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Bob Seger – Ride Out (Deluxe)
Capitol Records

Rating: B

Bob Seger is back for his long awaited solo album, following his last 2006 release Face the Promise.  With Ride Out, Seger has released his 17th studio album, yet only his second work credited to only himself since adding the Silver Bullet Band.  Another oddity is the number of remakes, including the John Hiatt penned lead single from the album called “Detroit Made.”  Seger is best known for his own compositions, so it is a bit strange to seem him pay so much homage to others on the new album... although they are some of the best tunes in the bunch.

“Detroit Made” is a song close to him, as it is about the town where he became famous. Here he does Hiatt proud, turning this into the rocking-est song on the album.  On “Adam and Eve” Bob is joined by background vocalist Laura Creamers, who has been singing for Seger since “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man.”  Laura steals the song with her raspy and sexy performance.  “The Devil’s Right Hand” was originally written and performed by Steve Earle.  This song lends itself well to Bob’s voice, and the song is catchy and fun.  “California Stars” is a haunting song featuring lyrics by Woody Guthrie and Seger pulls this one off masterfully, as the song makes an emotional impact on the listener.

Seger pens the rest of the songs, and they are all that perfect mix of wonderment and emotion.  He puts his humanity into his songs as heard and felt on the song “Ride Out.”  “You Take Me In” is a touching tune that is buried deep on the disc, but may prove to be one of the best.

The album is introspective in many ways, as Seger sings about where he is in his life and career.  He has speculated this may be his last studio effort and, if so, he will ride out into the sunset with his head held high.

Let’s hope there is one more offering left in this talented songwriter, however, as we, his fans, will always feel that fire down below for a new Bob Seger instant classic.  On this album, that award goes to the song “Hey Gypsy,” as this cut alone is worth the price of admission.

Track Listing:

Detroit Made
Hey Gypsy
The Devil’s Right Hand
Ride Out
Adam and Eve
California Stars
It’s Your World
All of the Roads
You Take Me In
Gates of Eden

Deluxe Edition
The Fireman’s Talkin’
Let Rivers Run

By Jeb Wright