RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Heart – Magazine
Audio Fidelity


Rating: B

The album Magazine, by Heart, has always been a very controversial album.  The album was not supposed to be released, as the band was jumping to a major label after the huge success of Dreamboat AnnieMagazine was released by their original independent label, and the band was not too happy about it at all.  America, however, didn’t seem to mind as the album went Top 20 and sold Platinum.

The album contained some great tunes and some really cool remakes.  The best remake of them all was Nilsson’s “Without You.”  This is a great version of a classy tune.  Janis Joplin’s “Mother Earth Blues” is another good remake, but hearing Heart do “I’ve Got the Music in Me” is rather silly.  They are quickly forgiven, as the album makes you forget all that silliness with two lethal rockers, “Devil Delight” and the classic “Heartless.” 

Audio Fidelity has released a numbered limited edition of this classic album.  Of course they made this sucker sound off the hook, as they do with every release.  Pick this one up for the good songs and for the historical significance in this great band’s early history.

Heartless – 5:02
Devil Delight – 5:00
Just the Wine – 4:16
Without You – 4:42
Magazine – 6:22
Here Song – 1:34
Mother Earth Blues (Live) – 5:59
I've Got the Music in Me (Live) – 6:18

By Jeb Wright