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Ten Years After  - British Live Performance Series  
Rainman Records


Rating: B+

Ten Years After is a band that ‘time’ has not done a very good job of remembering, at least here in the good old U S of A. (‘Merica) It’s a shame, as Alvin Lee was a great blues/rock guitar player.  He rocked Woodstock and with Space in Time he brought Ten Years After to the forefront of the rock music scene in his day.

This performance (captured in Nottingham, England’s Central Studios for the “Live Legends” TV series) was recorded later in the TYA band’s career and is a testament to what a talent Mr. Lee was.  Man, this dude had an energy, baby!  The album kicks off with a dirty ditty titled “Let’s Shake It Up” and the band was off and running. The highlight is, of course, the classic “I’m Going Home” in which the band tears up the state-of-the-art studio with sonic distortion.  The bluesy “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” is rocked up better than Johnny Winter rocked it up, which is saying something... The rest of the show rocks as well. 

Alvin tore it up on this night, celebrating a gig live in a studio.  It is an intimate setting and the crowd and band lap it up... the vibe is best shown in the classic “Johnny B. Goode.”  Sadly, Al refused to play anything from Space in Time, which may have been selfish.  But, what the band did play was damn good.

On this night, Ten Years After consisted of guitarist/vocalist Alvin Lee, bassist Leo Lyons, keyboardist Chick Churchill and drummer Ric Lee. Alvin Lee played his last gig in 2013, and is currently rocking in heaven after passing away following complications during routine surgery, making this live gem even more important to check out. 

This is a solid blues bash with a touch of hard rock thrown in for good measure. 

Track List:
Let’s Shake It Up
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Slow Blues In C
Love Like A Man
Johnny B. Good
Bad Blood
Victim Of Circumstance
I Can’t Keep From Trying Sometimes
I’m Going Home
Sweet Little Sixteen

By Jeb “Not so Sweet, Little or Sixteen” Wright