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The Skys – Colours of the Desert

Rating: B

The Skys are a Lithuanian band that has been around since 1995. The band has gone through numerous lineup changes, but have now settled on a new batch of musicians who have written the best album of the bands long career. 

The current lineup features Jonas Čiurlionis on vocals and lead guitar, Božena Buinicka on keyboards and vocals, Aleksandr Liutvinskij on rhythm guitar, Justinas Tamaševičius on bass and Ilja Molodcov - drums & percussion. 

While their names may be difficult to pronounce, their music is easy on the ears.  The band plays progressive music with a huge tip of the hat to Pink Floyd.  With Colours of the Desert, the band have created a wonderful soundscape that will be of interest to listeners looking for a Floydian sound within a new band.  

Unlike Pink Floyd, the band has both a male and female presence.  Vocally, this accentuates the music and makes it even more interesting.  This is a return to the days when entire albums were created to be enjoyed in one sitting.  The Skys have succeeded in creating an honest and enjoyable work of art. 

The band had some notable help on the help in the form of some special guests.  Roger Water’s guitarist, David Kilminster plays guitar on several tracks while John Young, ex-Scorpions joins on keyboards and Martin Beedle of the Cutting Crew plays drums. 

While one may have never heard of this band, that does not mean one should not check them out.  

The sky is truly the limit for this music.

By Jeb Wright



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