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Nazareth – No Means of Escape
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: C

Nazareth is still rocking around the world many years after the release of their classic Hair of the Dog album!  Sadly, the band is now performing without vocalist Dan McCafferty. Dan has health problems, particularly COPD that affects his breathing, which no longer allows him to take part in live performances... but he doesn’t rule out recording more tracks in the future.

Nazareth members on this Blu-Ray which was released October 16th are: Linton Osbourne on vocals, Pete Agnew on bass (the last original member), Jimmy Murrison on guitar and Lee Agnew (Pete’s son) on drums. Unfortunately, right after the filming of this event, Linton left the band because of a medical concern, giving this release a bittersweet feeling.  On one hand it is historically significant as it documents his short time in Nazareth...  On the other hand it shows a band in turmoil as they scramble to replace, once again, the irreplaceable McCafferty. (Linton has resurfaced singing in another project, and Naz has announced Carl Sentence as the latest vocalist.)

Nazareth without Dan on-stage is not as good as Nazareth with Dan on-stage.  I can’t put it any more real than that. Osborne does a good enough job, but he lacks energy and sounds too much like Bon Scott to evoke the Nazareth essence.  That said, Dan is hard man to replace.  The tough choice is this:  Without Dan there is either Nazareth or no Nazareth.  The band is tight and sounds good, and these musicians can pull it off ‘live’, but it is a sign of the times as many classic rock bands are realizing there are a finite amount of future concert dates when it comes to live performances.  One day this music will be ‘no more’ in a live setting.  As Metallica says, “Sad but true…”

Still, the concert is okay. Live At Metropolis was filmed at London's famous Metropolis Studios. It’s good to hear the classic tunes, but it would be better if Dan were able to assume his rightful spot once again.  On a positive note, there is an in-depth documentary on Nazareth included and Dan McCafferty is a huge part of that. The No Means Of Escape release combines two films: the live set and the documentary. The documentary Made In Scotland tells the full story of Nazareth's remarkable career from their formation in 1968, to their breakthrough in the 1970s. Dan speaks openly about all things Nazareth, past, present and future, as do the other band members.  The documentary could have been more in-depth and featured more on the band’s most popular era.  Still, it’s a good look at a great band.

Could this be better?  Yes, but it’s still a nice effort that won’t disappoint.  

Nazareth is a good band that deserves more recognition than they have gotten over the years.  


1) Silver Dollar Forger
2) Sleeptalker
3) Rock ‘n’ Roll Telephone
4) Razamanaz
5) May The Sun Shine
6) See You See Me
7) Turn On Your Receiver
8) Bad Bad Boy
9) One Set Of Bones
10) This Flight Tonight
11) Hair Of The Dog
12) Love Hurts
13) Expect No Mercy

By Jeb Wright