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The String Cheese Incident-- Song In My Head
Loud and Proud Records


Rating: B+

This Colorado band has achieved iconic status in the world of Jam Band fans. In fact, these guys helped bring the genre to new heights. Now, nine years since putting out an album, the band is back, with what may be their most autobiographical-sounding album ever.

The songs are what makes this band... it's always been that way. There is no one person or instrument that is more important than the next. They work like a well-oiled machine, and with the release of Song In My Head, they have done it once again.

The first track, "Colorado Bluebird Sky," features the Zac Brown Brand. Together, these guys give the song a String Cheese-y/Grateful Dead mix that just sounds more comfortable with every listen. The entire album remains strong, as song after song flies by, making one both miss the tune that's ending and anticipate the next one that's getting ready to begin.

This one is damn good, sounding like a pair of comfortable slippers feel. The reason this music makes one so comforable is that the band is being true to themselves, their craft and their art. The result is an album that is appreciated more with each listen.

While it may not be their career-defining moment, if they continue to make records this good, they will have a career as long as The Dead.

If you like jam bands and you like good American music, then this sucker is right up your alley.

Track Listing:
1. Colorado Bluebird Sky ft./Zac Brown Band
2. Betray the Dark
3. Let's Go Outside
4. Song In My Head
5. Struggling Angel
6. Can't Wait Another Day
7. So Far From Home
8. Rosie
9. Stay Through
10. Colliding

11. Colorado Bluebird Sky (feat. Zac Brown)
12. Can't Wait Another Day (feat. Karl Denson & Chris Littlefield) [Live, 12/28/13, Broomfield, CO]
13. Rosie (feat. Antibalas Horns) [Live, 10/31/13, Live Oak, FL]

By Jeb Wright