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The Doobie Brothers – Live at Wolftrap (Blu-ray)
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B

This concert comes from a recording made on July 25, 2004 when the band played for The Performing Arts Center in Virginia.  The album was issued on CD and DVD and is now being offered as a Blu-Ray. 

The concert shows what Doobie fans have known for many, many years, and that is that this is band that is best experienced live in concert.  Led by guitarists Pat Simmons and Tom Johnston, the Doobies were on fire on this night and the cameras were rolling to capture it all.

There are no fancy bells and whistles, no one dances, there is no soft shoe, there are no gimmicks and there is not an over the top light show. What there is, is plenty of amazing songs and musical moments dished out by one of the hottest bands of their era.

Tthe Doobs not only includee their classics, they also trotted out plenty of album cuts that are fan favorites.  For every “Rockin’ Down the Highway,” “China Grove” and “Takin’ It to the Streets” there is “Another Park, Another Sunday,” a “People Gotta Love Again” and a “Clear as the Driven Snow.”

If you missed this one the first time around then pick up the album reissued on CD and DVD or the newly issued Blu-Ray.  This is a solid show that you check out time and time again.

Track Listing:
1) Rockin Down The Highway
2) Jesus Is Just Alright
3) Dangerous
4) Another Park, Another Sunday
5) People Gotta Love Again
6) Spirit
7) Steamer Lane (instrumental)
8) South City Midnight Lady
9) Snake Man
10) Nobody
11) Five Corners
12) Rainy Day Crossroad Blues
13) Clear As The Driven Snow
14) Neal's Fandango
15) Takin It To the Streets
16) Don't Start Me Talkin
17) Take Me In Your Arms
18) Little Bitty Pretty One
19) Black Water
20) Long Train Runnin
21) China Grove
22) Without You
23) Listen To the Music

Bonus Features:
Bonus live tracks:
(1) Dangerous
(2) Takin It To The Streets
(3) Without You
Back Stage Pass
The Dropped Pick
The Family

By Jeb Wright