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William Shatner – Ponder the Mystery
Cleopatra Records

Rating B

“Quite possibly the most creative thing I have ever done.” – William Shatner

That is a heavy duty statement, but in this case, the name who will always be remembered as Captain Kirk, and who wishes people would forget TJ Hooker, William Shatner, is speaking the truth.  Instead of making a quick buck off a unique CD release, Bill took the project to heart, even penning the words to his new album. 

This is a concept, progressive rock album that is, one could say, like Kirk, outta this world with creativity.  Shat talks about things he knows well, and teaches us all life lessons on such topics as aging, depression, love and beauty.

In addition to nerdy, coolness of having William Shatner on a CD, speaking his mind, and bearing his soul, this sucker has a host of Prog Rock Icons, including the producer and writer of the music, Billy Sherwood.  Joining the Bill Boys are Steve Vai, Rick Wakeman, Vince Gill as well as members of the Doors, Hawkwind and Tangerine Dream.

File this one in the “Now for Something Different” file and when you need something crazy to show your friends, something to make you smile or something that will make open up your mind and realize the world is indeed a large place then crank this sucker up. 

When those quite moments of introspection hit…now you can simply sit back and ponder the mystery with the man who conquered the universe!

Track Listing
1. Red Shift
2. Where It’s Gone...I Don’t Know feat. Mick Jones
3. Manhunt feat. Simon House
4. Ponder The Mystery feat. Steve Vai
5. So Am I feat. Al Di Meola
6. Change feat. Rick Wakeman
7. Sunset feat. Joel Vandroogenbroeck
8. Twilight feat. Edgar Winter
9. Rhythm Of The Night feat. Nik Turner
10. Imagine Things feat. Vince Gill
11. Do You See? feat. Edgar Froese
12. Deep Down feat. Robby Krieger
13. I’m Alright, I Think feat. Dave Koz
14. Where Does Time Go? feat. George Duke
15. Alive feat. Zoot Horn Rollo

By Jeb Wright