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Roger Waters – Amused to Death 

Rating: B+

Roger Waters predicted the future.  While it seems impossible to those of a certain age (old) that is has been over two decades since he released the alarm bell prediction of a society addicted to screens, time has marched on.  While the screens of the future have been attached to devices like cell phones and laptops more than the TV screens Water’s described on his third studio album, the message is pretty much the same.  The creator of the work even admitted as such in the press release to this remastered version of his classic, “I’m remembering the record from [over] 20 years ago, that most of what I had to say then sadly still pertains today and is maybe even more relevant to our predicament as people in 2015 even than it was in 1992.”

The key track on the album, “What God Wants” still packs a huge punch as does “It Still Makes Perfect Sense Parts I and II.”  This is an uncomfortable tale that leaves the listener both in awe of the creativity being paraded to his ears, yet also sad and somewhat despondent.  Despite the depressive and detached nature of the album, Waters weaves in enough musical familiarity to make one keep coming back to the songs, again and again. 

The 2015 version features a new 5.1 surround remix in high-def and a remastered stereo mix.  The cover and gatefold art have been updated by Sean Evens, the creative director for Waters’ The Wall  tour.  The updates are nice, but what matters here is the music.  The album, produced by Waters, features Jeff Beck on many songs and includes other notable guests including Don Henley and Rita Coolidge.  The album is available on CD, CD/Blu-Ray, Hi-res download, 2LP 200 gram vinyl and a limited edition, numbered 2PL picture disc vinyl.

Waters mind goes to dark places that are reflected in his music, which in turn seeps into the listeners soul—a process that certainly amuses Waters to death. 

This album, remastered and sounding better than ever, proves how much we need his unique musical and social outlook.  We certainly miss his creative efforts in the modern day.  At least we have his past catalog to remind us what is wrong with many of us, and then give us, somewhere in that darkness, perhaps a glimmer of hope that real humanity is still in there… somewhere. 

The Ballad of Bill Hubbard
What God Wants-Part I
Perfect Sense-Part I
Perfect Sense-Part II
The Bravery of Being Out of Range
Late Home Tonight-Part I
Late Home Tonight-Part II
Too Much Rope
What God Wants-Part II
What God Wants-Part III
Watching TV
Three Wishes
It's A Miracle
Amused To Death

By Jeb Wright