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Pretty Boy Floyd - Kiss of Death   
Deadline Records

Rating: C

The best way to sum up this review is to say:  If Poison had written these 15 Kiss songs this is what it would have sounded like.  Yep, that's pretty much what one needs to know.  You can decide if that is good or bad. 

Pretty Boy Floyd are one of those hair bands that were definitely influenced by Kiss, so in that sense, this one makes sense.  In this day and age it is unlikely the band would sell as many copies of anything original so why not do something fun?  It’s a genuine love and respect for Kiss coming from the two dudes who made this sucker. Two dudes?  I thought I said this was a Pretty Boy Floyd record?  Well, this is a Pretty Boy Floyd record probably because founding member Kristy Majors, we assume, owns the rights to the name.  So, in 2015 for this Kiss tribute, Pretty Boy Floyd is Majors plus vocalist Steve Summers. 

Majors does impress by playing all instruments on this sucker. I suppose if Kristy had the pipes he could have done this sucker all by himself.  Alas, he must not, as he had to bring in Summers.  While Kiss music is never going to be called difficult or challenging, to be able to do an entire album of Kiss instrumentation all by oneself is still a pretty neat trick!  Summers does not have a Gene Simmons or a Paul Stanley style of voice, but he does have Warrant, Poison and the like down pat, so, therefore, he does a good job. 

At the end of the day this is by no means a necessary album to make, or buy, unless you're one of those Kiss Kollectors.  If you paint your face, have long debates with others over who is your favorite Kiss band member, have gone to a Kiss Konvention, think Kiss lyrics are poetry, plan on being buried in a Kiss Kasket or belong to the Kiss Army then, well, this one falls into the 'must own' category for you.  For the rest of the world, it’s cool and parts are pretty neat-o but, as they say, it is what it is.  That said, the track listing contains some interesting choices.  It's cool they threw in tracks like "Room Service," "Goin' Blind," "I Stole Your Love" and "King of the Night Time World."  It is also cool they left out "Rock N Roll All Nite" as we've had enough remakes of that song.  

If you're a fan of Pretty Boy Floyd and/or Kiss then this will be right up your alley.  I like that it is done with love but, to be totally honest, I file it under 'novelty,' as after a few listens one does what one does with most of these tribute type albums... they go back and listen to the original artist perform the songs, which in this case is Kiss. 

Bottom line, this one is fun, katchy and kinda Kiss kool. 

Kiss Of Death track listing:

01. King Of The Night Time World
02. Room Service
03. I Stole Your Love
04. I Love It Loud
05. Goin' Blind
06. Deuce
07. Creatures Of The Night
08. Detroit Rock City
09. Firehouse
10. Love Gun
11. Shout It Out Loud
12. Christine 16
13. Strutter
14. Let Me Go Rock N' Roll
15. Black Diamond

By Jeb Wright