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Bill Ward - Accountable Beasts

Rating: A

Bill Ward is the original drummer of Metal gods Black Sabbath; he is one of the most important figures in Heavy Metal history. Bill is currently involved in a very public war of words with former bandmate Ozzy Osbourne over his participation, or lack of it, with Sabbath as they prepare to record their last album and embark on their final tour.  In the midst of all of the madness comes, quite unexpectedly, Bill Ward's latest solo album titled Accountable Beasts,  released on iTunes. The album comes 18 years after his last solo release, When the Bough Breaks.  Bill has not been in any hurry, this one being rushed out after only a six year wait (he has another album titled Beyond Aston that we've been waiting for something like two decades, so a mere six years ain't so bad!). 

Classic Rock Revisited is very pleased to announce that Accountable Beasts was indeed worth the wait!  Bill Ward proves to the world, once again, that he may be the most creative soul to have been in the original Black Sabbath.  This album goes beyond music; it is a work of art, and perhaps Bill's masterpiece.  Now, let’s get this straight right off the bat, this album is not the debut Black Sabbath album 2.0.  Far from it, as Bill is not reaching backwards in any way, shape or form.  He is not attempting to relive the past, or even harken to yesteryear at all.  That said, this sucker has some heavy moments... a better way to say it may be.... this sucker has some heaaaavvvvvyyyyyy moments.  There is a lot of doom, gloom and despair... however, to describe this as ‘downer-rock’ would be a total disservice. 

What can one expect from this album?  Well, let me share with you some notes I jotted down upon hearing Accountable Beasts  for the first time:

"What a trip!  I love this!  It’s Sabbath meets Meat Loaf meets an insane asylum!  Holy shit this is cool!  It's weird, disturbing, heavy, rocking and operatic.  It's scary, crazy, edgy, trippy and totally unexpected and, at times, unnerving!  This is a one-of-a-kind album that only Bill Ward could create!"

Ward plays drums on seven of the nine tracks and, in classic Ward-style he bashes it up.  It is his vocals that are totally addictive on this album however, as Bill sounds eerily haunting and other times angry--not screaming mad, but more like an evil genius plotting his next move!

His band features Keith Lynch (guitar, keyboards), Paul Ill (bass) and Ronnie Ciago (drums), alongside drummer Walter Earl and an array of session singers, including Ward's daughter Emily. All performances are top-notch and leave the listener wanting more. 

Each track has a personality of its own, yet some are stronger than others.  Opening number "Leaf Killers" is heavy and kicks off the album with a bang.  "First Day Back" is Ward meets Syd Barrett, while "The Wall of Death" features tons of distortion and a rambling yet addictive guitar with Ward telling us to pick up the pace and throwing in a few F words for good measure.  Accountable Beasts also includes Ward's 2002 single "Straws," one of the best tunes he has ever written.  It is nice to see the tune finally find a home on an album. 

At the end of the day, this is truly an artistic statement.  The music is heavy, but it is not something one would listen to while in a happy-go-lucky mood.  It is not something to wave your fist in the air to, or cruise main street blasting on a Friday night.  No, this album is much deeper than that.  I suggest a dark candle lit room, incense, late at night with headphones on... getting a massage from an Asian girl in a rubber clown mask...okay, wait a sec...I think I took that last one a bit too far.  Suffice it to say this album rocks!

Bill Ward has created a piece of music that is as enjoyable to experience as it is to listen to! 

Buy it now here:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/accountable-beasts/id989453990 and look for good old-fashioned CDs to be released in the near future!

Track Listing:
01. Leaf Killers
02. Accountable Beasts
03. Katastrophic World
04. D.O.T.H.
05. First Day Back
06. As It Is In Heaven
07. Ashes
08. Straws
09. The Wall Of Death

By Jeb Wright