RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

The Rolling Stones – Crossfire Hurricane
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B

Director Brett Morgen gets plenty of kudos for the artistic way he put together this documentary on the Rolling Stones.  Basically, there is no real narrator, instead the Stones tell the stories with new interviews done with the band members.  While they are talking the visual aspect follows along, showing what they are talking about, making the stories come to life before your eyes.

The project is part of the band’s 50th anniversary yet this will be considered the definitive documentary on the band for many more years to come.  The way the new interviews are linked with old interviews, of footage from back in the day including interviews, news coverage and, of course, concert performances.

The Story of the Stones is one filled with excitement and danger that pushed the limits of fame and fortune, often having tragic consequences along the way.  There is death by misadventure, drugs, sex and stories almost to wild too believe.  Yet they are true and they are all revealed here. 

The end result is a very human perspective being added to the mystery and legend of the world’s most dangerous rock and roll band.

By Jeb Wright