Jack Blades of Night Ranger

Night Ranger is back with a killer new album titled Don’t Let Up that doesn’t let up at all. This is as good as their early daze—err—days!

The album track list is discussed in detail with bassist/vocalist Jack Blades. The Rock Brigade’s Jeb Wright and James also discuss the band’s origins with Jack, including how the band got their strange name!

Jack is a real champ and played games where he revealed his biggest rock star fit (which occurred backstage at a Dennis DeYoung concert!). We also talk about Night Ranger guitarist Brad Gillis leaving the band to join Ozzy right when Night Ranger were trying to make it big and Jack playing at the famous California Jam with his band Rubicon.

Rock Brigade member Brad Neville also joins Jeb and James for a game of Buy, Sell or Bang…all we will say is…Twisted Sister baby! Ya gotta listen to hear the rest!

Keep on Rockin’

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