RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

U.D.O. – Steelhammer: Live From Moscow
AFM Records

Rating: B

U.D.O. took Russia by storm when they recorded this new album, Steelhammer: Live from Moscow.  Vocalist and bandleader Udo Dirkschneider had a mission in mind, and he fulfilled it.  Udo wanted his band to rock Russia to the core, and he did.   He did so focusing on his band and his music, and not relying on the huge hits he had with Accept.  There are ‘no balls to wall’ anywhere on this DVD/CD, and at the end of the day, no one misses them.

U.D.O. was one of the first international artists to tour across this huge land back in the day.  Russian fans are hardcore and loyal, and they rock out to every note played and every line sung.  Udo’s current lineup is very talented, and the guitar interplay and the drum solo show that the iconic German bandleader is still dedicated to giving his best. 

There are many fan favorites included during the concert, which contains over twenty songs.  The DVD also contains bonus ‘behind the scenes’ footage.  At the end of the day, U.D.O. pounded their Steelhammer down, creating a wall of sound that may still be echoing to this day!  Udo has lost nothing vocally. Though he looks older, Heavy Metal is chiseled onto his face and in his voice.  He is a true icon of hard rock who is still able to deliver the goods…and deliver them LOUD. 

DVD & CD Track listing:

1          - Intro              
2          - Steelhammer              
3          - King of mean              
4          - Future land       
5          - Cry of a nation            
6          - Trip to nowhere                     
7          - They want war                       
8          - Never cross my way               
9          - Stranger                     
10         - Stay true                    
11         - In the darkness                      
12         - Azrael                        
13         - No limits        
14         - Mean machine                        
15         - Burning heat               
16         - Metal machine                        
17         - Devil's bite                 
18         - Go back to hell                       
19         - Timebomb                  
20         - Holy              
21         - Metal heart

By Jeb Wright