RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

K’s Choice – The Phanton Cowboy  
MPress Records

Rating: B

K’s Choice is a new band founded by brother and sister duo Sarah and Gert Bettens.  The band is a true rock band that neither confines themselves to an era, or a sound, nor shies away from it.  The result is a band that is welcome to the ears of modern rockers, ‘90s Grunge fans as well as Classic Rockers.  This is a unique mix of tunes that is, oddly enough, both eclectic and accessible. 

Sarah, either because she is a fan, or by accident, brings to mind Chrissie Hynde many times throughout the album.  She is not a clone, nor does she try to copy her.  The music combined with her voice often times has that same kinda cool edgy aloof attitude to it.  Just listen to “As Rock & Roll as It Gets,” or “Private Revolution” and one will see what I am getting at with this comparison.  She also has her own attitude on songs like “The Phantom Cowboy” as well as a song that probably won’t be a single -but should be- called “We are the Universe.”

Gert and Sarah are not instrumental virtuosos, yet they have crafted a fine album of songs; a talent that is rare in this day and age.  It’s nice to hear someone not from the ‘70s or ‘80s concerned with making an entire album of songs... instead of just a download!

K’s Choice is a good listen.  Be sure to check out the video below and give these rocker’s a chance. 

Classic Rock Revisited loves hearing good rock & roll from any era, even ‘new’ stuff... especially when it doesn’t mind giving a nod back to the good old days!

Track listing
    1 As Rock and Roll As It Gets 2:17
    2 Woman 2:32
    3 Perfect Scar 3:17
    4 Private Revolution 2:02
    5 We Are the Universe 3:16
    6 The Phantom Cowboy 3:36
    7 Bag Full of Concrete 3:15
    8 Come Alive 1:54
    9 Gimme Real 2:37
    10 Down 2:37
    11 I Was Wrong About Everything 2:55

By Jeb Wright