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Deep Purple – Live in California 74
Eagle Rock Entertainment


Rating: B

This is a classic concert from a classic time in Deep Purple’s history.  It is as famous for Blackmore’s smashing a guitar, a camera, and blowing stuff up as it is for the music contained within.

DP’s Ian Paice, Jon Lord and Blackmore were joined by newcomers David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes for this monstrous gig in front of 200,000+ party-happy west-coast rock and roll maniacs.   The show was supposed to be headlined by Purple, but when given the choice to go on at sunset or close the show, the band decided on sunset, and left Emerson, Lake & Palmer as the headliners.

Deep Purple was taking their sweet time going on-stage, and the promoters got pissed and had words with the band.  Blackmore went on, but did so with an attitude and ended up smashing a TV camera with his guitar.  There was also a pyrotechnic mishap that happened at the end of their set which actually caught the stage on fire for a short time.

The band had to sneak out of the concert in a helicopter, and ended up paying a ten grand fine, which in 1974 money was significant.

So…that tells why this is a historic concert.  Oh yeah, the band played some music, too.  “Burn,” “Mistreated” and “Might Just Take Your Life” all rock!  This line-up never quite got it right on the classics, like “Smoke On the Water” and “Space Truckin’,” but they are still worth checking out.

All in all, this is just another night in the wild ride that is Deep Purple.

What a ride it’s been!

Track Listing:
1.)   Burn
2.)  Might Just Take Your Life
3.)  Lay Down, Stay Down
4.)  Mistreated
5.)  Smoke On The Water
6.)  You Fool No One
7.)  Space Truckin’

By Jeb Wright