RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Shakra – Powerplay
AFM Records

Rating: B

In Switzerland, Shakra has had a very successful 20 year history.  Their last album actually hit # 2 on the Swiss charts while Powerplay is their ninth album.  

One has to shake their head at why, after nine albums of hard rocking, power blasting music, no one in the USA has ever heard of these guys.  It is just proof that the business of music in America is a joke. 

Powerplay has a real 1980’s hard rock feel to it.  With its pounding, yet not overbearing drums, to the killer guitar solos to the loud vocals, this is a damn good band and a fine album.  

Shakra is made up of original band members Thom Blunier (guitar), Thomas Muster (guitar), and Roger Tanner (drums.  Joining them are new editions Dominik Pfister (bass) and most particularly singer John Prakesh.   

On songs like “Higher,” Life is Now” and “The Mask” the band show they are very in touch with their roots and, as the same time, still creative and vibrant enough to make the music their own.

By Jeb Wright