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Rich Robinson – Paper & Llama Blues 
Eagle Rock Entertainment


Rating: B

Rich Robinson is one half of the bro team that made up the band The Black Crowes.  The eclectic guitarist has recently announced he will issue new expanded releases from his solo career through the Eagle Rock Entertainment record label.  His solo offerings will be available on CD, LP and digital formats, all of which will lead up to the highly anticipated May 2016 release of Rich’s new solo album.

The first reissue is the exciting album Paper, which was his first solo album released originally in 2004.  Rich began by restoring the original 2” master tapes.  This led to the artist wondering if he could improve upon the original. He did.  He changed the sequencing and added all new -and much better sounding- vocals.  He threw in a few unreleased recordings and then remixed and remastered the entire album.  This is a very risky endeavor, as history has proved one should not mess with art.  This time, however, the process of going back and tweaking worked.  Perhaps the original release was not properly finished to his satisfaction.  Perhaps it was just fancy.  Whatever the case may be, I’m glad Rich revisited this initial solo release, as the album is much more dynamic in 2016 than it was back in the day.

Llama Blues was recorded when Rich holed up in small room with one vintage microphone and played four blues tunes.  It’s beyond old school, and it works.  This sucker is short, but it’s damn fine.  Those of you who own bongs will be very fond of this EP.

These two efforts are both solid releases that will whet one’s appetite for the new album, which is just around the corner. 

Paper Track List:
Know Me
Stand Up
Leave It Alone
Words of the Chosen
Yesterday I Saw You
Walking By Myself
Forgiven Song
When You Will
Falling Away
Cause You're With Me

Llama Blues Track List:
By The Light of The Sunset Moon
Look Through My Window
Broken Stick Crown
Run Run"

By Jeb ‘Hard to Handle’ Wright