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Bad Company - Bad Company (Deluxe Edition)

Rating: A+

Back in 1973, four already famous musicians got together to form a new band called Bad Company.  The band featured singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Paul Rodgers of Free, guitarist/songwriter Mick Ralphs from Mott the Hoople, bassist Boz Burrell of King Crimson, and drummer Simon Kirke of Free.  They convened in a remote place called Headley Grange and used Ronnie Lane's mobile studio to record their music. The place was often used by Led Zeppelin.  The band was signed to Zep's Swan Song records and Peter Grant even managed them.  Long before the album was released, all involved knew they had struck on something special with this band.  They were proven correct when the debut, the self-titled album, went to #1 on the charts and sold over five million copies! 

Fast forward to 2015 and this classic album is given new life courtesy of a deal with Rhino Entertainment Company, who took great care with every aspect of the release.  The album was remastered, at Paul Rodgers insistence, from the original master tapes.  The packaging is impeccable with new extensive liner notes written by David Clayton.  There are tons of rare pictures, but best of all there is an entire second disc of 12 tracks, 8 of which were previously unreleased.  The bonus material really shows the history of the making of this amazing album, and includes demos "Can't Get Enough" and "The Way I Choose."  Also included are B-sides "Little Miss Fortune" and "Easy On My Soul."  There is also a song that didn't appear until 1983 on Paul Rodgers solo album Cut Loose titled "Superstar Woman." 

The remastered main disc is just as wonderful as the rare tracks.  The album sounds great with "Can't Get Enough" rocking harder than ever and "Bad Company" never sounding so bold!  Each track comes to new life, and in this case, louder is better!  Seriously, this one should be played loud and often. 

The band was young, together, and in that magical zone where greatness lives.  Rodgers voice was already regarded as one of the best in the business, but his performance on the ballad "Don't Let Me Down" on the new deluxe edition is simply breathtaking.  Rockers "Movin' On" and "Rock Steady" showcase that Bad Co guitar crunch while "Seagull" remains one of the best songs the band ever recorded.

Even if you own this one five times over, the new Bad Company Deluxe Edition needs to be in your collection. 

Yes, it's that damn good! 

Disc One
“Can’t Get Enough”
“Rock Steady”
“Ready For Love”
“Don’t Let Me Down”
“Bad Company”
“The Way I Choose”
“Movin’ On”

Disc Two
“Can’t Get Enough” (Take 1)*
“Little Miss Fortune” (Demo Reel 1)*
“The Way I Choose” (Demo Reel 1)*
“Bad Company” (LMS Studio Reel 2-73 Session)*
“The Way I Choose” (Version 1 Inc. F/S)
“Easy On My Soul” (Long Version)
“Bad Company” (LMS Studio Reel 8-73 Session)*
Studio Chat/Dialogue
“Superstar Woman” (Long Version)*
“Can’t Get Enough” (Single Edit)
“Little Miss Fortune” (B-side of “Can’t Get Enough”)*
“Easy On My Soul” (B-side of “Movin’ On”)*

Bad Company (Deluxe)
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By Jeb Wright