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AC/DC – The Early Years with Bon Scott
Independent Music Press

Rating: B-

For starters, Neil Daniels is making a name for himself as he is pumping books out at an amazing pace.  He also knows his rock and roll, as is evident by his expertise in his writings.  His latest effort tells the tale of that little old band from Australia, AC/DC from the beginning through the death of lead singer Bon Scott.  Actually, Daniels goes beyond a tad as the AC/DC story could not be told with out a chapter on Back in Back and Scott’s replacement, Brian Johnson.

This book is a great read for any newcomer to the world of AC/DC, as the historical background is all there.  For a means of learning how the band formed, the members who came and went, how Bon Scott came into the picture and the production of the albums, and songs, this is a great resource.

The negative aspect is that any quotes from the actual, current day band members, are pulled from other sources, making it a bit dated.  Also, there is way too much time spent on some guy who sang with the band in a very early incarnation of AC/DC that no one has ever heard of.  Granted, getting AC/DC to do in-depth interviews at this stage of their career is not easy, so that is why there is no current information.

Because of this, the book reads a lot like a term paper.  The facts are there, the quotes are all referenced and the story is told.  While this is all good, and informative, the bottom line is that most hard core fans will know all of this from a lifetime love affair with the band.  What the hard core base would be interested in is current, never before read interviews with the band and their surrounding cast of characters.

That is not to say that one should not pick this one up and give it a read.  As stated, Neil is a historical wiz when it comes to AC/DC and Bon Scott was a larger than life rock star that will live forever through books such as this.

By Jeb Wright