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Eric Clapton – Journeyman (SACD)
Audio Fidelity


Rating: B+

Even though Eric Clapton had been touted as ‘guitar god’ years before this release, Journeyman was the first solo album by the rock deity to reach double platinum status.  The album would change his career forever.  Clapton earned all of the accolades thrown his way, including a Grammy in 1990 for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for the huge hit “Bad Love,” as this album was the total package of songwriting and musicianship.   

The album includes the pop hit “Pretending” which helped album sales soar through the roof.  Upon deeper inspection, Journeyman is much more than a couple of hit tunes, as the album also includes Clapton’s return to the blues with songs like “Hound Dog,” “Before You Accuse Me” and “Hard Times.” 

Eric invited many famous friends to appear on the album including Dire Straits keyboardist Alan Clark, George Harrison, Chaka Khan, Daryl Hall, Robert Cray, Cecil and Linda Womack, Phil Collins and Gary Burton.

Audio Fidelity spun their magical remastery on the sound, creating the best sounding CD of this classic album ever released. 

This one is a winner from beginning to end. 

Anything for Your Love
Bad Love
Running on Faith
Hard Times
Hound Dog
No Alibis
Run So Far
Old Love
Breaking Point
Lead Me On
Before You Accuse Me

By Jeb Wright