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Mick Abrahams – Revived! 
Gonzo Multimedia

Rating: B

Mick Abrahams was the original guitarist in Jethro Tull.  After one album he walked away and formed the band Blodwyn Pig.  Since then he has released -including this one- 15 solo albums that range from blues to rock to rocking blues.  The one factor in common on all of his releases is his unique take on the blues with his guitar.  Mick is one of those guys who, once you know who he is, you know it’s him every time you hear him play.  This album is no different, although here he brings along a few of his closest friends, including the guy who replaced him in J-Tull, guitarist Martin Barre. 

One may not know all of the guests listed below, but like Barre, they all have a strong pedigree.  Jim Rodford was the drummer for the Kinks and Bernie Marsden played with Whitesnake and then there is that guy named Wyman from a British band one may recognize… The Rolling Stones!

Mick is into his 70s, but don’t let his age fool you... he is still steady handed and creative as ever.  All of 71 when he went in to record this batch of songs, he came away energetic and thrilled with the results.  His is, ahem, truly revived!  The 17-tracks are all pure joy.  There are too many high moments to measure here.  As refreshing as it is to hear this album, the bonus DVD is just as enjoyable. 

Mick is proof that certain musicians are like a fine wine: they keep getting better with age!

Friends Appearing on Revived!
Graham Walker – drums
John Gordon – bass
Jim Rodford – bass
George Murayni – keyboards
Elliott Randall – guitar
Geoff Whitehorn – guitar
Martin Barre – guitar
Bernie Marsden – guitar
Emily Gardner – guitar
Josh Phillips - hammond organ
Mark Feltham - harmonica vox
Paul Jones - harmonica vox
Beverley Skeete – vox
Don Andrews – vox
Patrick Walshe – vox
Peter Aldridge – vox
Frank mead - saxophones, squeezebox
Nick Payn - saxophones, vox
Bill Wyman – bass
Terry Taylor – guitar

Summer Day
What About Us
Elz & Abys Jam
On The Road Again
Remember Abrahams
I Can Tell
I'm A Hog For You
Bright Lights Big City
Dragonfly Alex
Boney Moronie
Goodnight Irene
Poison Ivy
Red River Rock
North By North West
Hungry For Love
Summer Day With Hammond

By Jeb Wright