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Kyle Hollingsworth - Speed Of Life
SCI Fidelity


Rating: B+

Kyle Hollingsworth is best known as the keyboardist for The String Cheese Incident. He is currently releasing his third solo album, Speed Of Life. The album features a wide variety of musical styles with overtones of every decade from the sixties through to today.

Simply put, this is a good old fashioned jammin’ album. There is so much here for any veteran listener to real old school, crank-it-out, funky rock and roll to enjoy. Play this at your next party and no one will be sitting down. I call it “no” music, because I find myself constantly shaking my head rhythmically from side to side while listening to it. The beats are definitely infectious.

The energy starts from the first song, “Racer X”. Hollingsworth cranks out a rockin’ Hammond organ so cool that it makes you wonder why we hardly ever hear this instrument anymore. MIDI be damned; a well-caressed screaming Hammond organ is hard to beat. Hollingsworth delivers it throughout many of the pieces on this album.

Hollingsworth also brings along many of his friends from The String Cheese Incident and The Motet to play on the album. Good move. The comfort level of the players is apparent in the ease in which the music flows. Whether it be the beachy-themed “Here We Go” or the 80’s techno-styled “Happening Now”, or the ultra-funky “Luck Charms”, the band sounds completely at home with the style it is playing, and not just a band trying new things outside their style to see if they can pull it off.

This is a fun album! Check it out. It is definitely worth your time.

Track Listing:
Racer X
Here We Go
Falling Through The Cracks
You’ve Got The World
Pack It Up
All Around
Happening Now
Beautiful People
Lucky Charms
World Girl Reprise

By Roy Rahl