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Lynch Mob – Sun Red Sun
Rat Pak Records


Rating: B

George Lynch is so damn good at playing guitar it’s…well…its downright scary...as in Mr. Scary!

The man, talented as both a songwriter and a guitar player, has released his 11th album under the moniker Lynch Mob…Did I say, their “11th album”?  ELEVEN!  Where has the time gone?  It seems like yesterday he was in Dokken…err leaving Dokken…err yelling at Don Dokken.  Well, you get the point! But yeah, 11 freaking years…I know feel very elderly.  I need to crank up some good tunes…oh wait, I can play this one while I type!

Here is the deal, there are few really cool things about this release.  For starters, it is really two albums in one.  You get the seven new recordings, which is the album Sun Red Sun.  In addition, you also get four songs that are remastered that were released previously as The Sound Mountain Sessions by Lynch Mob.  Now, here is the best news: They both kick ass!  Indeed, this is good stuff, Maynard!

Okay, so it is not out of control Metal, but it is also not pop Metal like that other band was in with that guy with the big mouth.  Nope, this is somewhere between the two, best described as just guitar heavy rock and roll. 

Case in point, Lynch Mob took on the classic Bad Company tune “Burnin’ Sky” and they did it righteous.  Vocalist Oni Logan took on the almighty Paul Rodgers and did the song justice.  Lynch handled the tune with ease on the six-string, but then again, Mick Ralphs was more famous for his groove than his fireworks on the frets. 

“Sun Red Sun” is a great song that was written as a tribute to Badlands vocalist, the late, great, Ray Gillen.  The song is touching and moving and has a hell of a lot of emotion to it.  There is one line, at the beginning of the chorus that sounds pretty damn close to a Stevie Nicks line in the song “Silver Springs.”  Just saying—I don’t want a lawsuit or anything but man, I did a double take!

The entire album, or maybe it is a double EP?  Either way, it’s good.  Lynch still has it.  Logan sings his throat off.  The songs are good.  The sounds in the studio are made great by the Chris “The Wizard” Collier” and the rhythm section play well throughout. 

In today’s land of music this album will have a hard time getting out there.  That should not stop you, though.  Take the time and check it out.  It is a solid batch of original songs with a killer version of a classic Bad Co tune…worth checking out in my book. 


Track Listing:
Believers of the Day
Burinin’ Sky
Subliminal Dream
Sun Red Sun

Remastered Bonus Tracks
Slow Drag
World of Chance
City of Freedome

By Jeb Wright