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Taste - What’s Going On – Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B+

Taste featured a young Irish guitar-slinger named Rory Gallagher who would go on to become a worldwide phenomenon and go down in history as a true musical icon.

Eagle Rock Entertainment should win an award for unearthing a rare live performance by the band Taste as both the audio and especially the video capture a true legend in the making.  This is an amazing show of a young band that featured a living legend that was not yet aware of what awaited him in the world of music.

The DVD tells the story of the band which was formed in the year this writer was born, 1966.  Taste disbanded shortly after this performance leaving Gallagher to begin his path as a blues/rock legend.   Rory’s brother and Taste road manager Donal Gallagher tell the tale in the bonus footage along with guys like Brian May of Queen, The Edge from U2 and Bob Geldof.  The original footage was shot by Academy Award winner Murray Lerner.  The 16mm film was careful restored and the sound remixed for this amazing document of a very special time in music.

There are many live releases from yesteryear that claim to be a historical document.  This one truly is.

Do NOT miss out on this one as it is a MUST OWN for all hard rock and blues fans. 

Watching Gallagher at this stage of his career playing with such determination, passion and power is a special treat indeed.

1) What’s Going On
2) Sugar Mama
3) Morning Sun
4) Gambling Blues
5) Sinner Boy
6) Same Old Story
7) Catfish Blues
8) I Feel So Good

1) What’s Going On
2) Sugar Mama
3) Morning Sun
4) Gambling Blues
5) Sinner Boy
6) I’ll Remember
7) I Feel So Good
8) Catfish Blues
9) Same Old Story
10) Blister On The Moon

By Jeb Wright



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