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Toto – IV 
Rock Candy Records

Rating: B+

Rock Candy continues its re-release campaign for the band Toto, this time trotting out the classiest, grooviest and most popular album the band ever released, Toto IV.

Toto was already successful and well respected in the rock world as a performing group and as session guys, but they had yet to make an album that shot them to the top of their game.  With Toto IV they accomplished more than even they probably expected.  This was their fourth album, and to say it all came together would be an understatement.

The band was all over the airwaves and MTV with the massive hits “Rosanna” and “Africa.”  This was music by ‘real’ musicians that was as much pop as it was jazz as it was rock.  These guys were so good that even most diehard hard rockers had to admit that guitarist Steve Lukather was bad-ass!  The rest of the band was not too shabby, either.

Toto sold triple platinum with IV and also won six Grammy awards, ensuring this would be a pop/rock treasure for all time. 



This re-release is a special deluxe collector’s edition with fully remastered sound, a twelve page full color booklet and a 3,500 word essay about the making of the album. 

Rock Candy Records has also re-released the Toto albums Fahrenheit, Isolation and The Seventh One is this series.

Make Believe
I Won’t Hold You Back
Good For You
It’s a Feeling
Afraid of Love
Lovers in the Night
We Made It
Waiting For Your Love

By Jeb “Luke Daddy Rocks” Wright