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Eddie Money – Eddie Money
Rock Candy Records

Rating: B+

In 1977, ex-New York cop, Eddie Money, teamed up with legendary music mogul Bill Graham and went into the recording studio to record his debut album.  Along with guitarist, Jimmy Lyon, Money created a masterpiece.

The album is centered around two hit singles, the iconic “Two Tickets to Paradise” and the poppy “Baby On.”  These tunes made Money a star and soon he was selling Platinum.  The album, however, is much, much more than two songs.  Money created his own sound, mixing pop music of the day with both hard rock and rhythm and blues.  The album cuts are every bit as enticing as the hit songs.  Just check out the bouncy “Wanna Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star” or the poignant “Save a Little Room in Your Heart for me.” 

The Smokey Robinson remake “You Really Got a Hold on Me” is white boy Motown at its best.  “So Good to Be in Love Again” and “Got to Get Another Girl” show the rock side of The Money Man as well.  Rock Candy Records has re-released this masterpiece and added new liner notes complete with an in-depth interview with Money. 

Reading about how this album came to be while cranking it up is sure to take you back to the ‘70’s and help you remember all of those things you forgot!

By Jeb Wright