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The Allman Brothers Band – Play All Night: Live at the Beacon Theater 1992
Legacy Recordings


Rating: A+

The Allman Bros have made New York City’s Beacon Theater their home for a quarter of a century.  In 2014, the band will perform their final Beacon gigs, truly the end of an era. 

As sad as that may be, Legacy Recordings newly released Play All Night: Live At The Beacon Theater 1992 is as exciting and fresh sounding as ever, and is one of the best live efforts the band has ever laid down on tape. Ya, tape…

The lineup of the band for this concert featured Gregg Allman, Dickey Betts, Jaimoe, Alan Woody, Mark Quinones and Warren Haynes, a true live performing juggernaut if there has ever been one! 

Having Betts and Haynes both on stage makes this a historical recording and shows the power these two had when playing together.  Their interplay kicks this album into the stratosphere.

This was the first year the band played an extended run at the Beacon which also makes this a special release.  The track list is the perfect mix of new-at-the-time tunes, classics and fan favorites.  The jazz-style free-flowing jamming is dripping all over this fantastic concert. 

The band made one of the most famous live albums in the history of rock and roll back in 1971 when they released At Fillmore East.  Twenty years later they recorded this concert proving that this band will go down in history as one of rock and roll’s most powerful live acts, often imitated but never, ever, surpassed when it comes to hitting note after note after note live, on stage, in front of the Allman Brothers faithful .

1.   Statesboro Blues 7:00
2.   You Don’t Love Me 6:38
3.   End Of The Line 5:45
4.   Blue Sky 7:34
5.   Nobody Knows  13:20
6.   Low Down Dirty Mean  7:20
7.   Seven Turns  4:41
8.   Midnight Rider  3:20
9.   Come On In My Kitchen  6:02

1.   Guitar Intro / Hoochie Coochie Man  10:01
2.   Jessica  10:01
3.   Get On With Your Life  8:18
4.   In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed  20:58
5.   Revival  5:46
6.   Dreams  11:20
7.   Whipping Post  11:36

By Jeb Wright