmus Festival was born with the aim of making the most universal science and art accessible to the public. Traditionally the perfect symbiosis between astronomy, art and music, STARMUS 2016 brought together not only the brightest minds from these areas but many others besides, as we debate the future of humanity with scientists, business people at the cutting edge, and celebrities of all kinds.

Chris Austin Hadfield is a retired Canadian astronaut who was the first Canadian to walk in space. An engineer and former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot, Hadfield has flown two space shuttle missions and served as commander of the International Space Station.

Commander Hadfield originally performed a cover Bowie's “Space Oddity” on board the International Space Station in 2013. He posted the video on the internet which immediately became a global sensation, being the first ever music video performed in space. Although he had made the video for a number of reasons, Hadfield felt that, “Maybe most importantly, it was a chance to let people see where we truly are in space exploration”. David Bowie himself responded saying that the cover of his 1969 song was “possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created”. The guitar Hadfield used to perform the song is still on the space station where it will remain forever!

Rick Wakeman, who played mellotron on the original version of Bowie's “Space Oddity” says, “It’s a real honour to have played on probably the two most iconic versions of 'Space Oddity', the brilliant original with David of course and now this very special version with Chris that was born 300 miles from planet earth!”

While the Starmus Festival 2016 was paying tribute to Hawking, the promoters also decided to pay tribute to David Bowie! Why? Because Bowie and Hawking share the same birthday - January 8th. Also, Bowie was very much inspired by Space, Astronomy etc… He was invited to Starmus but the invitation arrived the same day he passed…

For more information:


The INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS are on pace to have the busiest year in their 10-year career, and they're having a blast doing it.  They've been on tour non-stop since the February release of their highly acclaimed Ladies & Gentlemen album and are excited to return to the studio in September to record a new album of Stringdusters music.  

This summer has been filled with several unique and notable highlights. Aside from their first-ever headlining show at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the progressive bluegrass virtuosos were invited to back Ryan Adams at both the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and the Newport Folk Festival, and performed with Adams on the "Late Show With Stephen Colbert."  And the Stringdusters also shared the stage with Grateful Dead's Phil Lesh as part of his Phil & Friends set at the Lockn' Festival, where they jammed with Anders Osborne, Joe Russo, Phish's Jon Fishman and Page McConnell as well as Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi.

The Stringdusters' banjo player Chris Pandolfi raved about the recent shows, saying "This past summer has been amazing for us, with more cool musical opportunities than we could have ever expected. We played a handful of shows with honorary Stringduster Nicki Bluhm, featuring the music from our recent album, Ladies & Gentlemen, at some of our favorite festivals and venues across the country. Ryan (Adams) was amazing, gracious and inspiring to work with, always giving us room to make our mark on his incredible songs, and introducing us to so many of his amazing fans. As for the show with Grateful Dead bassist and all around musical giant Phil Lesh:  we got a lot of work done on the musical bucket list in one 90-minute set!  Phil has been such a great friend and ally over the years, and this show felt like a culmination of all that time together.  We can't thank him enough. So, needless to say it's been a very memorable summer!  All of these amazing artists helped bring our music to a new level, inspiring us to do better as we move forward toward a new Stringduster album and some big shows this fall winter. We can't wait for Festy, Fillmore Halloween, Richmond NYE and everything in between." 

At the band's first-ever Red Rocks headlining show, the band was joined by special guests Lee Ann Womack and Nicki Bluhm.  Rolling Stone debuted a performance video for "Run To Heaven;" check it out here

At the Newport Folk Festival's NPR Stage with Bob Boilen, they jammed with Ryan Adams and Nicki Bluhm on a cover of Dio's "Holy Diver."  Watch it here

The Stingdusters again joined Adams and Bluhm for a new rendition of his classic "Oh My Sweet Carolina" on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert." Watch here

The band also stopped by The Onion's "AV Club" for a spirited performance of The Killers' "When We Were Young."  Watch it here

The Grammy-nominated acoustic five-piece--Andy Hall (dobro), Andy Falco (guitar), Chris Pandolfi (banjo), Jeremy Garrett (fiddle), and Travis Book (upright bass)--are touring in support of their widely acclaimed Ladies & Gentlemen album, which features all original Stringdusters songs with an array of standout female singers like Lee Ann Womack, Nicki Bluhm, Joss Stone and more.  

The Stringdusters have dates booked through mid-December and will announce details about their forthcoming album soon.




Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the highly anticipated twelfth original GLENN HUGHES album “Resonate” - released on Friday 4th November 2016.  The album dovetails Glenn’s UK and European tour with special guests “Living Colour” which kicks off in the UK on Tuesday 8th November (see tour dates listed below).  Click here to read the official UK press release announcement -   

A true vocal and musical icon of our times, in the past couple of years Glenn concentrated again on his solo career. Sold out crowds were the order of the day, while touring non-stop throughout 2015, with shows in South America, Europe, UK, Japan and Singapore.  In addition, late in 2015, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame based in the USA, announced that Deep Purple including MKIII, are finally to be inducted after several previous nominations over the years.  This was a culmination of a 40+ years career which saw Glenn leave his indelible mark in several musical endeavours and bands, including Trapeze, Deep Purple, Hughes/Thrall, his collaborations with Gary Moore, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi and most recently with Black Country Communion and California Breed. 

2016 was his busiest year yet. With summer festivals and solo shows in the USA, UK and Europe, finally Glenn’s first solo album in over 8 years that will see the light of day! “Resonate” is truly a triumphant return to form for "The Voice of Rock"!  

From album opener, "Heavy", to the very last chords of the closer, "Long Time Gone", it promises to be a contender for 'Album of the Year'.  The new album  features his live solo band members, Soren Andersen (guitars and co-producer), Pontus Engborg (drums) and newcomer to his band, Lachy Doley (keyboards), in addition to long-time friend and drummer, Chad Smith (of Red Hot Chili Peppers), who joined them in the studio for the opening and closing numbers.   It might well be the most heavy sounding of his solo albums, but as is his trademark, musical diversity shines through and as Glenn commented upon completion of the new recording, "this album is the first kind of a complete Glenn Hughes album".  

No other rock musician has carved such a distinctive style blending the finest elements of hard rock, soul and funk. That astonishing voice is Hughes' calling card and the new album, “Resonate” will shine as a true Glenn Hughes landmark release.  The new album will be available in two configurations: regular CD and Deluxe Edition including one bonus track and DVD. Vinyl release will be made available via the Frontiers’ label partners Soulfood Music.  The Deluxe Edition includes the bonus track “Nothing’s The Same”, plus a bonus DVD disc featuring the “Making of” the album documentary – “Heavy” (song video), and “Long Time Gone” (song video). 


1.            HEAVY
2.            MY TOWN
3.            FLOW
4.            LET IT SHINE
5.            STEADY
6.            GOD OF MONEY
7.            HOW LONG
8.            WHEN I FALL
9.            LANDMINES
10.          STUMBLE & GO
11.          LONG TIME GONE

Why Guns N' Roses Reunion Didn't Include Izzy Stradlin

Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin explained why he is not part of the band's reunion lineup and he's called Axl Rose's recent explanation for his absence "bs."

His comment comes after the frontman suggested he wasn't sure why Stradlin had declined to rejoin for their Not In This Lifetime tour. Earlier this month Rose said: "With Izzy, that's just something I can't really describe. I don't know what to say.

"You can have a conversation and think it's one way, then the next day it's another way. I'm not trying to take any shots at Izzy. It's just, his thing's his thing, whatever that is."

Stradlin has responded with a tweet that reads: "[B.S.] They didn't want to split the loot equally. Simple as that. Moving right along…" here.

Bruce Springsteen Was 'Crushed' By His Mental Health Struggles

Bruce Springsteen has revealed that he still worries about his mental health after admitting his battle with depression left him "crushed" a few years ago.

The 66-year-old singer-songwriter says his wife Patti Scialfa observes his bouts of mental illness as "a freight train bearing down" on him. He also describes his inner struggle as a car with multiple versions of himself inside - and there's no way of knowing which one is in the driver's seat.

He tells Vanity Fair: "I was crushed between 60 and 62, good for a year and out again from 63 to 64. Not a good record. Whoever you've been and wherever you've been, it never leaves you. I always picture it as a car. All your selves are in it. And a new self can get in, but the old selves can't ever get out. The important thing is, who's got their hands on the wheel at any given moment?"

He adds: "Playing a show brings a tremendous amount of euphoria - and the danger of it is, there's always that moment, comes every night, where you think, 'Hey, man, I'm gonna live forever.' You're feeling all your power.

"And then you come offstage, and the main thing you realize is 'Well, that's over.' Mortality sets back in. I realize there is a finite amount of time in which I'm going to continue to do what I'm doing." here.

Gene Simmons Says Celebs Should 'Shut Their Pieholes' About Politics

Outspoken KISS star Gene Simmons says one of the few things he won't discuss is his political views. And as the US presidential election looms, he believes celebrities should "all shut their pieholes" when it comes to giving voting advice.

Asked about big names expressing political opinions, he responds: "They should all shut their pieholes. I really believe democracy doesn't work well when celebrities butt their heads into places they don't belong.

"Katy Perry, Gene Simmons, Chubby Checker - I don't care who you are, you've got influence, and your fans tend sometimes to do stuff they would normally not do, just because they're your fans.

"It's worth noting that when you go into a voting booth there's a curtain. It's nobody's damn business who you're voting for." Read more here.

Anderson Rabin Wakeman Plan To Record New Music

Anderson Rabin Wakeman (ARW) will record new music next year, Jon Anderson has confirmed. The former Yes man, who was named the 2016 Prog God at the Prog Magazine Awards in London last week, says working with his former bandmates again is "great fun" and feels "natural" - and adds they're focusing on rehearsing for their upcoming tour.

He tells TeamRock: "It's gonna be great fun for us, and the fans. We just want to have a good time, re-creating the wonderful music of Yes over the years.

"There's a lot of jokes about life, talking about our love for music, and what we will be up to in the next couple of years. We have some songs based on music from all of us really - very intense to very ethereal. It's really typical Yes energy.

"We'll probably release EPs, but we will wait until the new year to record them. For now, it's putting on a show that works." Read more here.

Dio Offshoot Last In Line Announce Tour

Dio offshoot Last In Line have confirmed a UK tour for November and December this year, with an additional date in Germany. The lineup features guitarist Vivian Campbell and drummer Vinny Appice, who became members of Ronnie James Dio's band when he went solo in 1982.

Vocalist Andrew Freeman fronts the outfit, who were rounded out by original Dio bassist Jimmy Bain until his death in January. He was replaced by ex-Ozzy Osbourne man Phil Soussan.

Appice recently said Last In Line would "be around" more during 2017 as Campbell's Def Leppard duties eased off, adding: "We haven't really gone out and bombarded the audience with this yet.

"A lot of people can't wait for us to come to their cities. It looks like next year we'll be able to do that, then we'll be able to hit all the big festivals in Europe too." See the dates here.

The Rolling Stones Release Trailer For New Tour Documentary

The Rolling Stones' two-month trek across South America as part of their 10-city tour earlier this year will be coming to theaters soon, and fans can now see the trailer ahead of the film's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Ole Ole Ole!: A Trip Across Latin America is part concert film and part documentary, following the Stones across nine cities in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Mexico before ending in Havana, Cuba, for a historic moment.

Their show in the country marked the first time an international rock band performed there since the United States lifted its embargo.In between the band's sold out stadium crowd performances, they discuss the political nature of rock and roll. Read more here.

Graham Bonnet Band Announce New Album 'The Book'

The Graham Bonnet Band will release the album The Book on November 11. The singer says the new material is in a "very similar" vein to his work in previous bands such as Rainbow, Alcatrazz and MSG. The package will also include a bonus disc of "re-recorded classics."

He adds: "I think this is what people want to hear from me - and won't be disappointed." Bonnett also describes the story behind album's potential first single, Into The Night.

He says: "It's about a guy who's been on a long trip, who comes home to find his bags have been packed. He comes home weary and looking forward to going to sleep and seeing his family, but he can't get in the door - his key doesn't work.

"He presses the doorbell and eventually his wife answers - though she wasn't happy to see him. She tells him, 'You're leaving tomorrow. I have arranged a condominium for you to go and live in - our marriage is over.'" Watch the promo here.

Metallica Release An 'All-Angle' Sad But True Video

Metallica have released an "all-angle" video featuring their performance of classic track Sad But True, shot during their show in Minneapolis last month.

The first rock concert at the city's new US Bank Stadium was broadcast live across the world, and included their first-ever live delivery of latest track Hardwired - just five days after they'd first rehearsed it together.

Frontman James Hetfield introduced the song by thanking their support bands for the evening, asking fans: "Did you guys see Volbeat? They're really good. Then Avenged Sevenfold, of course, you all liked them. There were here representing live and loud heavy music. This one goes out to them."

The clip also shows drummer Lars Ulrich meeting fans who have never seen the band live before, and other supporters being given surprise snake pit passes. Watch the video and read more here.

Motley Crue's The End Gets International Theatrical Release

Motley Crue will present their final show via "The End" concert film in cinemas outside North America for one night only on October 13, they've announced.

The End, shot in Los Angeles last December, will be featured alongside exclusive documentary footage, telling the full story of their farewell performance at the Staples Center.

It was screened in the US in June, and will now be seen in the UK, Europe, South America, Australia and Japan. Organizers say: "In January 2014, Motley Crue held a press conference announcing their final tour, complete with a 'cessation of touring' agreement prohibiting any and all future live engagements.

"The two-year concert trek saw Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee perform across five continents, grossing over $100 million. While not everyone was able to witness their final show live, fans can catch all the action when MusicScreen, Live Alliance, Eagle Rock Entertainment and Tenth Street Entertainment present Motley Crue: The End in selected cinemas on October 13."

The last show ground to a temporary halt when drummer Lee's roller coaster stage set stopped working, leaving him hanging upside down from his kit until roadies climbed up to rescue him. Read more and watch a trailer here.

Gregg Allman Announces Return Following Serious Illness

Rock legend Gregg Allman revealed that he has been 'given a clean bill of health from his doctors' following a serious illness that caused him to cancel his summer tour dates.

He announced that his first show back will be taking place at the Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado on September 25th during his Laid Back Festival where he will be playing an acoustic set prior to ZZ Top's headline performance.

Allman had this to say, "I just can't wait to get back out there. I've gotten so stir crazy these last few weeks. I feel best when I'm traveling and playing. That's what keeps me going, and there's no better place to start than Red Rocks."

He will be following the Red Rocks performance with an appearance at the Laid Back Atlanta festival on October 29th and then he will launch his annual residency at City Winery in New York with the first of the 10 shows scheduled to take place on November 6th.

Earlier this summer Allman received treatment at the Mayo Clinic for what his camp said was a series illness which prevented him for keeping his summer live commitments. He said at the time, "I want to thank my fans and friends for supporting me while I rest up and focus on getting better and back on the road as soon as I can.

"I've been working hard with my band, my pride and joy, to play our music for everyone. We'll see y'all in October."

Axl Rose Manager Slams AC/DC Tour Critics

Axl Rose manager Beta Lebeis has slammed AC/DC fans unhappy with the Guns N' Roses singer's presence in the band's current lineup. He's partway through helping them complete their Rock Or Bust world tour after Brian Johnson was forced to bow out when threatened with permanent hearing loss in April.

Rose's double duties have drawn criticism from some followers of Angus Young's band - but Lebeis doesn't want to hear any more of it. In a series of Instagram posts which appear to have been since removed (reported by Alternative Nation) she said last week: "Do them a favor - don't come or watch any shows. They don't need a**holes like you around. You are an illness to both bands.

She added: "I'm sure all of you wish Brian would be there, but Brian is sick. For God's sake just appreciate what's up there and stop being so selfish. Grow up and stop complaining. This is also about Angus and his mates - have some respect for them." Read the rest of the comments here.

Motley Crue Reportedly Sued Over Farewell Tour Merch

Motley Crue are reportedly being sued by a pair of photographers over merchandise sold during the band's lengthy two-year farewell tour, according to a report by TMZ.

The gossip site reports that Barry Levine and Neil Zlozower filed a lawsuit in New York on Tuesday seeking compensation, damages and attorney's fees after images they both shot of the band were used on a variety of merchandise without their permission.

The Final Tour consisted of 130 concerts around the United States, 16 shows in Europe, 5 shows in Asia, 6 shows in Australia region, and one in South America with a reported gross earnings of approximately 86 million dollars.

"In the 1980s," states the suit, "Zlozower and Levine photographed the members of the Motley Crue band at Zlozower and Levine's respective studios in Los Angeles. Zlozower and Levine used their own cameras, lighting equipment, film, batteries, backdrops, and accessories. Zlozower and Levine directed the band members as to where to stand, how to pose, and where to position.

"Defendants infringed Plaintiff's copyright in the Photographs by reproducing, publicly displaying, and selling the Photographs on merchandise. Defendants are not, and have never been, licensed or otherwise authorized to reproduce, publicly display, distribute, sell and/or use the Photographs on merchandise." Read more here.

Stevie Nicks And The Pretenders Announce North American Tour

Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks has announced that she will be launching a North America solo tour this fall that will feature support from The Pretenders.

Nicks will be hitting the road in support of her latest release, "24 Karat Gold -Songs From the Vault." The 27-city tour that will begin in Phoenix, Arizona on October 25.

Nicks recently completed a 14-month, 122-date tour with Fleetwood Mac and saw an opportunity in her schedule to launch a solo trek of her own.
"I just woke up one morning and said I have two years off before Fleetwood Mac comes knocking on my door [for another tour]," she tells the New York Times. "Why would I want to sit around and do nothing?" See the tour dates here.

Black Country Communion Begin Work On New Album

Rock supergroup Black Country Communion have regrouped to begin writing sessions for their fourth album, according to a social media post by bassist and vocalist Glenn Hughes.

"Here we go BCC friends, followers & fans," posted Hughes along with an image to his social media sites on Monday. "Here is Joe Bonamassa and I… we started writing BCC4 at my LA home today. Full of gratitude and for our friendship… I want to thank all of you for your love and support."

Hughes and Bonamassa, alongside keyboardist Derek Sherinian and drummer Jason Bonham, revealed plans earlier this year to reunite after the lineup disbanded in early 2013.

Black Country Communion will once again team up with producer Kevin Shirley for the project, which is expected to be issued sometime in 2017. "We're refurbishing the fuel tanks and refitting the rocket," posted Shirley in April. "Getting ready for takeoff in 2017 again, and I'm fired up... who's ready for another dose of BCC!?" Read more and see the photo here.

Metallica's Lars Is Shocked At The Success Of Black Album

Lars Ulrich says the long-lasting success of Metallica's 1991 self-titled album is a "mindf***." The metal titans' seminal fifth record, also known as the Black Album, is the best-selling album in the US for the last 25 years, according to Billboard. It has sold 16.4 million copies since its launch and, having spent more than 390 weeks in the Billboard Top 200, is the longest-charting record since the tally began using Nielsen Data.

When asked what he thinks about their record-breaking success in the States, Ulrich tells Billboard: "I think you file that one under 'mindf***.' There's so many inherently bizarre things about that sentence or that fact that I don't even know where to begin.

"It's pretty amazing that 5000 people still buy this record every week in the US. I'd like to meet, No. 3267 last week. Who is that person? Did you not own it? Are you just replacing your old copy? Did it just show up on your radar?"

He adds: "I'm not knocking it, and I think it's awesome. Numbers like that are just so weirdly abstract to me." Read more here.


Axl Rose Explains How Guns N' Roses Reunion Came About

Axl Rose reveals how the Guns N' Roses reunion came together in the past 18 months in a new interview for Brazil television station Globo TV's weekly news magazine Fantastico.

"It had a lot to do with Paul Tollett of Coachella," Axl said. "He started talking about it. It seemed real. So at that point, I just told my people that they could go ahead and start talking to people and see what's going on. And then as it became more real, I texted [my assistant] Fernando [Lebeis] and asked for Slash's number. And then Fernando texted his mom [Beta Lebeis, from his management team], and he was, like, 'If this is a joke, I'm gonna kill you.'"

As the Coachella discussions in early 2015 naturally expanded into talk of a possible tour, Rose re-connected with Slash for the first time in more than two decades.

"In October, we got together and we had a dinner at my house," the singer explains. "And then Duff and I went and hung out right after that - like a week or so after. And then it was just kind of talking and planning."

Slash and Duff connected with longtime GNR drummer Frank Ferrer early on to get a setlist together and work things out in rehearsal - including material from 2008's "Chinese Democracy."

"I didn't have anything, really, to do with that," says Rose. "They stepped to songs on 'Chinese'. They asked, 'Which ones are you interested in us doing?' and stuff, and they stepped to that on their own. They started working with Frank, 'cause they had their own way of working with the drummer, and working with the rhythms, and kind of picked up the tempo on some of the old songs a bit, and things like that, and got their communication working. So they spent a good while with that on their own."

"I really got to discover - in the best of ways - the album 'Chinese Democracy' that Axl made, and it was these songs he had worked on," adds McKagan. "And I had listened to the record, but when you start to play the songs as a player, you really discover all the layers in the songs. But really kind of how you hear it and how I'm hearing the songs are maybe a little bit different. And when we went into rehearsals, we wanted to really own that… like this is gonna be what we're doing." Watch the full interview here.

Metallica Announce First Leg Of Hardwired Tour

Metallica have announced dates for a fall tour of Latin America which will be first leg of the trek in support of their forthcoming album, "Hardwired…To Self Destruct."

The five-show run will begin in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 26. "It's on!!!," says the band. "As we put the finishing touches on Hardwired…To Self-Destruct we're also getting ready to hit the road for the first of many headlining shows around the world.

"To kick it all off we're returning to five cities we know will absolutely rock hard with all kinds of crazy Metalli-love and get this tour started right! First up we travel to Latin America with stops in Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

"We can't think of a better place to get the juices flowing and set the table for many more shows to come! We are beyond excited to get out there, visit all of you and test out some of the new songs live." See the dates here.

Aerosmith's Joey Kramer Addresses Farewell Tour Rumors

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer says that there are no plans for a farewell tour as far as he knows, but he has confirmed that the veteran band will hit the road next year.

In June, frontman Steven Tyler said the band would embark on their final run of shows next year. Though guitarist Joe Perry said it had been discussed over the years, he recently admitted that he can't ever imagine calling it quits.

Now Kramer tells Culture Map: "As far as I know there is no farewell tour." When asked why Tyler had announced send-off plans, he replies: "Because it was something we were talking about, and he has a habit of projecting on things that haven't been completed yet." Read more here.

Jason Newsted's Inspiration For New Unplugged Project

Jason Newsted has opened up on why his focus is now on playing acoustic material. He previously stated he changed direction as he'd achieved everything he could with heavy music during his time in Metallica.

And he now reports he picked up the acoustic guitar when he was with his ill mother, who passed away in March this year. The bassist tells Eddie Trunk (via Blabbermouth): "I had to keep playing, and she knows I had to keep playing. So I picked up the acoustic and started doing what I was able to do when I was just hanging around her, and started learning my cowboy chords and started collecting my songs.

"This was about the beginning of summer of 2014. So I would play certain songs for her, kind of choking through them - a bass player playing heavy-handed on the acoustic guitar and just banging these cowboy chords out and learning Johnny Cash, Neil Young and George Jones and more popular things like that.

"A couple of years later, I've dug in a lot deeper than that, but it was originally inspired by where I'd play mom songs. She wouldn't necessarily remember which ones I'd played for her, and so she would react to certain songs the same way each time she heard them as if she was hearing them the first time." Read more here.

Gene Simmons Explains His Hatred Of Alcohol

KISS star Gene Simmons has outlined why he doesn't think anyone should drink - although he's happy to sell alcohol via his Rock & Brews bar-restaurant chain.

The bassist and vocalist says he's never had more than a sip in his life, partly because he decided at a young age to avoid letting his Holocaust-surviving mother down.

Simmons said earlier this year: "She saw her mother walk into the gas chambers. Her whole family was destroyed. My mother was the only one left alive. And she was 14."

Now he tells the LA Times: "I'm my mother's only child. I was concerned that I had no right to harm my mother. Life did that enough." And there's another reason: "I literally never drink, privately or publicly. I don't like the taste or smell of alcohol. I've never been drunk in my life and have never taken more than a sip of anything - and I hated it every time. I'll toast, just to be sociable, but that's it."

On the subject of why no one should drink he says: "Life is a race and we're in constant competition. If you and I are lined up along with 10 other guys, do you think you'll do better than the guy who's a little tipsy? The alcohol is not going to help him." Read more here.

Iron Maiden's Steve Harris Announces British Lion Tour

Iron Maiden leader Steve Harris will tour Europe in November and December with his band British Lion, he's confirmed. They'll perform material from their self-titled 2012 album along with songs that haven't yet been recorded, with some shows to appear on a live record in 2017.

Harris says: "On this tour we'll be making our first visits to Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ireland. We've got a really strong show lined up, including plenty of songs not on the British Lion album.

"The whole band is really excited and can't wait to get on the road again. We'll be looking to record some shows to add to the recordings we already have." here.

Procol Harum Announce 50th Anniversary Concert

Procol Harum have announced a 50th anniversary show in London next March. They'll be accompanied by a full orchestra and the English New Chamber Choir conducted by David Firman.

Led by founding member, singer, pianist and composer Gary Brooker since 1967, the British symphonic outfit will celebrate 50 years since the release of their single A Whiter Shade Of Pale with a concert at the city's Royal Festival Hall on March 3.

The show will see Procol Harum "Dip into their vast catalogue and cannon of worldwide hits accompanied by the orchestra to bring to the stage the magic that they have always retained, taking influences from diverse strands of popular music including blues, R&B, soul, baroque, and classical. There will also be a few new surprises too." here.

Black Sabbath's Bill Ward Blasts Ozzy's Final Concert Suggestion

Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward says that Ozzy Osbourne's recent comments that he may still join the band during their very last concert in Birmingham "emotionally heartbreaking" and "spiteful."

The metal legends will be playing their final show in their hometown in February and Ozzy suggested during a recent interview that there was still a chance that Ward would perform at the show.

When asked about the possibility Ozzy said, "every time I reach out to Bill I get yelled at for something. If something can be worked out, great." And now Ward has released the following comments:

"Ozzy has never reached out since January 26/27 2012 when he called to see when I would be arriving in the UK to join rehearsals for the 13 CD. Since that last phone call, he has never reached out to me, and I have not reached out to him.

"Ozzy needs to look to those who stopped me from coming through. The contract was impossible to sign; the group rhetoric of 2012, 2013 and throughout,... was fault-finding, condemning and full of dishonest evaluations of me as a person, including my so-called health issues. Had I signed the contract, I suspect I wouldn't have been labeled as having poor health or having all the other judgmental character references.

"As a reminder, in September 2015, we asked a Sabbath representative if there could be an opening to play with the band again. Their representative answered 'no.' It's hard to come through when you receive a 'no.'

"I love all our Sabbath fans throughout the world, and to toss around ideas that I might play the Birmingham shows is both emotionally heartbreaking for me and spiteful. I think the Sabbath fans who have loved the original band have gone through enough in terms of disappointment and sadness. For me to play Birmingham only, would, I feel, be discriminating and elitist towards our other fans all over the world. I could never be discriminating or elitist to our fans. It's been heartbreaking enough not to record and tour and it'll be heartbreaking not to play to the Birmingham fans. Please know the prevailing circumstances are not by my design. This is not what I would have wanted or what I have chosen. Had any of you had to choose to sign a contract which undermined and devalued you, I think most of you with some dignity and self-respect would have walked away too. My absence at the current shows and the future Birmingham shows reflects an undeniable and unseen misadventure that my accusers won't bear. It's called selfishness and self-centeredness; dishonesty and disloyalty. These are the culprits of Sabbath's original line-up's demise."

Get Under The Influence - Foghat Release Party - 9/21 at BB Kings!

A message from Foghat:

We are having a party...a Record Release Party!  So join us on 9/21/16 at B.B. Kings in NYC  to celebrate   "UNDER THE INFLUENCE" with our special guests Kim Simmonds and Scott Holt!

Feel free to contact us at!  We'd love to hear from you! And if you haven't heard "Under The Influence"you owe yourself a treat! It is available at most record stores and all online outlets!

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Meat Loaf Readies Release of New Album Braver Than We Are with Appearances on NBC's TODAY, ABC's The Chew, Fox & Friends, Oprah’s Where Are They Now, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, The Big Interview with Dan Rather, CNBC, PBS and More

Catch Interviews with Meat Loaf in Upcoming Issues of People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Parade Magazine, Billboard and on Huffington Post

New Album Braver Than We Are Available Sept. 9 in Europe & Sept. 16 in US and the Rest of the World 

NEW YORK, N.Y. (September 1, 2016) – If you watch TV, read magazines, listen to the radio or browse the web, chances are you’ll be seeing and hearing Meat Loaf in the coming weeks. To celebrate the release of his highly-anticipated new album Braver Than We Are (available Sept. 9 in Europe and Sept. 16 in the US and the rest of the world), the Grammy Award-winning musician and acclaimed film, TV and stage actor will make appearances on numerous TV shows, including NBC’s TODAY and AOL Build on Sept. 12, Fox & Friends on Sept. 13, ABC’s The Chew Sept. 14, Oprah’s Where Are They Now, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, The Big Interview with Dan Rather, PBS’ Metro Focus, CNBC’s Closing Bell and many more, as well as multiple shows on SiriusXM and The Alan Colmes Show on Fox News Radio. Additionally, interviews with Meat Loaf will appear in upcoming issues of People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Closer Weekly and Parade Magazine, as well as on Billboard and Huffington Post.

"People won't believe us but we're more excited about this album than we were Bat 1 and I'm thrilled to be finally sharing it with the world," Meat Loaf stated.

In a career spanning over four decades, Braver Than We Are is Meat Loaf’s fourth album featuring songs exclusively written by Jim Steinman. With a painting featuring Meat and Jim together for the first time gracing the cover, the album hearkens back to the hugely successful Meat-Steinman collaborations Bat Out of Hell (1977) and Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell (1993), which together sold over 67 million units. Braver Than We Are is a testament to Meat’s artistic rapport with Steinman. The songwriter’s strikingly vivid style matched with Meat’s incomparable talents not to mention his wit and grandiosity, results in the two successfully connecting with audiences on an epic scale. 429 Records will release Braver Than We Are digitally, on CD and vinyl in Europe on Sept. 9 and the US and rest of the world on Sept. 16.

To Purchase “Braver Than We Are” visit:
iTunes Bonus Edition including ‘Going All The Way’ radio single

CD with Bonus ‘Making of’ DVD

CD with 3 Exclusive Bonus Tracks

Bundles of CD, LP and t-shirt

About Meat Loaf:
Whether he’s on tape, on screen or the performance stage, Meat Loaf’s powerful presence is always felt in grand style. The Grammy® Award-winning musical titan exploded onto the scene with the breakout album, “Bat Out of Hell” in 1977. It has remained one of the top-selling albums in the world. Celebrated as one of the most extraordinary performers of all-time, Meat Loaf has appeared on Broadway and appeared in numerous films and television shows ranging from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Crazy in Alabama, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, and Fight Club to House, M.D., Masters of Horror, Hallmark’s Citizen Jane, Monk, Celebrity Apprentice, and Glee. The iconic performer continues to take center stage before packed concerts crowds, get rave reviews and generate international headlines. For more information, visit



Los Angeles - September 1, 2016 - In his trailblazing and incredibly prolific career, artist, composer and all-around musical pioneer Frank Zappa released more than 60 albums in his lifetime, as a solo artist and with his bands the Mothers of Invention and the Mothers. Coupled with more than 40 posthumous releases since his death in 1993 at 52, figuring out where to start in Zappa's vast, genre-leaping catalog can be daunting. ZAPPAtite - Frank Zappa's Tastiest Tracks, due September 23 on Zappa Records/UMe and available for pre-order now, collects some of Zappa's best known and beloved compositions, from his early psychedelic rock beginnings to his avant-garde experimentation, jazz-rock explorations, symphonic suites and satirical send-ups,compiling them into one easily digestible collection and offering key entryways into the many musical worlds of the visionary musician. Available on CD and digitally, with vinyl to come at a later date, the album is divided into three courses - Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts - and the food-centric theme oozes throughout the album art, which features Zappa in a diner on the cover, a track list that resembles a menu and some of Zappa's favorite eats. The 18 compositions that make up ZAPPAtite were compiled by Zappa's son Ahmet Zappa and encyclopedic Zappa archivist, "Vaultmeister" Joe Travers. "This isn't a greatest hits album as Frank didn't really have 'hits,' per se, nor is it a 'best of' since that would be an impossibility to fit so much awesome onto one disc," says Ahmet Zappa. "It's a veritable smorgasbord of musicality for the curious and a buffet of favorites for the fans, ZAPPAtite collects a cross section of my favorite songs composed by my dad, that lean more towards the rock side of his expansive repertoire. I hope you're hungry because this meal for your ears rocks!"

Kicking off with the one-two punch of "I'm The Slime" and "Dirty Love" from Zappa's 1973 watershed Gold album, Over-Nite Sensation, the collection quickly introduces Zappa's eclecticism and salacious tongue as the songs meld polyrhythmic psychedelic rock and heavy funk with his trademark innuendo-filled lyrics. From there, the album travels through Zappa's sprawling musical universe, highlighting vital songs and important eras of his career. The Appetizers portion also includes the GRAMMY® -nominated disco satire "Dancin' Fool" and the controversial European smash "Bobby Brown Goes Down" from Zappa's popular 1979 album, Sheik Yerbouti; and "Trouble Every Day" from Zappa's embryonic rock band the Mothers of Invention's groundbreaking 1966 debut, Freak Out!. Entrees includes one of Zappa's best known works, the universally loved instrumental "Peaches En Regalia from his classic 1969 solo sophomore record, Hot Rats; ubiquitous Top 40 hit "Valley Girl," featuring his then 14-year-old daughter Moon Unit affecting a valley girl "gag-me-with-a-spoon" patois, from 1982's Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch;to the possible autobiographical track from a parallel dimension "Joe's Garage" of 1979's LP of the same name; and the waggish blues rocker "Cosmik Debris" and the humorous "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow," two standouts from one of Zappa's most commercial and accessible albums, 1974's Apostrophe (').

Desserts explores Zappa's musical virtuosity and singular live performances and includes the comedic "Titties & Beer" from the 1978 live album, Zappa In New York; the frenetic Synclavier-fueled "G-Spot Tornado" from 1986's JazzFrom Hell; the anti-drugs creed, "Cocaine Decisions" from 1983's The Man From Utopia;and "Zoot Allures," the heady instrumental featuring some of Zappa's electrifying guitar playing, from 1976's Zoot Allures. The album culminates with a performance of "Strictly Genteel" with the London Symphony Orchestra. The epic, orchestral-rock piece originally served as the grand finale to Zappa's surrealist 1971 film, "200 Motels."

As this year marks 50 years since the release of the Mothers of Invention's seminal debut album, Freak Out!, hailed as one of the 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time by Rolling Stone, Zappa's music and enduring legacy has been experiencing a renaissance as younger generations discover his music. Apair of documentaries has also brought about a renewed interest and focus on the forward-thinking iconoclast's lasting impact. In June, Sony Pictures Classics released the feature documentary, "Eat That Question - Frank Zappa In His Own Words" to widespread acclaim. Comprised of TV interviews, performances and rare archival footage, the film reveals a provocative 20th century musical genius, rock legend and intellectual firebrand whose worldview reverberates into the present day and beyond. In April, filmmaker Alex Winter announced his plans for a documentary entitled, "Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa," and it quickly pushed past its goal of $500,000 to became the highest-funded documentary film in Kickstarter's history by collecting just over $1.1 million by offering t-shirts, posters, inclusion in the film's credits, access to never-released audio recordings, video footage, visual materials from the vault, and even the chance to purchase Zappa's 8,000 sq. ft. Hollywood home.

Since the Zappa Family Trust and UMe entered into a global partnership for a long-term, licensing agreement encompassing Zappa's entire recorded catalog, as well as rights management participation across the rest of the cultural icon's creative canon, together they have been steadily reissuing the catalog on CD, LP and digitally. They have also been digging deep into Zappa's famed vault to make available a bevy of unreleased material, live concerts and other assorted rarities.

Continuing the reissues, Zappa's classic Hot Rats was just released on 180-gram vinyl on August 26. Recorded in 1969, his second solo album is widely known for its pioneering fusion of jazz and rock and contains one of his best known songs, "Peaches En Regalia." Mostly an instrumental album, sans "Willie The Pimp" which features Captain Beefheart's craggy vocals, the six-song LP is filled with complex musical passages, breathtaking playing and some beautifully melodic moments.

Video From AC/DC With Axl Rose's Florida Show Goes Online

Axl Rose and AC/DC performed at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, FL, just outside of Ft. Lauderdale, on August 30 and videos from the show have been posted online.

The 24-song set on the Rock Or Bust world tour mirrored the band's August 27 US tour opener in Greensboro, NC, with fans in Florida witnessing the second performance of the 1975 classic, "Live Wire," in 34 years.

The BB&T Center appearance marked the second concert of a 10-date series of shows that were rescheduled after singer Brian Johnson was sidelined in March due to hearing loss issues.

Rose fronted the group through a spring tour of Europe as he juggles his 2016 schedule between AC/DC and Guns N' Roses. Check out the videos from the Florida show here.

Phil Collins Releases Videos From U.S. Open Performance

Phil Collins has released live videos of his performance at the US Open tennis tournament earlier this week. The former Genesis frontman, who came out of retirement last year, delivered renditions of classic tracks In The Air Tonight and Easy Lover at the New York gala event.

His band included his teenage son Nick on drums, plus a guest appearance from actor and singer Leslie Odom Jr. During the 12-minute performance Collins said: "It's a great pleasure to be here. I can now tell people I've played at the US Open. That's an English joke - you'll laugh on the way home."

Earlier this year he revealed details of what he called an embarrassingly honest autobiography entitled Not Dead Yet, adding: "There have been lots of highs, and more than a few lows. If readers are shocked or disappointed that their 'hero' - or that bloke who kept popping up in the charts - was human, then this book will have done what I wanted it to do." Watch the video here.

Gov't Mule Animated For 'Just Got Paid' Video

Gov't Mule have released an animated video for their cover of ZZ Top's "Just Got Paid." The song features on their latest album The Tel-Star Sessions, which was released last month via Provogue/Mascot Label group.

The record features never-before released demos recorded by Warren Haynes, Allen Woody and Matt Abts in June 1994 at Tel-Star Studios in Bradenton, Florida.

The collection of songs were intended to make up the trio's debut album - but those plans were scrapped, with their self-titled first record eventually being released in 1995.

Speaking about an album of all-new material, Haynes said earlier this year: "I have a couple of songs written that are very much departures from anything we've ever done.

"I have a feeling that the overall spirit of the record will combine some directions we've never explored with directions going back to the very beginning of the band." Watch the video here.

Alice Cooper, Corey Taylor, Kirk Hammett In History Of Metal and Horror

A documentary exploring the relationships between heavy metal and horror is being planned under the guidance of producer Mike Schiff. The History Of Metal And Horror features interviews with artists including Alice Cooper, Metallica's Kirk Hammett, Slipknot's Corey Taylor, Korn's Jonathan Davis and Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine.

Speaking exclusively to TeamRock about the project, Schiff says: "I spent many years attending metal shows and horror conventions. One convention/metal show I worked for was Kirk Hammett's Fear FestEvil.

"I thought more about how the two genres always seem to go hand-in-hand. As it turned out that no one had ever made a documentary that explained why that is. I wanted to get into the history of both genres and allow the horror personalities and musicians to share their views on the topic and a lot of other fun stuff."

Schiff says having the opportunity to sit down with some of the biggest names in rock and metal was "unreal" and adds: "I got to film Dave Mustaine in his home and he treated us so graciously. Alice Cooper was incredibly generous with his time and treated us like friends. Corey Taylor gave me some vocal tips and showed me his warmup techniques. Read more and watch the trailer here.

Journey Release Live 'Separate Ways' Video

Journey have released a video of their performance of "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" as a preview to an expanded version of their 2009 set, "Live In Manila", ahead of its North American release on September 9.

The lead single from 1983's "Frontiers" peaked at No. 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and helped the project hit No. 2 on the Billboard 200 on its way to sales of more than 6 million copies in the States alone.

The tune follows "Don't Stop Believin'" as the latest preview to the updated package that presents Journey's concert at the SM Mall Of Asia in Manila, Philippines on March 14th, 2009.

The event marked the homecoming of the band's then-newly arrived singer and frontman Arnel Pineda, who was discovered by founder and guitarist Neal Schon singing Journey covers on YouTube with Filipino band The Zoo.

"Live In Manila" will be released via DVD+2CD, Blu-ray+2CD, and digital formats, and is the first time the audio has been available anywhere in the world. Watch the video here.

ZZ Top Stream Live Performance Of 'Tush'

ZZ Top are streaming a high-energy version of their 1975 classic, "Tush", as the latest preview to their forthcoming package, "Greatest Hits Live," which is set to be released on September 9 and presents material recorded over the course of several tours in cities all around the world.

"Tush" was captured live in Chicago, IL for inclusion on the group's first official live album after 45 years that also sees guest appearances by Jeff Beck on their 1985 single, "Rough Boy", and on a performance of the 1947 Merle Travis classic, "Sixteen Tons."

"We spend the biggest stretch of every year out on the road, whippin' wire, poundin' skin, and rockin' it way up," says Billy F. Gibbons. "This is the true document of life de la ZZ. In an abstract surrealism style, this collection is a definitive chronicle of the band hangin' together for four plus deluxe decades, getting down to do what we get to do. Enjoy and listen to loudness!"

ZZ Top's "Greatest Hits Live" will be available on CD, gatefold LP & digitally through all streaming & download stores. Check out the stream here.

Jon Anderson Receives The Prog God Award

Jon Anderson received the ultimate prize at this week's Prog Magazine Awards, accepting the Prog God Award from ARW bandmates Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin - the trio's first public appearance since reforming in January.

Other winners included Big Big Train, who picked up Band Of The Year and Event Of The Year - for their critically acclaimed three-night residency at Kings Place in London. The Album Of The Year award went to themorningband's Lighthouse, while the winner of the Chris Squire Virtuoso award went to King Crimson's Jakko Jakszyk, and Van der Graaf Generator picked up the Lifetime Achievement Award. The full list of winners can be found below.

Guests at the event, hosted by presenter Matthew Wright and held at The Underglobe on London's South Bank, included Rick Wakeman, comedian Ade Edmondson, Hawkwind's Dave Brock, Gong's Mike Howlett and Kavus Torabi, plus snooker star, DJ and radio host Steve Davis. The awards ceremony was preceded by a set by psychedelic rock band Purson. Read more and see the winner list here.

Saxon Release 'Wheels Of Steel' Live Video

NWOBHM icons Saxon have unleashed a live video of "Wheels Of Steel." It's taken from Let Me Feel Your Power, the band's 10th live album, which is released on October 7.

The album was recorded in Munich in November 2015 and Brighton in January of this year, with bonus material taken from a Chicago show from September last year.

Let Me Feel Your Power will be available in several formats, including DVD/2CDs, Blu-Ray/2CDs, digital download and a deluxe vinyl version which will also include the Blu-Ray and 2CDs, and is limited to 1500 copies. Watch the video here.


GLENN HUGHES has announced the title of his new solo album, "RESONATE", which is scheduled for release on November 4th, 2016 via Frontiers Records.

Hughes comments:

"My new album 'RESONATE' will be available in November. The first kind of a complete Glenn album... it is a ROCK album for ROCK fans & it's… HEAVY.

It's my first solo album in 8 years. Everybody needs to know that this is absolutely a return to rock music as a solo artist for me. My work is very varied. Groovy, funky, soulful, although the genre has always been rock. But this album is probably THE heaviest record I've done in at least 25 years. It's dense. It's dark. There's some aggression on this record. Every bloody track is begging to be played live."

Joining him on the album are his guitarist and album co-producer from Denmark, SOREN ANDERSEN, Swedish drummer, PONTUS ENGBORG, and Australian keyboard player, LACHLAN "LACHY" DOLEY. Making a guest appearance on drums for 2 songs is CHAD SMITH (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Full album details will be available soon.



NASHVILLE, TN. September 1, 2016 - When it was released as a CD box set in 2013, Rounder Records' deluxe collection, Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective, was a critical and commercial success. Now, on October 28, 2016, Rounder will offer a limited-edition vinyl version of the retrospective. Each of the 1000 individually-numbered copies will include all of the music from the CD editions--129 tracks in total- covered on 14, 180-gram vinyl LPs. Rounding out the box is a 56-page booklet that includes rare photos, plus essays by journalist Scott Schinder and Duane's daughter, Galadrielle Allman, who compiled the collection alongside esteemed reissue producer Bill Levenson. New to this edition are several previously unpublished photos of the artist, which will be featured on each LP sleeve. 

To make this release even more special, Rounder Records has joined forces with the direct-to-fan platform leader, PledgeMusic to bring this incredible box set to fans. Pledgers can pre-order the box set and also select bundles that will include exclusive items available only to pledgers. They will include: The Super Deluxe Bundle which features one of 50 limited-edition, numbered LPs in a custom printed Skydog shipping carton, a copy of Please Be With Me: A Song For My Father, Duane Allman signed and individually numbered by Galadrielle Allman. Number in book will correspond with number on vinylbox, a leather slipmat, embossed with Skydog title treatment. A lithograph poster, an 8-panel postcard set, and a black & white photo.  The Deluxe Bundle will include the Skydog box, custom printed Skydog shipping carton, a copy of Please Be With Me: A Song For My Father, Duane Allman signed and individually numbered by Galadrielle Allman (number in book will not correspond with number on vinyl box), a leather slipmat, embossed with Skydog title treatment. A lithograph poster, a postcard set, and a black & white photo. The Standard Bundle will include the Skydog box, custom printed shipping carton, an 8-panel postcard set, and a black & white photo. 

Galadrielle Allman - Duane's daughter and author of Please Be With Me: A Song For My Father, Duane Allman - says, "The Skydog retrospective tells my father Duane Allman's life story in the fierce and melodic voice of his guitar. From his earliest high school strivings to the stunning virtuosity he finally achieved, it is all here.  Being part of this project has deepened my understanding of who my father was, and he was remarkable. I hope it will do the same for all who listen. This collection deserves to be heard on vinyl, still the warmest and richest format there is.  I'm so proud it was possible." 

To pre-order, please visit:

Despite a career cut short at the age of 24, Duane Allman was one of the defining musicians of the rock era, rated second only to Jimi Hendrix in Rolling Stone's list of 100 greatest guitarists. Known best for his role in the Allman Brothers Band, Duane was also active as a session musician, and as a member of the all-star group Derek & the Dominos. Skydog illustrates the guitarist's incredible output and unmatched talent through a wide range of material, including Allman's early recordings (with brother Gregg) in bands such as The Escorts, The Allman Joys, and Hour Glass; his studio work with Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Boz Scaggs and Delaney & Bonnie, among others; plus, many iconic Allman Brothers songs, a live jam session with the Grateful Dead and a collector's cache of rare singles. 

The premiere, 2013 CD edition of Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective received nothing but the highest praise from the press, which heralded the collection as a must-have for all rock music lovers. Rolling Stone's David Fricke placed Skydog as number two on his top 10 Reissues of the Year list, praising it as "thrilling and definitive," while Uncut Magazine proclaimed "Skydog is an addictive, endlessly captivating aural history of a towering figure in rock history, with each disc forming a distinct chapter in the sprawling narrative." The initial, limited run of 10,000 numbered CD box sets sold out to fans in a matter of weeks (the deluxe package included a gold velour-lined box that represented a guitar case, a replica of Duane's guitar pick, a "Skydog" sticker, and vellum disc sleeves). In response to overwhelming demand, a slimmed-down version was released months later to a wider audience, and remains a top-seller in the Rounder catalog. "We're proud of our ongoing relationship with the Allman family, and of the success that this set has achieved," declares Rounder Records' Vice President of A&R, Scott Billington. "Duane Allman's starburst of creativity might have happened almost fifty years ago, but his music and his guitar innovations are timeless."

Phil Rudd Not A Fan Of Axl Rose Fronted AC/DC

AC/DC's current incarnation featuring Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has received acclaim from critics and fans alike but do not count former drummer Phil Rudd as a fan of the pairing.

Rudd has been making the media rounds promoting his solo album "Head Job" and had the following to say when asked about a possible return to AC/DC, 'If Angus wanted me to play then that is up to him. But I don't really want to play with Axl Rose ' I don't really rate him."

This isn't the first time that Rudd has criticized the current lineup of the legendary group. Back in May, he told a New Zealand radio station (via, "I am not saying I never hope of ever playing with AC/DC again but, then again, is it even AC/DC any more? No Bon's beautiful voice. No Malcolm. No Brian."

The drummer was forced out of the band amid legal problems in 2014 and also made big news earlier this week when he revealed that he had recently suffered a heart attack and is currently recovering after having a stint inserted.

Metallica Release 'Hardwired' Behind-The-Scenes Video

Metallica are sharing behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of the video for "Hardwired", the lead track from their forthcoming album, "Hardwired... To Self Destruct."

Co-directed and produced by Colin Shane Hakes, the band took over a high school gymnasium in San Rafael, CA on August 16 to shoot the video ahead of its release on August 18.

The band says the concept for the "Hardwired" video was "a good old fashioned chaotic, gritty, dirty performance of perhaps the most ripping, super-charged and thrashiest song Metallica has written since the '80s… but with a twist - this video was to be one take. One shot. No edits. No nip, no tuck.

"One continuous shot captured by the camera going counter-clockwise around the performing band with the song's chaos and energy being reflected by a flash-bulb-strobe-like lighting effect, making it look like a series of disorienting fast-edits but (in truth) being nothing of the sort."

Metallica released the "Hardwired" video just two days after it was filmed and two days before its live debut during a show at the new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN. Watch the clip here.

Guns N' Roses and RHCP Get Garbage Pail Kids Treatment

Artists including Guns N' Roses and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been parodied in a new collection of Garbage Pail Kids stickers. They've been release by Topps - the company better known for their baseball trading cards - under the Apple Pie In Your Face banner.

The two Guns N' Roses stickers are titled Overworked Axl and Gunnin' For Rose, and show the vocalist on the throne he borrowed from Foo Fighters Dave Grohl after breaking his foot earlier this year, being pulled from one side by Slash and the other GNR members, and the other by members of AC/DC.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers collection are titled Fiery Flea and Affably Anthony, and show the band covering their privates with peppers - a send-up of their famous 'socks' poster. Read more here.

Eddie Vedder Contributes New Song To 'Twin Peaks' Soundtrack

Eddie Vedder won't just be joining the laundry list of a cast involved in the return of Twin Peaks. He'll also be contributing a new song to the soundtrack.

Titled "Out of Sand," Vedder debuted the song during his set at the Ohana Festival on August 27. The melancholy tune finds Vedder practically howling with emotion. "But now it's gone, gone/ And I am who I am/ Who I was I will never be again/ Running out of sand," he sings on the chorus. A Pearl Jam fan site tweeted a picture of the lyrics which you can check out below.

Besides Vedder, Trent Reznor, Sharon Van Etten, Nine Inch Nails' Robin Finck, Chromatics' Ruth Radelet and Sky Ferreira will all appear on the television series. Twin Peaks will debut on Showtime in the first half of 2017. A fan attending the festival captured the new song. Watch here.

Pink Floyd Release 'Grantchester Meadows' Video From New Box Set

Pink Floyd have released a new video of the 1969 track "Grantchester Meadows" as a preview to their forthcoming box set, "The Early Years 1965-1972."

The clip sees David Gilmour and Roger Waters deliver an acoustic performance for the BBC alongside keyboardist Richard Wright on the song, which originally appeared on the band's fourth album, "Ummagumma." The footage was featured in a 1970 special broadcast by PBS affiliate KQED in San Francisco, CA and will be included in the comprehensive 27-disc box set exploring the first seven years of the band's legendary history.

Due November 11, "The Early Years 1965-1972" will present 7 individual book-style packages and feature 130 tracks, accounting for more than 12 hours of music and 15 hours of video.

The package will contain TV recordings, BBC Sessions, outtakes and demos and more than 20 unreleased songs - including 7 hours of previously unreleased live audio and more than 5 hours of rare concert footage.

In addition to the deluxe set, a 2-CD highlights album, "The Early Years - Cre/ation", will also be issued on November 11. Watch the video here.

Bob Weir, Shawn Colvin Lead 2016 Americana Music Awards Honorees

Grateful Dead legend Bob Weir, Shawn Colvin and other icons of Americana will be honored at the 2016 Americana Music Awards this September, reports The Boot.

Bob Weir will be recognized with a Performer Lifetime Achievement Award, honoring his work with the Grateful Dead, and his songwriting and rhythm guitar playing accomplishments. The Americana Music Awards recognized how Weir has 'personally [carried] on the Grateful Dead's music and ethos for more than 50 years," both with the iconic band and with other artists.

The 2016 Trailblazer honor will go to Shawn Colvin. The singer-songwriter has earned three Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year for her well-known hit 'Sunny Came Home;" In 2013, she published a memoir, Diamond in the Rough. Read more here.

Rush Producer Terry Brown Doing Q&A Session

Rush producer Terry Brown and his brother Phill, who has worked with Led Zeppelin, Talk Talk and Jimi Hendrix, are to be the subject of two intimate q&a sessions at Metropolis Studios in London, from 2pm on October 8 and 9.

Hosted by Prog and Classic Rock magazine's Jerry Ewing and Malcolm Dome, these will see the Brown brothers talking about their 50 year careers in studios, during which they have both recorded some of the most iconic artists of the period.

Fully catered, these Q+A events will be followed by an exclusive performance from acclaimed young band Blurred Vision. Their second album, the follow-up to last year's Organized Insanity, will be produced by both Terry and Phill Brown - marking the first time the pair have ever collaborated on any project. Read more here.

Black Star Riders Announce UK and Ireland Spring Tour

Black Star Riders have announced a UK and Ireland tour for March 2017 with Backyard Babies, Gun and the Amorettes, to follow the release of third album Heavy Fire.

The follow-up to The Killer Instinct is currently being recorded with producer Nick Raskulinecz. Guitarist Scott Gorham says: "It's great to be back with Nick. After such a great job on The Killer Instinct it was a no-brainer to continue the relationship. This album is going to blow everyone away."

Frontman Ricky Warwick says: "It seems like ages since we did the Def Leppard and Whitesnake tour, so we're all really looking forward to be back out on the road.

"Our third album will be out just prior to the dates - it's going to be great to play tracks from that along with favourites from the first two records also. Having my old friends from Backyard Babies, Gun and The Amorettes out with us too is just icing on the cake."

The band have released an announcement video. Watch it and see the tour dates here.

Jethro Tull's 'Stand Up: The Elevated Edition' Coming This Fall

onus tracks and live footage from a concert in Sweden, where they opened for Jimi Hendrix in 1969.

It will also feature the original album's pop-up book artwork and an exclusive 112-page booklet, which includes an extensive history of the album and a track-by-track annotation by Ian Anderson.

Anderson recently picked Stand Up as his favorite album, adding: "Because that was my first album of first really original music. It has a special place in my heart." The packaging can be viewed here.

Graham Nash Hasn't Ruled Out Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young Reunion

Graham Nash says he won't rule out a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reunion - despite previously saying the band had "no" future. The singer-songwriter has been embroiled in a bitter fight with David Crosby, who he claims has been "awful" to him over the past two years, after he'd previously opened a rift with Neil Young.

Crosby later claimed the "inaccuracies" and "misinformation" of Nash's 2013 memoir Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life had contributed to their spat. The feud reached boiling point last year when the pair had a physical altercation onstage, with Nash insisting Crosby "single-handedly tore the heart out of CSNY and CSN."

But he now appears to have softened his stance on a comeback, after he was told Young hinted at the possibility of future CSNY activity. Nash tells Rolling Stone: "Well, he's right, you never know. There have been times when I've been so pissed at us all for wasting time and not getting on with the job that I wouldn't talk to any of them.

"But if Crosby came and played me four songs that knocked me on my ass, what the f*** am I supposed to do as a musician, no matter how pissed we are at each other?" Read more here.

Sting Releases New Single 'I Can't Stop Thinking About You'

Sting will be releasing a new album 57th & 9th in November, and on Wednesday (August 31) he shared the first single "I Can't Stop Thinking About You" off that project.

The album was recorded in a matter of mere weeks. "It happened very quickly, very spontaneously," Sting said about writing and recording his latest work. "My idea always is to surprise myself and the people I'm working with--and, hopefully, the listeners."

57th & 9th's title comes from the intersection Sting crossed every day in New York City's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood on his way to the studio. He said about the album's overall theme, "It's about searching and traveling, the road, that pull of the unknown. On this album, we ended up with something that's energetic and noisy, but also thoughtful."

The album features drummer Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails, Guns n' Roses), guitarist Lyle Workman and the Tex-Mex band The Last Bandoleros. Read more here.

Ozzy Still Hopes Ward Will Be Part Of Final Black Sabbath Show

Ozzy Osbourne hasn't completely given up on the chance of Bill Ward returning for Black Sabbath's final show - even though the drummer himself has ruled it out.

The pair became embroiled in a war of words following Ward's departure from the band's reunion in 2012, and he later accused the vocalist of having created an "impassable dilemma."

Black Sabbath are currently on their farewell world tour with Tommy Clufetos behind the drumkit. The road trip ends with two dates in their home city of Birmingham, UK, in February.

Earlier this month Ward said it was "incorrect" to suggest he'd make a return. Ozzy tells Rolling Stone: "Right now I'm having a blast. I suppose I may have a different head on when we do the last show. I used to resent going out on the road, but now it's fun. Nobody gets stoned, nobody gets drunk. We've been doing some great shows."

He continues: "I'm sad that Bill never came through. Every time I reach out to Bill I get yelled at for something." Asked whether Ward will make an appearance in Birmingham, he says: "I don't know. If something can be worked out, great. Tommy is doing a great job." Read more here.


On October 14, 2016, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Wembley 1996 Live by Bryan Adams on DVD and Digital [MSRP $15.98].  

This is the first ever DVD release of this famous Bryan Adams show and it is of course packed with classic tracks including: “Summer Of ’69”, “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”, “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started”, “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You”, “It’s Only Love”, “Run To You”, “Kids Wanna Rock,” “18 ‘Til I Die”, “All For Love”, “Heaven”, “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman” and many more! The storming rendition of “It’s Only Love” features Melissa Etheridge as a special guest. 

It was July 27th, 1996 and a sell-out crowd in excess of 70,000 welcomed Bryan Adams to Wembley Stadium on his 18 ‘Til I Die Tour in support of the multi-platinum album of the same name. 18 ‘Til I Die had been released a few weeks earlier and hit the No.1 spot on the UK Albums Chart and gone Top 5 right around Europe. The show opened with the album’s first hit single “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You” and immediately the stage was set for an energetic, hit packed performance which was received with wild enthusiasm by the huge crowd. 

Wembley 1996 Live is a legendary show for Bryan Adams fans, finally being released on DVD for the first time.  With Bryan Adams touring in the US and Canada this September, there is no better time to reconnect with this fantastic performer. See for more details regarding tour dates. 

View "Summer of 69":

Pre-order here on Amazon:

Eagle Rock Entertainment is the world’s largest producer and distributor of music programming for TV, DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Media. Eagle produces quality HD programs, both concerts and documentaries, directly alongside artists including Imagine Dragons, Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen, and Peter Gabriel. Eagle is a multiple Grammy® Award winner and has received numerous multi-platinum sales awards around the world.  Eagle Vision is headquartered in London, and is a Universal Music Group company. 

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1) The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You  
2) Do To You  
3) Kids Wanna Rock  
4) Can’t Stop This Thing We Started  
5) This Time  
6) 18 ‘Til I Die  
7) Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman  
8) Touch The Hand  
9) Cuts Like A Knife  
10) It’s Only Love (w/ Melissa Etheridge)
11) Somebody  
12) (Everything I Do) I Do It For You  
13) Run To You  
14) There Will Never Be Another Tonight  
15) Seven Nights To Rock  
16) I Wanna Be Your Underwear  
17) Wild Thing  
18) It Ain’t A Party (If You Can’t Come Round)  
19) She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancin’  
20) Summer Of ’69  
21) All For Love  
22) Let’s Make A Night To Remember  
23) I Fought The Law  
24) Heaven


Boston’s Tom Scholz Shares 
Rock’n’Roll Cinderella Story 40 Years Ago

Dallas, TX - August 30, 2016.  North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands  explores the biggest selling debut album in history, Boston’s self-titled debut, with multi-talented Tom Scholz on its fortieth anniversary. 

A year before releasing what quickly became the biggest selling debut album in music history (a record Boston held for decades until only recently when nosed out by Guns’n’Roses’ Appetite for Destruction), the band Boston did not even exist. In 1976 Tom Scholz’s seven year basement tapes project would emerge out of nowhere to re-write the record books on popularity and profits. The Cinderella story of Scholz and Boston’s debut would produce astronomical numbers (over 17 million sold to date), driven by three Top 40 singles “Peace of Mind”, “Long Time” and the Top 5 smash “More Than A Feeling”.  

Tom Scholz shares with In The Studio host Redbeard how the monumental success of Boston’s debut album insured his future in the music business.

“That album doing as well as it did is the only thing that made it possible to do a second and a third one, because there was no way I was going to be able to write the songs for additional albums in the time frame that some bands do, pumping one out a year or even shorter ... It was only because it sold so well that it was possible to take the time to do it, and do it again... If it had been a 900,000 seller instead of a 9 million seller, I think there probably wouldn’t be a Boston in existence today”.  - Tom Scholz

Boston debut @ 40 / InTheStudio program is available now to STREAM at: “

Direct Link to InTheStudio broadcast affiliate radio station list:  HYPERLINK “

Direct Link to: Boston:          HYPERLINK “

Direct Link to: InTheStudio:     HYPERLINK “

AC/DC's Phil Rudd Suffers A Heart Attack

Longtime AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd revealed to the New Zealand Herald that he recently suffered a heart attack but he is doing better now after having a stent inserted.

"Yeah, I had a heart attack," Rudd tells the paper, "but I am good now, got a stent inside.I was just at home walking around at home, and I started feel, well just funny," he explains. "You know how you can feel funny? I had a strange pain in my chest.

"So my housekeeper took me to the hospital, when they hooked me up and did all these tests turned out I had a big heart artery was all blocked up, and they said I had to stay in and have an operation."

Rudd had a stent inserted via his arm. "All I have is a tiny scar in my wrist," he says. "And my hair has grown back too so I am all good, I am healthy and got so much color in my cheeks." Read more here.

Heart Singer's Husband Arrested For Alleged Assault

The husband of Heart singer Ann Wilson has been arrested for alleged assault. The Seattle Times report that Dean Stuart Wetter is being held on investigation of assaulting two young male relatives during Heart's show at White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, Washington, on Friday evening.

Wetter appeared at King County District Court and is due to make a second appearance on August 31. The newspaper reports that probable-cause documents indicate the two boys were walking past one of the tour buses when they saw Wetter and asked if they could see inside the vehicle.

Wetter agreed, but warned them to be careful because Wilson's dogs were on the bus. When the boys left, it's reported they left the door open, causing Wetter to start shouting at them.

It's then alleged that Wetter slapped one of the boys on the back of the head, then punched him in the back of the head with a closed fist "causing him pain and to see stars." Read more here.

Metallica May Collaborate With Jason Newsted

Former Metallica Jason Newsted has said he's in talks with the band about some form of collaboration - although he won't say what it is. And he's added that he's "proud" of his ex-colleagues after hearing their latest track Hardwired, released earlier this month.

He says of his current relationship with Metallica: "I've got a call with Lars coming up on Thursday here. I've been talking to him every couple of weeks.

"As they're coming out with a new record, there's a lot of stuff going on within the underpinnings of it all, or whatever you wanna call it. We always are in touch.

"Now we're actually doing voice-to-voice, which is nice. I'm hoping to be able to get person-to-person before long. They do have quite a bit to do here with this new record. I'm excited for them, man. I'm proud of them."

Asked whether his contact is friendly, business-related, or connected to some kind of collaboration, he replies: "All those three," but refuses to be drawn on details. Read more here.

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine May Work With Ice-T's Body Count

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed to fans via Twitter that he has been in touch with Ice-T about working with him and Body Count in the future.

Mustaine tweeted: "Body Count! Ice-T and I are talking about doing something again." Ice-T then responded: "You heard it first!" The pair have given no further indication if it'll take the form of live dates or a collaboration between the two artists.

Body Count are working on their new album titled Bloodlust, which will be released after they recently signed a deal with Century Media. It's expected to launch next year. Producer Will Putney is once again behind the desk after working on their 2014 record Manslaughter. Read more here.

Dream Theater Release 'The Astonishing' Behind-The-Scenes Video

Dream Theater have released a behind-the-scenes promo for their latest record The Astonishing. Keyboardist Jordan Rudess and guitarist John Petrucci have launched a webisode series in which they discuss the themes in the concept album - one of which is their 'Brother' storyline.

They say it explores the relationship between the fictional characters, brothers Gabriel and Arhys, who must defend themselves against a dystopian empire.

Petrucci says: "Some people might find it interesting to know what our headspace was when we were writing this - the compositional techniques we used when writing, and to get deeper into the analysis of how we made this cinematic experience."

While he explains the importance of music and imagery, the guitarist also hints that their 13th studio work could potentially be made into a film in future.

He adds: "Because the experience of The Astonishing is an album - it's not a movie, at least not yet - the music is important to guide the listener and conjure up these images as to what's happening in the story. The music really acted as a score to us. Hopefully when you're listening to it, you get this visual." Watch the video here.

Warren Haynes Part Of Upcoming Jerry Garcia Tribute Show

Warren Haynes is to perform at a show honoring the legacy of the late Grateful Dead singer and guitarist Jerry Garcia. The Gov't Mule leader will take on vocal and guitar duties, alongside other artists including Alison Krauss, John Medeski, Don Was, Jamey Johnson, Raymond Weber and more.

Dear Jerry: Let's Play 2 follow the show's first Dear Jerry installment last year. It kicks off on October 14 at Washington's DAR Constitution Hall with Jerry Uncovered: Exploring Jerry Garcia through the JGB Songbook.

The next night's event, named This Is 30, will feature appearances from folk duo The Avett Brothers - recreating the Grateful Dead show which saw Garcia return to the stage in 1986 following a diabetic coma which almost claimed his life. Read more here.

Journey Don't Need Reunion With Steve Perry For Success Says Schon

Journey guitarist Neal Schon says any future reunion with classic-era singer Steve Perry couldn't make the band any more successful than they currently are.

Speculation has ebbed and flowed over the years that Perry - who returned to the stage in 2014 and is currently working on a solo album - might one day rejoin the band he fronted from 1977 to 1987 and 1995 to 1998.

But Schon argues that, while he'd still be willing to discuss the move, it wouldn't mean the band would generate more cash. The guitarist tells "What people don't understand is that we couldn't possibly be doing better right now, even if he was with us.

"It's taken a lot of hard work to build it back up, but you know what? We're here again. We're sitting there. And management is the first to tell me it couldn't possibly be bigger." Read more here.

David Lee Roth Release Season Finale Of The Roth Show

David Lee Roth talks about options for real-life survival on the latest episode of The Roth Show, which is the final episode of season 3 for the Van Halen frontman's web series.

The singer addresses what to pack in survival "go kits" and what comes next when you experience the need to travel lightly in order to escape situations brought on by circumstances created by weather or terrorists.

Roth also shares some perspective and insight into the concept of survival based on his late 1990s experiences as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in New York City.

After cranking out an almost endless run of episodes in the past six months, the Van Halen frontman says he's due for some downtime himself. "Last episode of Season 3," says the rocker. "We're goin' on vacation. See ya in the blogosphere..." Watch the episode here.

Twisted Sister To Rock Fox & Friends This Week

Twisted Sister will perform on the FOX News Channel program FOX & Friends this Friday, September 2 as part of the show's All American Summer Concert Series.

The band will be featured on the morning program between 6:00am - 9:00am as they play live at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in New York on the corner of West 48th Street on 6th Avenue.

The Fox & Friends appearance comes as Twisted Sister are winding down their live career with a final tour, which will wrap up Stateside with a hometown farewell performance at Lakewood, NJ's second annual Rock Carnival on October 1.

The group will also play the Metal Meeting Fest in Monterrey, Mexico on November 12. Read more here.

Ritchie Blackmore Offer Rejected By Glenn Hughes

Former Deep Purple bassist and vocalist Glenn Hughes says that Ritchie Blackmore invited him to be part of the recent Rainbow shows - but he refused his former colleague's offer.

Hughes, who shared Deep Purple microphone duties with newcomer David Coverdale in the 1970s, explains that he didn't want to be part of a 21st-century lineup featuring relatively unknown singer Ronnie Romero.

Asked about Blackmore's three Rainbow appearances, which took place in June, Hughes tells Hard Rock Haven: "He asked me to do it with him. And I said 'no' because he wanted to, funny enough, he wanted to use an unknown singer.

"I said, 'It's not me. It's not me to do that.' I've done that with David, and it was good. I don't want to do it again. I said very eloquently, 'No thank you. I really would like to see you, but I can't do this at the point where I am right now.'"

Hughes also confirmed that Black Country Communion will release their reunion album in May next year. Read more here.


Come November, heavy metal fans in at least eight east coast cities will be in for a night full of hell-raising fun as three of the genre's finest vocalists -- Geoff Tate, Tim "Ripper" Owens and Blaze Bayley -- will be performing the hits from their respective bands on stage together for what is hoped to be just the beginning of several dates over the next few months.

Geoff Tate, who's Operation: Mindcrime will be releasing their second CD of a trilogy in September titled, Resurrection, states that the collaboration between the three first came about while recently in the studio. "We were recording a song together that will appear on the new Operation: Mindcrime album called 'Taking on the World' and immediately realized just how much fun it would be if we went out and did a couple of dates together. We want to give fans a great selection of hits and rarities along with songs we just enjoy performing... and the Trinity tour was born!"

The three vocalists will be backed by the same group of excellent musicians throughout the evening in a show that promises to be loaded with memorable metal for the music masses to enjoy.

Fans can expect to hear such songs as "Empire," "I Don't Believe in Love," "Eyes of a Stranger," "Living After Midnight," "Breaking the Law," "You've Got Another Thing Comin'," "Burn in Hell," "Man on the Edge," "The Number of the Beast" and "Run to the Hills" among others.

During his illustrious career, Geoff Tate has sold more than 25 million records at the helm of Queensryche, the band he fronted for 30 years from their inception through 2012, earning three Grammy nominations, five MTV Music Video Award nominations, and one MTV Music Video Award along the way. The landmark concept album Operation: Mindcrime thrust Tate's unique social consciousness, style and expertly crafted lyrics into the national spotlight in 1988, and was followed by Empire in 1990, the album that delivered Queensryche to arena-headlining status and sold more than three million albums on the back of hit singles and radio staples "Silent Lucidity" and "Jet City Woman." By the time the band released Promised Land in 1994, Geoff Tate was universally acknowledged as one of the greatest frontmen in rock and metal, and a driving force behind one of the most innovative bands in mainstream music. In September of 2015, his new band, Operation: Mindcrime released its debut effort titled, The Key, which examined what one might do if they discovered "the key" to changing the way we view the world, the way we look at time, the way we travel and could essentially change the human condition... for better or for release. The band successfully toured for months in support of the project and looks forward to their forthcoming release, Resurrection (via Frontiers Music Srl), this September.

Tim "Ripper" Owens first gained worldwide attention and acclaim when he joined Judas Priest as their lead singer in 1996. During his stint with Judas Priest, he recorded two studio albums and two live albums. The song "Bullet Train" -- which featured his incredible vocals -- was nominated for a Grammy award in 1999 in the category of Best Metal Performance. He subsequently went on to join Iced Earth and currently performs with such bands as Beyond Fear, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force and Charred Walls of the Damned.

Blaze Bayley joined Iron Maiden in 1993 after the departure of Bruce Dickinson and remained the band's singer until Dickinson's return in 1999. Bayley, who had started his career in the mid-80's as the vocalist of Wolfsbane, recorded two albums with Iron Maiden before starting his own band, Blaze. In May of 2000, the band would release their debut album titled, Silicon Messiah, and would go on to put out two other albums. In more recent years, he's concentrated on solo projects.

Geoff Tate, Tim "Ripper" Owens and Blaze Bayley... not one, not two, but all three!

Three of the most well-respected metal singers from three of the most well-respected metal bands, together on stage in November!

Tickets for all eight confirmed shows (see below) are now on sale.

Trinity Tour 2016 - Confirmed Tour Dates*

Friday, November 18 - The Montage Music Hall in Rochester, New York
|Saturday, November 19 - Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall in Wantagh, New York
Sunday, November 20 - Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, Pennsylvania
Tuesday, November 22 - The Westcott Theater in Syracuse, New York
Wednesday, November 23 - The Chance in Poughkeepsie, New York
Friday, November 25 - Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry, New Hampshire
Saturday, November 26 - Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, Maryland
Sunday, November 27 - BB Kings in New York, New York

*Additional dates expected be added.

Geoff Tate Social Media Outlets

Tim "Ripper" Owens Official Website -

Blaze Bayley Official Website -

Zakk Wylde Announces Meet + Greet Dates w. Guitar Center



Zakk Wylde has announced a select number of meet & greet appearances surrounding the launch of Wylde Audio. Fans will have a chance to meet the metal icon in-store and test out his new line of Wylde Audio guitars and more! Join Guitar Center and Wylde Audio for a special in-store appearance with the legendary guitarist!

Wylde chose to join forces with Guitar Center on a new line of guitars from his new company because he admired their commitment to encouraging new talent and supporting musicians of all skill levels and genres. Wylde’s new line of masterfully crafted guitars includes three unique models (Odin, Viking and Warhammer) that are available at Guitar Center stores and online.  To celebrate, the former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist and Black Label Society founder is heading out on the road this September to meet with fans at select Guitar Center stores across the country.

Don’t miss your chance to meet with one of hard rock’s most influential guitar players.

ZAKK WYLDE recently debuted a new music video for his latest single "Sleeping Dogs" featuring Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman COREY TAYLOR. The track has gone on to become the most successful active rock radio single of Wylde's career reaching as high as #22 in the U.S. and #11 in Canada. Directed by long time collaborator Justin Reich, the video can be seen below. 

Zakk Wylde is currently on the tail end of a a U.S. and Canadian tour in continued support of his new LP, Book Of Shadows II which will come to an end at The Fonda Theater in Los Angeles this Friday, September 3rd. Tickets are on sale now here, including VIP upgrades in all markets. Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown and Jared James Nichols will serve as support.

Wylde will continue touring through the end of October, this time with ZAKK SABBATH serving as support for CLUTCH. ZAKK SABBATH includes himself, bassist Blasko (OZZY OSBOURNE, ROB ZOMBIE) and drummer Joey Castillo (DANZIG, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE) performing only BLACK SABBATH songs. Click here for more info. 

Thursday, Sept. 8th at 6pm: Guitar Center Phoenix
Metro Square, 2750 W Peoria Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029

Saturday, Sept. 10th at 2pm: Guitar Center Arlington
721 Ryan Plaza Dr, Arlington, TX 76011

Monday, Sept. 12th at 6pm: Guitar Center Nashville
One Hundred Oaks Mall, 721 Thompson Ln, Nashville, TN 37204

Wednesday, Sept. 14th at 6pm: Guitar Center Rockville
12401 Twinbrook Pkwy, Rockville, MD 20852

Friday, Sept. 16th at 6pm: Guitar Center Union Square
25 W 14th St, NYC, NY 10011

Sunday, Sept 18th at 2pm - Guitar Center San Francisco
1645 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109 

Free to the public and limited capacity - arrive early!

John Lennon's Killer Denied Parole For Ninth Time

The man that murdered John Lennon, Mark David Chapman has been denied parole for the ninth time and will remain in prison for at least two more years, reports The New York Daily News.

Chapman shot and killed the Beatles legend on December 8, 1980, and was sentenced to 20 years to life. No official reason for the parole denial was given.

Reportedly, the parole board received five letters in support of Chapman's release and two opposing parole since his last hearing in 2014. Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, wrote expressing fear for her safety and the safety of Lennon's children if Chapman were freed.

Chapman is being held "under protective custody against his will" at the Wende Correctional Facility in New York's Erie County. Read more here.

Rikki Rockett Not Holding Out Hope For New Poison Tour

Poison drummer Rikki Rockett says he getting close to full fitness following his successful battle with tongue cancer. Poison frontman Bret Michaels said earlier this year that he'd wait for Rockett to recover before making any future live commitments. And while he's keen to get behind the kit again, Rockett says he's not promising anything just yet.

He tells CRR: "I want to play and I would love to tour. Hopefully that will happen. I've stopped telling anybody that Poison is going to tour because every time we say we will something comes along and screws it up.

"I would like to do that - I'm good enough to do it. I'm fine. I train jujitsu two hours a day. I am good to go. I have strength. Am I as strong as I was? Is my timing as good as it was? Not yet, but I am getting there and I will get there soon." Read more here.

Timothy B. Schmit Reveals New Song, Reacts To Glenn Frey Death

Timothy B. Schmit has made his new song "Red Dirt Road" available to stream. It comes from the Eagles bassist upcoming fifth solo album "Leap Of Faith."

Schmit says that Red Dirt Road is inspired by Hawaiian island Kaua'i. He tells Rolling Stone: "There's some rich, deep soil there. You have a good chance of growing a plumeria tree by just sticking a branch of a plumeria into the ground. It's unbelievable.

"That was the motivation. It's a song about trying to enjoy your life. You can go about your daily business and see it from sunup to sundown - and see it in the best light possible, too - and then just enjoy yourself."

Schmit also admits that he and his Eagles bandmates are "still processing" the death of Glenn Frey, who died earlier this year aged 67 after a battle with intestinal problems. They're set to perform at the Kennedy Center Honors show in Washington DC this December, after they were forced to cancel their 2015 appearance because of Frey's illness.

He continues: "He's dead. It's unbelievable. It didn't happen that long ago. Everybody is still processing it. But part of processing it is carrying on." Read more and stream the song here.

Sharon Osbourne Reveals Extent Of Ozzy's Infidelities

Sharon Osbourne claims Ozzy had slept with five different women in five countries during the last few years of their marriage in a new interview with The Sunday Times Magazine (via The Mirror).

"The s- that's been going on with my husband recently, it's been going on for about five years but people are talking about it now," Sharon explained. "We've survived everything--drink, drugs and now it's women."

Ozzy plans on seeking treatment for sex addiction following his tour with Black Sabbath. Speaking on her TV program The Talk, Sharon said, "After the tour, he goes in as an inpatient for three months. He's working at it. It's hard because it affects the whole family. And, it's quite embarrassing to talk about." Read more here.

The Beatles Final Concert 50th Anniversary This Week

Monday marked 50th anniversary of the Beatles' final concert. The Fab Four's last show was held on August 29, 1966 at San Francisco's Candlestick Park.

It had been a difficult US tour for the band. On the one hand, audience screams overwhelmed the band's performances, and on the other the group faced incredible backlash over John Lennon's recent comments about the group being "Bigger than Jesus."

The band performed live just one more time, in January of 1969 on the roof of the Apple building, but Candlestick marked the end of their career as touring artists.

The Beatles knew the end was near, and Paul McCartney asked publicist Tony Barrow to record the show. Check out his recording here.

Def Leppard's Phil Collen Stars In Tesla's New Video

Def Leppard's Phil Collen stars in Tesla's new music video for Save That Goodness. The song was written and produced by the guitarist, who also produced the Sacramento outfit's latest work, Mechanical Resonance Live, while both bands have been touring North America. The live release was launched on Friday (August 26) in celebration of their multi-platinum debut album's 30th anniversary,

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon says: "Our new video for Save That Goodness captures the essence of the song. It's a feel-good message with a hint of spirituality.

"Tesla the band is having a great time with our new friend and vocalist Debbi Blackwell, while performing with our old friend Phil Collen. The location glues it all together in a turn of the century classic chapel that conveys an old time feeling of gospel, while the band has fun playing new rock'n'roll and blending the two." Read more here.