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Uriah Heep – British Live Performance Series
Rainman Records
Rating: B

This is a new release of an old concert by a new US record company called Rainman Records. The performance is a celebration of the bands 20th anniversary, and comes from a TV show called Bedrock.  The set list is killer, and features a great lineup of Mick Box on guitar, Lee Kerslake on drums, Bernie Shaw on vocals, Phil Lanzon on keys and the late Trevor Boulder thumpin’ on bass.

Oddly, the CD cover actually comes from the bands Live in Moscow video, but that’s not the end of the world.  What matters is the music, and the Uriah Heep band was on a tear at this time.  Always an amazing live band, this lineup rivals the original ensemble.  Shaw is just amazing, and the fact that this is a live show which features both Kerslake, who has retired from Heep and the late Boulder makes this effort extremely desirable.

The other guys do their stuff and do it well, but this is really the ‘Box and Shaw Show’ as the two really are the stand-out stars on the stage.  Mick employs his Les Paul and Bernie his throat.  When they work in tandem to smash out tunes like “Bird of Prey,” “Stealin’,” “The Wizard,” “July Morning” and “Easy Livin’” nothing can be better!

This one rocks from start to finish, pretty much the same way Heep has always rocked. 

Bird of Prey
Bad Bad Man
Blood Red Roses
Mr. Majestic
The Wizard
July Morning
Rich Kid
Easy Livin'
Lady in Black
Land of Hope and Glory (Pomp and Circumstance)

By Jeb “The Wizard” Wright