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Herman Rarebell & Friends - Herman's Scorpions Songs
Soild Rockhouse Records

Rating: B

Herman Rarebell is as famous for his outgoing, fan friendly personality as he is for his tenure as the drummer for German rockers, the Scorpions.  Rarebell not only pounded the skins for the band from 1977 to 1996, he wrote, or co-wrote, many of their most successful songs. 

Tunes including "Rock You Like a Hurricane," "Passion Rules the Game," "You Give Me All I Need," "Dynamite," "Falling in Love" and "Animal Magnetism" have Rarebell's creative efforts throughout them. 

Herman (along with his friends who are, in this case, all guest singers), has released Herman's Scorpions Songs, a collection of 13 Scorpions classics and one new song featuring a new artist named Al Crespo from the band Unbreakable

Rarebell talks about the new song "Let It Shine" and the songs guest vocalist, "If we want to hear good music, ten years from now, we have to start now to develop and support new promising talents. It is a fact that bands like the Scorpions, Motorhead or Deep Purple will then be gone. Therefore I am happy to be able to give all my knowledge and experience to Al and his band. These guys have everything to become the new Scorpions."

Other friends lending their vocal skills include Bobby Kimball of Toto fame on the classic "Rock You Like a Hurricane," John Parr on "Passion Rules the Game" and Doogie White on "Make it Real."  The names just keep coming and include Paul Shortino on "Love is Blind," Jack Russell on "Don't Make No Promises," Don Dokken on "You Give Me All I Need" and Gary Barden on "Falling in Love." 

The album rocks and has a party time atmosphere.  Sure, as time moves forward and we want to hear these classic tunes, most will reach for the iPod and put on the original Scorpions versions... but this collection is something different and the track listing, featuring songs written or co-written by Rarebell, is unique.  There are a lot remakes that would never make a traditional tribute Scorpions album, so this one is, first and foremost, for the bands biggest fans. 

"Arizona," "Another Piece of Meat" and  "Loving You Sunday Morning" are all great songs and this collection reminds the listener of just how great they are. 

01. Rock Of You Like A Hurricane (Bobby Kimball of TOTO)
02. Passion Rules The Game (John Parr)
03. Loving You Sunday Morning (Michael Voss of MAD MAX)
04. Is There Anybody There? (Alex Ligertwood of SANTANA)
05. You Give Me All I Need (Don Dokken of DOKKEN)
06. Make It Real (Doogie White of RAINBOW, MICHAEL SCHENKER)
07. Dynamite (Johnny Gioeli of AXEL RUDI PELL)
08. Arizona (Thomas Perry)
09. Love Is Blind (Paul Shortino of QUIET RIOT)
10. Don't Make No Promises (Jack Russell of GREAT WHITE)
11. Falling In Love (Gary Barden of MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP)
12. Another Piece Of Meat (Tony Martin of BLACK SABBATH)
13. Animal Magnetism (Michael Nagy)
14. Let It Shine (Al Crespo of UNBREAKABLE)

By Jeb Wright