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Rat Pack Records


Rating: B

KXM is a new super group that includes dUg Pinnick of King’s X on vocals/bass, George Lynch of Lynch Mob/Dokken on guitars, and Korn drummer Ray Luzier. 

Unlike many super bands, this one really does a good job of taking the uniqueness of each band the members come from and mixes it all together, creating something new and interesting.

The song “Stars” is the best song on the album, but there are other interesting musical moments, including “Human Friction,” “Gun Fight” and the emotional “Faith is a Room.”  The star of this star studded project is dUg Pinnick.  This guy sings his ass off and he flavors each song with his emotions.

George Lynch plays well, perhaps too cautious and controlled for this writer’s taste.  I LOVE hearing Mr. Scary rip a solo, and there is plenty of that on this album…his tone, wah, and overdrive is classic, but, as with George, more insanity would have been even better!

Ray Luzier is a solid drummer (Ex-David Lee Roth band) and brings a modern flair to the table, yet he respects these older school dudes and mixes it up well with them.

It’s too early to tell if this is a one-and-done type of deal that happens a lot in this day and age, or a real band that develops. Let’s hope they last, as this is a good band with a good sound that could really grow and develop into something special.

KXM is off to a good start.

Track Listing
1. Stars
2. Rescue Me
3. Gun Fight
4. Never Stop
5. Faith Is A Room
6. I’ll Be Ok
7. Sleep
8. Love
9. Burn
10. Do It Now
11. Human Friction
12. Tranquilize (Bonus Track)
13. Rescue Me (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)

By Jeb Wright