Chris von Rohr of Krokus!


Krokus is back with a new album of cover tunes titled BIG ROCKS.  The Rock Brigade Podcast’s Jeb Wright and James Rozell caught up with Krokus founding member Chris von Rohr to talk about the album, and much more.  

Chris is a great interview and a wealth of rock ‘n’ roll knowledge.  He tells how the band chose each song on the album and how they went to great lengths to Krokus-ize each track!   

In addition to the new album Chris talks about the band’s origins and recounts opening for the Scorpions when Uli Jon Roth was in the band, as well as his first trip to America where he learned that the type of ‘job’ a groupie offered him was not one that meant he had to do actual work! 

 Chris also discusses how the band were pressured by the record company in the mid-1980s to abandon their metal roots, a mistake that they learned from, as Krokus in 2017  is back, harder and heavier than ever before! 


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