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Tommy Skeoch – Brand of Metal
Change Everything Records

Rating: ????????

Tommy Skeoch is back with his second solo album since leaving the band Telsa in 2006.  

Tommy, as he has often said, is one crazy sumbitch.  His behavior can range from acting out to borderline insanity.  He has shot so many drugs in his veins that it is amazing he is even alive.  

He has seen massive highs and depressing lows.  One thing that he has done, that perhaps defies the odds more than him ever becoming a rock star, is survive.  Yep, Tommy is still not taking that dirt nap that most figured he would be taking by now.  He has made it into his 50’s and…gasp…even quit doing dope!  

Now, most rock stars when they quit partying, get well.  Tommy is still a mess, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  He is, however, still sober and still alive.  He is getting the help he needs and confronting the demons that have possessed him his entire life.  

Why am I giving you all of this information just to do a CD review?  Well, if you noticed my rating is nothing but a bunch of question marks…kind of like Tommy.  We just don’t know how to rate this.  You will either get it or you won’t.  You will love this or you will hate it.  If you’re looking for the sappy side of Tesla then forget about it as this will scare the shit out of you. 

Skeoch approaches his music much like one of those artists who throws paint on a canvass.  Instead of paint though, Tommy throws paint along with darts, grenades, knives and even an axe or two.  

The songs on Brand of Metal are equally depressing, humorous, dark, terrifying and rocking.  This is not commercial music, instead it is an artistic statement made by a very creative and very destructive man.  

The album opens up with the song “FSDSRRMF” and this one sums it all up.  The guitar rocks while Skeoch screams (he is not a vocalist and he knows it, but man does he have a scream.)  

The letters stand for the chorus of the tune, where the music breaks and Tommy wails out, “Fucking, sucking, drinking, smoking, rocking, rolling, mother fucker.  I’m a mother fuck.”  All we can say is, “Wow.”  

As much as it is avant-garde, this song is killer and the louder you turn it up the better it sounds.  “Hit Away” is about substance abuse while “Soul Fucker” is another slab of rock and yelling that you can’t help but dig.

At the end of the day, Brand of Metal is truly just that, Tommy’s own brand of metal.  There is nothing like this anywhere.  He is baring his soul for all to see and there are parts that are not all touchy feely happy. 

The album was recorded at the Separation House, which is where Tommy went when his wife kicked him out and told him to get his shit together.  He wears his emotions on his sleeve throughout this album. 

Tommy is both a genius and a madman.  Yet, he has hopefully gotten over his destructive nature and can continue to use his craft as a way to cope with life.  This one should be checked out by any fan of Tommy’s as this is as personal as it gets. 

His sense of humor is unique, as is his musical approach and vocal style on the album.  This one is not for everyone but, if you are daring, open-minded and into music as an art form that celebrates human emotions, both good and bad, then this brand of metal may just be for you. 

Hell, “FSDSRRMF” is worth the price of admission alone. Head over to Tommy's site and buy this one today: www.tommyskeoch.com

Be sure to read the awesome interview I did with Tommy here: http://www.classicrockrevisited.com/show_interview.php?id=938

Track listing:
01. FSDSRRMF(3:49)
02. Scapegoat (2:23)
03. Hit Away (3:56)
04. Hate To Hate (4:32)
05. Quarter To 3 (4:01)
06. Destruction (3:05)
07. Something Wrong (4:40)
08. Soul Fucker (4:13)
09. Hard To Swallow (4:24)
10. At World’s End (3:54)

By Jeb Wright