Check Out The World Premier of Foghat's “Made Up My Mind”

Classic Rock Revisited Presents the WORLD PREMIER of Foghat’s
“Made Up My Mind”
from their new album Under the Influence.

The album Under the Influence, as well as the song “Made Up My Mind” are the perfect mixture of Foghat’s boogie, rock ‘n’ roll and blues.  On this song, the founding member of Foghat, Roger Earl, invited his old boss, Savoy Brown’s Kim Simmonds to remake one of Savoy’s best songs. 

Kim stated, “I think Roger wanted to pay tribute to Savoy Brown. I think he did a great job. So that was fun. It’s always nice to revisit the old songs and I enjoyed it very much.”

Kim is very humble, as his bluesy licks combined with Foghat’s boogie, and Earl’s smashing drums creates an infectious shuffle that any fan of classic rock is bound to dig.  And when I say ‘smashing’, I use an English accent. Smashing. See? You did too.

Roger gives much of the credit for the song, and the album’s success to producer Tom Hambridge. Roger told Goldmine Magazine, “Tom Hambridge made the difference.  Tom had an almost magical way of handling things.  He is also a great drummer, which I enjoyed.  In the studio in Florida he came down a couple of times before we moved it up to Nashville.  We stayed up late and drank some bourbon and the coffee table suffered.  We were playing drums on the coffee table.  I started going near the TV but I didn’t want to break the TV.  We might need that.  Coffee tables come and go.  No more destroying TVs… those days are over.”

Simmonds discusses how this version of the song, despite being a Savoy Brown tune,  needed to stay true to the Foghat sound, “With Foghat and Roger the fans have to say it’s Foghat, and I think it is. I felt that when I was playing with them. It was a really, really solid band and they know what they’re doing; they’ve got their style. Let’s hope I can add something.

It’s always difficult coming into a band that completely has it together to find a spot where you can fit in. That’s always difficult. I hope that I did add something to it because it’s never a given. What I do I do well, but it’s usually in my own context. I always find it challenging to be a part of someone else’s band, being a guest. I can only hope that Roger’s happy and hope everybody’s happy.”

The album, Under the Influence is out now and available for purchase.  It also signaled Foghat’s return to the album charts upon its release, a great accomplishment that Earl humbly downplays, “To be fair about that, it was because of our fans that it charted.  They put faith in us and they pre-ordered the album.  We didn’t let them down because we have had nothing but rave reviews.  I am pleased about that.  No one makes records anymore to make any money.  You do it because there is life in the old dog yet.  I love making records and being creative.  I am particularly proud of this record.”

When asked how it felt to jam with his old friend once again, Simmonds smiled and admitted, “It’s made me feel enormously good, and it’s made me realize what friends I have with Roger and his wife. How could I be so lucky to have such friends? How could I be so lucky to have family who respects me so much? How can I be so lucky to be able to play in this album? How can I be so lucky to be considered like Roger considers me? And it’s like, wow, this is so damn cool. Makes me feel so good, and probably one of the nicest things that can happen to you is a situation like this, where there’s lots of water under the bridge, but in the end there’s something, respect and admiration for each other. It trumps everything. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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