RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Various Artists – Spacewalk- A Salute to Ace Frehley
Deadline Records

Rating: C

Okay, this is not technically a new release.  Some Kiss and Ace Frehley fans have poo-pooed that fact on the 'net.  What it is, though, is a triubute to Space Ace that has long been out of print, which was originally released in 1996.  In other words, like your ex-girlfriend, you know the one that broke your heart by screwing everyone in town but you... like her, this one has been around.  Still, you'd hit it again... after a few beverages...  Oh come on, you know you would! 

This sucker should see the light of day.  There are some killer remakes and there are some okay ones, and there are a couple of 'oops'... but isn't that just like the man they are paying tribute to?  Ace Frehley is a guy that has had some really cool--really simple but cool nonetheless, moments.  He has released a ton of mediocre albums and few 'oops' albums as well.  All in all, much like Ace's career, this deseves a solid "C" ranking.

The nearly twenty year collection of songs features that late great Dimebag Darrell on the tune "Fractured Mirror."'  While the song is not one of the best of the bunch, it is still pretty bad-ass to hear.  In addition to Dime, we have Marty Friedman, Gilby Clark, Scott Ian, Jeff Watson, Snake Sabo, Sebastian Bach, Tracii Guns and others all making an appearance on the album.  The track listing, for the most part, is good as well.

"Deuce" featuring Marty Friedman, kicks it off with a bang.  While this is one of the strongest tracks on the abum, the best of the bunch goes to Kiss fanatic Sebastian Bach.  He nails "Rock Bottom."  "Parisite Lady," featuring Tracii Guns, is another great version.  John Norrum kicks butt on the best song the Spaceman ever wrote, "Cold Gin."  This is just a killer song.  Devo would make this one rock. 

There are some clunkers though.  "Back in the New York Groove" is not in the groove at all.  The song takes a left turn and then gets lost.  "Rip It Out" is not so great, either.  Gilby Clarke gets an honorable mention for "Shock Me."  It’s growing on me.  Elsewhere, "Hard Luck Woman" and "Snowblind" are acceptable, middle of the pack remakes. 

Like many of my friends these days, this one is old... but with the right lighting and a good night's sleep, it’s still a lot of fun.

For Kiss fans it is a must-own, if for no other reason that to keep that collection current!

Track Listing
1. Deuce – Marty Friedman
2. Shock Me – Gilby Clarke
3. Rip It Out – Scott Ian
4. Hard Luck Woman – Ron Young & Jeff Watson
5. Snowblind – Snake Sabo
6. Rock Bottom – Sebastian Bach
7. Parasite – Tracii Guns
8. Cold Gin – John Norum
9. New York Groove – Bruce Bouillet
10. Fractured Mirror – Dimebag Darrell
By Space Jeb