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DE LA CRUZ – Street Level
Frontier Records

Rating: B

DE LA CRUZ come from the land down under where luckily for the ears of rock fans someone forgot to tell them is was not 1986!  These guys must have been raised on a steady diet of Shout at the Devil Motley Crue and Out of Cellar Ratt.  Classic Rock Magazine’s Geoff Barton said it best when he described the band’s sound as “A Pomptastic, Hyper-active Leppard!” 

“This album talks about our highs, the lows, the parties and all of the crazy times we've had,” says guitarist Casey Jones. “We aimed for a killer album to introduce De La Cruz to the world and this is the height of our musical existence thus far and we cannot wait for everyone to have the CD in their hands- This is De La Cruz!” 

The songs are loud and bombastic with tons of hard rocking vocal harmonies, a driving drum beat and some killer guitar playing.  The album consists of non-stop anthems.  This is music to cruise to in the car, top down, picking up chicks and cranking it up L O U D.  “Cherry Bomb” and the title track will have fists pumping while “Dreams” brings back earlier ‘80’s hard rock, before it all became about hair spray.  The music on Street Level is hard rocking, melodic, and powerful and, while retro, the songs are not just rewrites, as they have their own DE LA CRUZ flair about them.  

“De La Cruz will be hitting the road real soon! We’re going to be heading to the USA Mid this Year on a Coast to Coast Tour! We're also looking to tour Europe, Japan and Australia shortly after! It's going to be a wild ride!” says Casey. 


Roxxi Catalano - Lead Vocals
Casey Jones – Guitar
Rory Joy – Guitar
Grant Daniell – Bass
Lacey Lane – Drums 

Weblink: www.delacruzofficial.com

By Jeb Wright