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Fast Eddie Clarke featuring Bill Sharpe – Make My Day, Back to Blues
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Rating: B

Fast Eddie Clarke smashed out songs like “Ace of Spades” back when he was with Motorhead.  Yes indeed, that was Fast Eddie all over songs like “Say What You Will” by Fastway.  Everyone knew this guy and loved him for his distorted, rowdy and raucous attitude and guitar playing.  Now, this same guy…that Fast Eddie guy…the Brit with the distorted riffage…he’s back…and he’s got the blues.

The album Make My Day, Back to Blues took a while to complete, however.  Keyboardist Bill Sharpe and Clarke started this sucker nearly five years ago. 

Ed kept getting busy with Fastway and other projects, and before he knew it was 2013 and this blues thing was still not finished.  Sharpe’s passion never waned and he pushed Eddie along until the project was finally completed.   

One of the things that got in the way of finishing the album was that Fast Eddie didn’t think he should sing the songs.  He thought guest vocalists would be better.  He was wrong. 

Finally, Eddie stepped up to the microphone and belted these suckers out.  Turns out, the man can sing...who knew? 

The album is a fairly traditional blues album with a little bit of rock here and there.  “Walking Too Slow” is the best of the bunch and features some tasty guitar playing.  “One Way” sees Sharpe earning his due on the piano.  The album starts with a rocker called “Nothing Left” and ends with a sad and lonely instrumental titled “Ethereal Blue.” 

While this one won’t break any new ground for the blues, it does a fine job of paying homage to the genre. 

For anyone who only knows Clarke’s metal side of his musical personality, this will be a pleasant surprise.  For us in the know, we realize Fast Eddie has come full circle, as he was a blues guitarist with Curtis Knight’s ZEUS back in the early 1970’s. 

Fast Eddie Clarke…the blues welcomes you back.  So do we. 

Track Listing
1. Nothing Left
2. Mountains To The Sea
3. Make My Day
4. Heavy Load
5. Fast Train
6. Walking Too Slow
7. Haven't Got The Time
8. One Way
9. My New Life
10. Ethereal Blue

By Jeb Wright