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Blue Coupe – Million Miles More
Blue Coupe Records

Rating B+

Blue Coupe is the supergroup made up of two Blue Oyster’s and a bass player, who, in the past, has been known to impersonate a frog! 

The crazy part about the previous sentence is that it is true!  Brothers Joe and Albert Bouchard were the rhythm section for Blue Oyster Cult and Dennis Dunaway is a founding member of the Alice Cooper group, as well as a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Together, the three men have bastardized their former band names and come up with the cool moniker “Blue Coupe” – now ya get it, dontcha? 

Blue Coupe invited some of their famous friends to join them in the musical festivities, both as performers and in the studio booth.  The album is produced by Jack Douglas (think Aerosmith, John Lennon etc).  Douglas makes this sucker sound damn good while Blue Oyster Cult guitarist Buck Dharma adds his signature guitar tone to one of the albums standout tracks “Hellfire Hurry.”  This tune drips of BOC as Buck’s signature riffage is all over the place.

Alice Cooper appears on “Hallow’s Grave” creating that creepy yet neat-o classic sound of the old school Alice Cooper group.  Not all of the guest artists, however, were in Alice Cooper or Blue Oyster Cult, as Ross the Boss stamps his sound on the AC/DC sounding “Ain’t Dead” and original Steppenwolf keyboardist Goldy McJohn adds his signature organ to “Modern Love (Stalking Time).” 

As great as the songs with special guests are, some of the best tunes on the album feature only the three band mates.  “Prophets, Dukes, and Nomads” is a rocking tune with a twist as it opens with an orchestra!  “Supernatural Love” is a song with a little bouncy guitar line that is not only cool, but is kind of addictive. “Everybody Goes Insane” sees the band mixing their BOC and Cooper influences perfectly.   One of the best songs is the touching “I’ll Forever Stick Around.” Written by Dennis Dunaway, the song is a great reminder of why we stick around with that special someone in our life.

This is the second studio effort for the trio, and while the debut was good, this one is better.  There are 12 songs plus a bonus track titled “More Cowbell (Gotta Fever)” and every one of them is a winner.  

Suffice it to say that something special happens when two Bouchards and a Dunaway get together and make music. Simply put, Million Miles More is a great album that deserves to be heard and deserves success.

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1. Prophets Dukes and Nomads (3:30)
2. Hellfire Hurry (3:44)
3. Hallow’s Grave (3:49)
4. Everybody Goes Insane (4:03)
5. I’ll Forever Stick Around (3:33)
6. Modern Love (Stalking Time) (4:51)
7. Used Car (3:54)
8. Supernatural Love (3:59)
9. Train of Thought (3:59)
10. Ain’t Dead (3:29)
11. Ride With Me (3:53)
12. Devil’s Highway (3:48)
13. More Cowbell (Gotta Fever) (2:54)

By Jeb Wright