RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Blackfoot – Flyin’ High
Rock Candy Records

Rating: C+

Blackfoot had been dropped from their label, Island Records, after their debut album, No Reservations, failed to make a dent in the music world.  The band signed with Epic Records and released their sophomore effort, Flyin’ High in 1976.

The band, led by guitarist/vocalist Rickey Medlocke, also included drummer Jakson Spires, guitarist Charlie Hargrett and bass player Greg T. Walker.  The band was experimenting with mixing the main elements of southern rock and hard rock on Flyin’ High.  This would become the classic Blackfoot sound a few years down the road, yet on this album, their sound was still developing. 

Though this is Blackfoot in their infancy, there are some very impressive tunes on this album. “Save Your Time” has a nasty riff and some tasty harmony guitars while “Island of Life” sees Blackfoot creating the template for songs to come, including “Highway Song.”  “Junkie’s Dream” sees the band incorporate hard rock into their sound, sowing the seeds of their future. 

Rock Candy Records has re-released Flyin’ High complete with a new interview with Medlocke in the CD booklet.  Reading Rickey’s history is as enjoyable as the music on the album.  While Flyin’ High can honestly be described as a hit and miss album, musically, the hits hit hard.  There are tons of driving guitar from Hargrett and Medlocke and hearing the band begin their ascent to greatness is historically valid. 

Rock Candy has, once again, found a diamond in the rough.  Any true southern rock fan will enjoy this CD, as Blackfoot on a bad day was still better than most bands on their best. 

By Jeb Wright