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Nazareth – Rock ‘N’ Roll Telephone

Rating: B+

Nazareth has released what is their likely to be their final album with iconic vocalist Dan McCafferty.  While that news is sad, if this is to be his swan song recording, he is going out on a high note. 

This is a great Naz album from start to finish.  The voice, the guitars, the songs and the rhythm section continue to pump out great tracks.  This is a fine follow up to 2011’s Big Dogz, and as good as that one is, this one is better.

The opening tune “Boom Bang Bang” oozes that mid-tempo, heavy guitar thing that Nazareth is famous for.  McCafferty is the star on this song as his chorus just takes it over the top.  “One Set of Bones” is another one that is pretty much what the fans of the band want.  The title track is an epic tune with a major riffage that makes one think of that classic Hair of the Dog album. 

The album has many musical styles, as do all classic albums by this band.  “Punch a Hole in the Sky” is one of the best, while ‘Not Today” is one of the classiest.  When it’s all said and done, this is one album that is more than worth the price of admission.  It’s amazing to see a band 45 years down the road still delivering great songs. 

Nazareth will also release this album in a deluxe digipack version that will include a second disc filled with extra goodies, including live tracks and a couple more studio songs.  There will also be a double LP gatefold vinyl release as well. 

We wish Brother Dan the best.  Maybe his health will improve and he can come back to the band, if not, he will be missed.

Track Listing:

01. Boom Bang Bang
02. One Set of Bones
03. Back 2B4
04. Winter Sunlight
05. Rock ‘n’ Roll Telephone
06. Punch A Hole in the Sky
07. Long Long Time
08. The Right Time
09. Not Today
10. Speakeasy
11. God of the Mountain

By Jeb Wright