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SIXX:A.M. – Prayers for the Damned Vol 1
Eleven Seven Music

Rating: B

Motley Crue may be riding off into the sunset, but bassist Nikki Sixx has already moved on to his next big thing.  Prayers for the Damned Vol 1 is the 4th release for his  ‘other’ band and this time around they feel pretty good about what they have accomplished.

Joining Sixx is guitarist extraordinaire DJ Ashba, who is a soloing maniac with a biting sound that makes one sit up and take note.  Vocalist James Michael sounds good as well.  What he lacks in a unique style he makes up for in precision.  He gets where he is going and lands right on the mark every time.  Sixx, probably the least proficient member of the band, holds down the low end with a sexy, heavy and noticeable thump!

While not every song is a kick-ass chunck of rock royalty, there are some very strong musical moments on this sucker.  In fact, three songs are perhaps the best SIXX:A.M. has ever composed.  Opening track “Rise” is a huge metallic thunderstorm sure to be a staple in the band’s live set.  “You’ve Come to the Right Place” is another rocker destined to have a live crowd waving fists in the air.  “Everything Went to Hell” is another great song that Nikki’s fans will lap up.  Some tunes including “I’m Sick,” and “Better Man,” while good, don’t have that magic that sets them apart from the pack.  Still, all in all, this sucker rocks hard and is hands down the best this band has ever done.

The band’s hotshot guitarist agrees, "We've been together for seven years and I believe we've just got tighter and tighter in that time. For me, on our last tour, something clicked inside. What touched me most was seeing what our songs mean to people."

Sixx is proud of the effort as well, "Prayers For The Damned includes some of the heaviest songs I've ever been involved with writing. These are the songs that are designed to get a reaction from a live crowd as much as they are going to sound brilliant over your stereo.”

Sixx is proud of the album and the band, “This time around we have really found what the voice of SIXX:A.M. is and I hope that when people listen to them they will hear their voice too.  For any fans who listened to Modern Vintage and were wondering, 'Where does SIXX:A.M. go next?', this record will be a comprehensive answer."

Prayers for the Damned is heavy as hell and while not 100% A-List material, there is a lot here that sounds good. The louder, and more often, you play it, the better it gets.  That alone makes this one noteworthy.

Prayers for the Damned  sees SIXX:AM flirting with becoming a major player in the Metal genre.

We can’t wait for Vol. II!


Prayers For The Damned Vol. 1 track listing
01. Rise
02. You Have Come To The Right Place
03. I'm Sick
04. Prayers For The Damned
05. Better Man
06. Can't Stop
07. When We Were Gods
08. Belly Of The Beast
09. Everything Went To Hell
10. The Last Time (My Heart Will Hit The Ground)
11. Rise Of The Melancholy Empire

By Jeb “I’ll Be Damned” Wright