RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

The Clash - Hits Back
Legacy Recordings

Rating: B

This is the two-disc ‘best of’ to celebrate the more expansive release Sound System, which has everything the band basically ever recorded that anyone would to hear pus tongs of goodies like badges and dog tags.  Where Sound System is for the ultimate Clash fan, this one is more for those who love the band and want to get most of the must-own songs on one collection.  Or so it appears…

Actually, this is cooler than that, as the release pays homage to a classic gig played by the band at the Brixton Fair back on July 19, 1982.  How cool is that?  Studio versions set up to recreate a classic show.  Well, its pretty much that but the band threw in some hits and got a song or two out of order from the running of the actual show but so what.  In this case it’s the though that counts.

It would have been nice to have more from London Calling but if you don’t already own that album then shame on you!  Hits Back is a cool collection for those who either can’t afford Sound System or perhaps can’t handle that much of the The Clash in one sitting.  Suffice it to say that  Hits Back will smack ya with some loud punk, square in the jaw reminding you that when it comes to The Clash one feels the music as much as one hears it.

By Jeb Wright