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Sonja Kristina – Sonya Kristina
Angel Air


Rating: C

Sonja Kristina is most famous as the lead singer from art rock/prog band Curved Air.  By the late ‘70s New Wave was taking form in the UK. Sonja, then married to drummer Stewart Copeland, was intrigued by the new musical art form and decided to start a band.  Her husband did as well.  Stewart formed The Police while Sonja formed Sonja Kristina’s Escape.

While her hubby’s band became the more popular of the two, Sonja enjoyed great success in the UK.  The music on her debut is very eclectic and mixed the new ideas of the day with driving bass lines and edgy guitars.  Her vocals are less ethereal and more rock, and she delivered big time on the album.  One listen to “Street Run” and it is clear she was enjoying moving into new musical territory.  Unfortunately, the rest of the album is not as cool as the opening track, and the album as a whole is hit-and-miss.

Angel Air Records have dusted off the album for re-issue.  While it is not going to be revered as groundbreaking – and in some aspects it probably should be—it is a nice effort and a really interesting look into Sonja’s music direction of the day.  It is daring and fun at times, a bit bland and sappy at other times.  Overall, the good outweighs the bad and it is a solid and honest effort.

1. Street Run
2. Man He Colour
3. Colder That A Rose In Snow
4. Breaking Out In Smiles
5. Mr Skin
6. Roller Coaster
7. Full Time Woman
8. The Comforter
9. St Tropez
10. Fade Away

By Jeb Wright