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Andy Powell – Eyes Wide Open – True Tales of a Wishbone Ash Warrior  (book) 

Rating: B+

Wishbone Ash is best known for their early 1970s progressive classic album titled Argus.  The band was taking twin guitar leads where they had never gone before! This breakthrough album was the bands biggest triumph, yet they had a few more tricks up their sleeve over the years.  After all, one does not continue to tour the world 40+ years later on just one album!

Wishbone Ash has survived and is alive today, mainly due to the passion and dedication of guitarist Andy Powell.  He has become the patriarch of the family of fans that follow the band.  Through the good times, the bad times, the lawsuits and the legacy Powell has ‘been there and done that’- and made and sold the T-shirt.  Now he has written all about these experiences in his new book.

The band began with industry icon Miles Copeland before Miles Copeland was Miles Copeland.  They toured with the Who and spent time as one of the biggest progressive rock bands of the day.  The band carried on when they were counted out more than once.  Today, they have carved a niche into the world of rock that will keep them on stages as long as they want to be there.

Powell lays it out there for those to read in this book.  If you want to know what it takes to be a career musician and a rock and roll survivalist then read this sucker.  You will laugh a lot.  You will learn a lot.  The chapter on the lawsuit between Powell and former members over the use of the name is especially riveting.

This publication is a good read from start to finish.  It is the story of Wishbone Ash and the story of Andy Powell told truthfully, with all the bullshit set aside.

This rockin’ memoir is honest and sincere and you will read this one more than once, as there is a lot of info and history to take in the first time.

Well done Andy!

By Jeb “Time Was” Wright