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The Baby’s – I’ll Have Some of That
Skyrocket Entertainment


Rating: B+

The Baby’s are most famous as being the springboard for vocalist John Waite’s solo career as well as giving Jonathan Cain up to the band Journey just in time for him to write and record “Open Arms,” a song that could have been sung by Waite and not Perry, and possibly creating a hit for the Baby’s and increasing their airplay and success...

Such is life. 

Rock and Roll has some interesting twists and tales and The Baby’s are one of them.  They had a weak band name according to U.S. rock critics, and most of their hits were ballads.  However, they had another side to them, a harder rockin’ and melodic sound.  Now, in 2014, many decades down the road, the band has reformed (without Waite and Cain, of course).  They are back on their feet again, and one might think The Baby’s could NEVER make it without John Waite, cuz…  That would be like Boston without Brad Delp, or Journey without Steve Perry or Foreigner without Lou Gramm…oh…wait a minute.  Perhaps these guys can get by after all! 

The band’s new CD, I’ll Have Some of That, turns out to be a great rock and roll record.  The band is not trying to be modern and, in fact, they are just trying to be what they always were, a great melodic hard rock band who never quite made it.  Well, they would love to change that last part, but that remains to be seen…Perhaps, though, they can keep it all from being ‘too little, too late’ and at least get back on the road and make a few bucks. 

The band features two original members in guitarist Wally Stocker and drummer Tony Brock.  Joining them are guitarist Joey Sykes and, the man everyone is waiting to hear, bassist/vocalist John Bisaha.  What everyone wants to know is if the new John is up for the challenge of taking on the original John’s songs.  Let’s see what Tony Brock has to say about the new guy, “John Bisaha is an incredible singer. When we held auditions, we had singers lined up around the block to join the band and John was head and shoulders above the rest.”

Classic Rock Revisited is happy to report that the new guy can hold his own.  In fact, this is throwback to the Broken Heart days of the band.  “Every Side of You” is a strong opening number while “All I Wanna Do” has the classic skating rink with your best girl vibe to it.  “I See You There” is a sweet ballad and the rest of the album delivers as well.  This is not all ballads either, as there are a lot of rockers on this album. 

Bottom line, the playing on this sucker is good, the audio is well mixed, the songwriting is good and the vocal delivery is as strong as ever. 

This one is not only the surprise album of the year, it may end up being one of the best. 

‘I’ll Have Some of That’ Track Listing

1. ‘Every Side of You’
2. ‘All I Wanna Do’
3. ‘Sunrise & Goodbyes’
4. ‘After Midnight’
5. ‘I See You There’
6. ‘Grass Is Greener’
7. ‘These Days’
8. ‘Uncivil War’
9. ‘You Saved My Live’
10. ‘It’s a Gas’
11. ‘Stay the Night’
12. ‘I’ll Have Some of That!’
13. ‘When Life Goes Right’
14. ‘Not Ready to Say Goodbye’

By Jeb Wright