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Rich Robinson – ‘Through a Crooked Sun’ & ‘Woodstock Session Vol. 3’
Eagle Rock Entertainment

B – Through a Crooked Sun
A – Woodstock Sessions Vol. 3

Rich is most known as one half of one of the most famous brother duos in rock music as a member of the The Black Crowes. Although The Black Crowes were a successful rock band, Rich became a solo artist after the band went on hiatus back in 2001 (and dissolved in 2015).  Now, Eagle Rock Entertainment has reissued two of his best works to date on the eve of his new album, “Flux”  set to be released this June.

Through a Crooked Sun was his second solo album that was initially released in 2011.  The album really didn’t make that big of a splash in the world ‘O music, but that makes it more charming.  This is good stuff, and Rich mixes his blues roots with a hippy vibe that will have one thinking of the Crowes hanging out in Colorado Springs after an afternoon of legal toking.  It’s mellow, it grooves, it is laid back and it is an all-around fine example of pure rock and roll served with a side dish of 1969.

As good as Through a Crooked Sun is, however, it pales in comparison to his most adventurous live-in-the-studio release Woodstock Sessions Vol. 3.  Released the first time around in 2014, this album was recorded live before a small audience at Applehead Studios.  Rich and his band only took two days while the audience watched, interacted and spied on the band and crew during the entire process.  There is a vibe to this album that kicks things up a notch.  The band is tight and Robinson is on fire.  He plays as if his life depended on it.  Every note in every song is right where it needs to be… even when there by mistake.  This is a great album that showcases everything that is great about Rich Robinson as a songwriter, performer and musician.

The Woodstock Sessions is very unique as it was recorded employing two sets per day, one electric and one acoustic over two days.  The songs are part solo career and part cover as he does a killer version of The Velvet Underground’s “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’” showing different sides of his musical persona.  “Breaking the fourth wall” makes this release unique and the gem of his re-releases.

Not only are these albums exciting, but, remember, they come on the heels of a new Robinson solo album to be released in the coming months... get that one too!

Also, check out Rich this summer as he is a guest guitarist on tour with Bad Company, filling in for ‘feeling-jet-lagged this summer’ Mick Ralphs.

Through a Crooked Sun Track Listing:
    Gone Away
    It's Not Easy
    Lost And Found
    I Don't Hear The Sound Of You
    Hey Fear
    All Along The Way
    Follow You Forever
    Standing On The Surface Of The Sun
    Bye Bye Baby
    Falling Again
    Station Man
    Fire Around

Woodstock Sessions Vol. 3 Track Listing:
    The Giving Key
    Gone Away
    Sunset Moon
    I Have A Feeling
    Laila II
    One Cylinder
    Bye Bye Baby
    Action Direction
    I Know You
    Lost and Found
    Oh! Sweet Nuthing!

By Jeb "Hard to Handle" Wright