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Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa – Seesaw
J&R Adventures

Rating: B+

For some odd feeling this seems like the 500th project I have reviewed that includes input from guitarist extraordinaire Joe Bonamassa this year.  Well, maybe 500’s a bit exaggerated, but golly dang if that dude does not stay active.  Not only is he busy, everything he puts out is good.  Whatever that boy is drinking, I’ll have two!  There must be something in the water because what flows from Bonamassa is pure creativity every time he picks up a guitar and sets out to make another album.

This time around he has, once again, teamed up with vocalist extraordinaire Beth Hart.  Now, for someone, let alone a vocalist, to upstage a talented guitarist like Bonamassa is unheard of, but Beth Hart does just that.  And I don’t think Joe would mind me saying that.  After all, Beth Hart is so damn sexy her voice alone can, as the Rolling Stones say, “Make a dead man cum.”  Talent oozes out of her on every song as Joe sits back and provides the soundscape for her to work her magic.  Together, they are an amazing pair of muses.

With Seesaw they have easily retained the magic of their debut release Don’t Explain.  This time around there is even more musical escapes explored by the pair.  “Them There Eyes” has a horn section that would make the band Chicago jealous while the Ike and Tina classic “Nutbush City Limits” is rocked up and cranked out with ease.  There is not a bad musical moment to be found anywhere. 

Let’s hope Beth and Joe continue this musical romance, as while they are both great on their own, something really special happens when they get together.

This album is best described as really good music made by really good musicians.  If you have not done so already then pick this sucker up today!

Seesaw Track Listing:
1. Them There Eyes 2:31
2. Close To My Fire 5:12
3. Nutbush City Limits 3:34
4. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know 7:03
5. Can't Let Go 4:00
6. Miss Lady 4:54
7. If I Tell You I Love You 3:36
8. Rhymes 5:03
9. Sunday Kind Of Love 3:55
10. See Saw 3:25
11. Strange Fruit 5:45

By Jeb Wright