RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Sebastian Bach – Give ‘Em Hell
Frontiers Records


Rating: B+

Sebastian Bach is everyone’s favorite dysfunctional ’80s hair-band singer.  He can sing, but he has also perfected the art of putting his foot in his mouth, and then, once he removes said foot, steps into a bucket of shit. There are those who love him and those who love to hate him as well, and can’t wait for him to do something embarrassing.  And he has done that a lot. He says something, gets angry, gets wasted on national television, or puts out an album that is beneath him.  And then the Bach-Hater Bandwagon goes in motion.

Sebastian, however, is getting ready to make all of them shut the fuck up.  When he releases his new album, Give ‘Em Hell, no one will be able to say anything negative at all, as this is the best stuff he has recorded since he was with Skid Row.

No shit…this is not just a reviewer kissing his ass…I could have cared less if he made a good or a bad album before I heard this.  A few listens and I found myself surprised by what was pumping out of the speakers.

Bach, vocally, sounds strong, and he has teamed up with some fine musicians on making of this album. Bach is joined by guitarist Steve Stevens and John 5, and also by a guy named Duff McKagan from the Velvet Revolver and Guns N’ Roses fame.

The album kicks off with a total bad ass rocker titled “Hell Inside My Head.”  This gets ones attention quickly, and then songs like “Push Away,” “Had Enough” and “Disengaged” bring it on home.

There is also a down and dirty remake of the April Wine tune “Rock N Roll is a Vicious Game.” Bach is a rock star, but he is also a huge rock and roll fan, and this is a great song for him to cover.  It shows he knows his stuff and is not afraid to tip the hat to those who came before him.

Sebastian had this to say about the album, "We have captured some kick-ass rock and roll magic and producer par excellence Bob Marlette is the wizard behind the board. It is such an awesome feeling to be able to say to the planet ‘if you like the music I have put out before, I can guarantee you will dig this one!’ I cannot stop listening to it and that is the whole intention. For those of you who dig my high crazy-ass screams of the other records, well, I am proud to say this new disc features all the ranges and textures I have been known for, clean soaring melodic ballads and blood-curdling death screams from hell."

The album cover…well, it is what it is.  He thinks it’s cool, and I must admit it gets your attention (Bach looking like a horned Angus caricature), but secretly I think the cover shows Bach still makes marketing mistakes!

The good news is, the silly cover is the only thing the Bach-Bashers will have to bitch about as the music on this album is damn good.

Track listing:
Hell Inside My Head; Harmony; All My Friends Are Dead; Temptation; Push Away; Dominator; Had Enough; Gun To A Knife Fight; Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game; Taking Back Tomorrow; Disengaged; Forget You.

By Jeb Wright