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Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder – Bloodstock Edition & The Saxon Chronicles + Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies 1989 Live  
UDR Records

Rating: B+


UDR Records is starting off 2015 with a huge bang!  That thundering sound you hear is the twin guitar attack of one of the most classic bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal: Saxon! 

Biff Byford & Company are releasing archive material that will be snapped up by their rabid fans.  In association with UDR, Saxon is giving their fans a reworking of their classic ‘hits’ collection Heavy Metal Thunder with a bonus disc from last years tour stop, titled Live at Bloodstock 2014.  In addition, the band will re-release the double DVD The Saxon Chronicles that now comes with a bonus audio disc.  The Saxon time machine wings back to 1989 this time and produces the Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies live album.  These two releases are literally hours, upon hours, of non-stop distorted rock and roll mayhem.  Saxon is giving fans a true look back at the highlights of their career in 2015, and the added ear candy only makes these releases better. 

If the band has one Achilles’ heel it would be that they never were as popular in America as they should have been.  These releases and the bonus material that comes with them are welcome introductions to any Metal fan who has never ventured into the Land of Saxon.  Heavy Metal Thunder – Bloodstock Edition has the must-own songs by the band including the NWOBHM classics “Power & the Glory,” “And the Band Played On,” “Crusader,” “Dallas 1 PM,” “Motorcycle Man” and “Denim & Leather.”  The bonus live disc recorded last year displays Saxon’s heavy metal thunder in the modern day.  The song “Sacrifice” is one of the best the band has ever written.  Newbie’s mixed in with classics such as “Motorcycle Man,” “747 (Strangers in the Night)” and “Denim and Leather” make this a great live in-concert experience.

The Saxon Chronicles, originally released in 2003 now comes with a bonus ‘live disc’ making it an audio and visual Saxon-spectacular.  The first concert video is from the biggest Metal-fest in the world, Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany in 2001.  The second DVD is all of Saxon’s videos, and there is that killer set from 1989- a live audio CD- thrown in for good measure. 

These are a couple of awesome releases that will have the Saxon faithful raising their fists and cranking it up.  You can’t go wrong with either of these fine collections. 


See below for track listings for both releases:

Heavy Metal Thunder Bloodstock Edition:
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CD I Track list:         
Track list:

01.       Heavy Metal Thunder
02.       Strong Arm of the Law
03.       Power & the Glory
04.       And the Bands played on
05.       Crusader
06.       Dallas 1PM
07.       Princess of the Night
08.       Wheels of Steel
09.       747 (Strangers in the Night)
10.       Motorcycle Man
11.       Never Surrender
12.       Denim & Leather
13.       Backs to the Wall       

Bonus CD II Live at Bloodstock 2014:
01.       Sacrifice 
02.       Power and the Glory 
03.       Heavy Metal Thunder 
04.       Battalions of Steel 
05.       Motorcycle Man 
06.       And the Bands Played On 
07.       To Hell and Back Again 
08.       747 (Strangers in the Night) 
09.       Crusader 
10.       Wheels of Steel 
11.       Princess of the Night 
12.       Denim and Leather

The Saxon Chronicles + Rock’n’Roll Gypsies 1989 Live
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DVD I  Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 2001 Track list:     
01.       Motorcycle Man
02.       Dogs Of War
03.       Heavy Metal Thunder
04.       Cut Out The Disease
05.       Solid Ball Of Rock
06.       Metalhead
07.       The Eagle Has Landed
08.       Conquistador (Drum Solo)
09.       Crusader
10.       Power And The Glory
11.       Princess Of The Night
12.       Wheels Of Steel (Guitar Solo)
13.       Strong Arm Of The Law
14.       20,000 Ft.
15.       Denim And Leather

Bonus Stuff: Interview with Biff Byford
DVD II Track list:
Video: Saxon on Tour
Saxon Official Videos:

01.       Suzie Hold On
02.       Power And The Glory
03.       Nightmare
04.       Back On The Streets Again
05.       Rockin' Again
06.       (Requiem) We Will Remember
07.       Unleash The Beast + Behind The Scenes
08.       Killing Ground
Saxon on TV – Interviews, History, TV-Appearances:
01.       And the Band Played On
02.       Back on the Streets
03.       Never Surrender
04.       Denim And Leather
05.       Wheels of Steel

Bonus Stuff: Text/Photo Gallery

Bonus: Rock’n’Roll Gypsies 1989 Live Audio CD Track list:      
1.         Power And Glory
2.         And The Bands Played On
3.         Rock The Nation
4.         Dallas 1PM
5.         Broken Heroes
6.         Battle Cry
7.         Rock 'N Roll Gypsies
8.         Northern Lady
9.         I Can't Wait Anymore
10.       This Town Rocks
11.       The Eagle Has Landed
12.       Just Let Me Rock       

By Jeb Wright